EXCLUSIVE Trump group ridicules Ron DeSantis with early Christmas present of Puerto Rican flag boots - complete with chunky heels

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The ace PAC supporting Donald Trump is putting nan footwear into Republican rival Ron DeSantis pinch an early Christmas gift.

It is sending him a $99 brace of handcrafted boots emblazoned pinch nan red, achromatic and bluish of nan Puerto Rican emblem arsenic portion of its run accusing him of supporting statehood for nan island — while reminding voters of his penchant for heeled boots.

The tallness of fashion, you mightiness say. 

'America knows Ron DeSantis loves boots (with lifts wrong of them) and Puerto Rican statehood, truthful we couldn’t deliberation of a amended early Christmas gift to nan politician than a brace of Puerto Rican emblem boots,' said Karoline Leavitt, spokeswoman for Make America Great Again Inc. 

'We are consenting to springiness nan boots arsenic a "loan" truthful that nan politician tin get around Florida gift laws and judge nan boots for illustration he accepted a play simulator from a able donor.'

The handcrafted Puerto Rico emblem boots are presently discounted to $99.75 connected Grizz Shopping

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' footwear has been successful nan news this week amid master bootmakers' claims that they look arsenic if he is utilizing lifts, contempt nan governor's denials

Earlier this twelvemonth it emerged that a pricey play simulator was installed successful nan Florida governor's mansion not arsenic a gift from a able philanthropist but arsenic what nan DeSantis agency called an 'indefinite loan.' 

The cheeky footwear is nan latest motion that Trump supporters are shifting strategy. 

After weeks attacking President Joe Biden, his apt Democratic force successful nan 2024 election, they person turned their occurrence connected DeSantis who is presently successful 2nd spot successful nan Republican running.

They spot a chance to termination disconnected his situation everlastingly arsenic erstwhile South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley looks to overtake him.

This week nan ace PAC launched an onslaught advertisement successful Iowa, wherever DeSantis is focusing his resources, coating him arsenic excessively wide for voters successful nan state.

'Liberals person a scheme to make Puerto Rico a state, adding 2 Democrats to nan Senate, and Ron DeSantis sided pinch nan liberals' powerfulness play,' nan advertisement says. 

'Ron DeSantis sponsored nan measure to make Puerto Rico a state.'

Republicans person tended to reason statehood for Puerto Rico, which they deliberation would thief Democrats by giving them other members of Congress.

But arsenic a personnel of nan House of Representatives DeSantis was among respective congressmen who co-sponsored nan Puerto Rico Statehood Admission Act of 2018, which laid retired a pathway to create a 51st state. 

MAGA Inc bought nan boots successful bully clip for Christmas and sent them to nan Florida governor's mansion

It ne'er made it past nan committee stage, though nan rumor played good pinch Hispanic voters erstwhile DeSantis ran for governor. 

Even so, Trump supporters person returned to nan taxable arsenic they effort to termination disconnected his campaign.

For their part, DeSantis' squad said it was a motion of vulnerability for Trump.

'After months of pounding their thorax that they already had nan title won, Team Trump is now being forced to publically admit that Ron DeSantis is climbing successful Iowa and is simply a dire threat to their chances of securing nan nomination,' said run spokesperson Andrew Romeo.

'At a clip erstwhile Israelis and Americans are still held hostage by Hamas, while millions of Americans are suffering nether precocious inflation, and erstwhile our confederate separator continues to beryllium invaded, Team Trump inexplicably has decided to levy mendacious and hypocritical attacks connected Ron DeSantis... astir Puerto Rico.'

DeSantis has besides been connected defense this week amid claims that nan Florida politician is utilizing lifts successful his boots to boost his height.

A trio of master shoemakers said they believed nan was utilizing footwear to elevate his opinionated pinch voters contempt his repeated denials.

A trio of master shoemakers judge that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is wearing heels contempt nan 2024 campaigner denying that location are lifts tucked wrong his cowboy boots. DeSantis sported these boots astatine a Heritage Foundation arena connected Friday 

Bootmaker Zephan Parker of nan Houston-based Parker Boot Company told Politico magazine: 'I've dealt pinch these politicians galore times. I've helped them pinch their lifts. [DeSantis] is wearing lifts; there's nary doubt.'

He examined photos of DeSantis astatine a run arena successful Tampa and noticed that though nan boots resembled a accepted Western silhouette nan heels appeared to beryllium shorter.

Inserting lifts into regular cowboy boots, he added, could exaggerate nan wide effect turning them into 'five-inch stilettos.'

'That's excessively overmuch for nan communal man,' Parker said. 'So connected a ready-made boot, they'll trim down nan bottommost astir half an inch to accommodate nan lifts, which looks to beryllium what happened here.'

The DeSantis run did not admit nan analysis.

Spokesman Bryan Griffin said: 'The politician doesn't pad his boots, but if he ever needed thing to statement a pet cage aliases fold up and wedge nether a array leg, that would beryllium nan highest and champion usage for Politico Magazine.' 

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