EXCLUSIVE Senator goes nuclear over 'Covid cover-up': Kentucky Rep. Rand Paul warns next pandemic is 'very likely' to come from China because Biden is too weak on Beijing - as he doubles down on calls for Anthony Fauci to be JAILED over 'lab leak lies'

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The adjacent pandemic is 'very likely' to travel from China because nan state continues to execute risky microorganism manipulation tests, according to a apical Senator.

DailyMail.com revealed this week Chinese microorganism hunters have been tinkering pinch caller pathogens which person a 'high probability' of infecting humans, contempt concerns akin experiments led to nan Covid outbreak.

In an exclusive question and reply pinch this website, Sen Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, said: 'It is worrisome that they [China] support doing it, it's incredibly dangerous.'

On nan consequence of specified investigation triggering different pandemic, Sen Paul said 'that's very likely', adding 'it wouldn't beryllium nan first time' - a reference to nan Covid root 'lab leak' theory.

Sen Paul - a onetime Presidential campaigner - believes Covid was borne retired of gain-of-function investigation that was bankrolled by nan US payer through Dr Anthony Fauci's erstwhile department, a mentation nan FBI and different authorities agencies now subscribe to.

Senator Rand Paul sewage successful a heated speech pinch Dr. Anthony Fauci astatine a proceeding successful July 2021 erstwhile he again pushed nan nation's apical immunologist connected whether nan U.S. funded summation of usability investigation successful Wuhan. Fauci responded with, 'You do not cognize what you are talking about'

Yet early successful nan pandemic, laboratory leak believers were branded 'conspiracy theorists' and accused of being xenophobic.

Sen Paul told DailyMail.com: 'I do deliberation nan veneer has surgery down complete clip and I do deliberation that arsenic much and much grounds has travel retired and group recognize that each different clip we had a dispersed from animals [to people] they were capable to find an animal reservoir.

'This time, they ne'er could find [an animal reservoir] and they looked astatine 80,000 animals successful China and ne'er recovered it.

'Then, a batch of nan technological study of nan virus... began coming guardant and I deliberation nan statement has shifted. 

'But it's still singular to maine - not only Biden being slow connected defunding Wuhan, aliases nary longer backing it - we've yet to person 1 proceeding successful the Senate.

'There really hasn't been a consenting partner aliases a funny Democrat to say, "hey, possibly this did came from nan laboratory and it mightiness hap again. So we should do thing astir it."'

The Wuhan Institute of Virology, nan Chinese laboratory suspected to beryllium nan root of nan Covid-19 pandemic, has not received US money since 2020. 

However, it has taken nan Biden Administration 3 years to propose officially suspending its funding, contempt galore reports finding money was being sent overseas for vulnerable research pinch very small oversight.  

It's estimated nan US has spent $100 cardinal successful nan past decade backing investigation successful China.

Sen Paul is besides calling for Dr Anthony Fauci, erstwhile head of nan National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), to look prosecution for what he says amounted to lying nether oath.

The Kentucky lawmaker was thrust into nan spotlight of nan Covid pandemic statement aft his infamous spat pinch Dr Fauci over whether nan expert knew vulnerable experiments were going connected successful Wuhan.

They recovered 8 caller viruses, including 1 belonging to nan aforesaid family arsenic Covid 

Between 2015 and 2023, astatine slightest 7 US entities supplied NIH assistance money to labs successful China performing animal experiments, totaling $3,306,061

The ex White House expert said astatine nan clip his erstwhile section 'has not ever and does not now money gain-of-function investigation successful nan Wuhan Institute of Virology.'

Gain-of-function investigation is aesculapian investigation that genetically alters a microorganism to make it much deadly aliases infectious to effort and get up of earthy mutations that mightiness occur. 

But emails released successful July dated Feb 1, 2020 uncover Dr Fauci acknowledged 'scientists successful Wuhan University are known to person been moving connected gain-of-function experiments to find that molecular mechanisms associated pinch bat viruses adapting to quality infection, and nan outbreak originated successful Wuhan.' 

While nan emails show Dr Fauci was alert of gain-of-function investigation going connected successful nan lab, he ne'er admitted nan NIH funded it. 

As nan erstwhile director, Dr Fauci was responsible for signing disconnected connected specified investigation grants. 

However, nan Government Accountability Office (GAO) wished successful June nan Wuhan Institute of Virology and Wuhan University did person NIH funding, Sen Paul said successful a July missive to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

In nan letter, nan legislator called for an investigation into whether Dr Fauci lied nether oath erstwhile he testified successful beforehand of a Senate committee successful 2021.

Lying nether oath is simply a national discourtesy that carries a reward of up to 5 years successful situation and earlier this month, Sen Paul said Dr Fauci 'without question' belongs successful jail.

Shi Zhengli - dubbed nan 'Bat Lady' aliases 'Bat Woman' for her activity connected bat coronaviruses - investigated nan anticipation Covid could person emerged from her laboratory successful 2020, according to colleagues

The Wuhan Institute of Virology, nan Chinese laboratory suspected to beryllium nan root of nan Covid-19 pandemic, has not received US money since 2020. However, it has taken nan Biden Administration 3 years to propose officially suspending its funding

Sen Paul told DailyMail.com 'It's very difficult erstwhile you person an lawyer wide that's very partisan for illustration Merrick Garland.

'I deliberation he's really astir apt 1 of nan astir partisan lawyer generals we've had and I don't expect he will prosecute Anthony Fauci, but I deliberation it's important erstwhile personification does perpetrate a crime that you summarize nan crime, show nan impervious and grounds of it and guardant it for prosecution.

'It's important successful nan nationalist oculus that we person a statement complete nan dishonesty of Anthony Fauci because I deliberation this type of investigation [gain-of-function], if we don't reside it, holds nan awesome threat to america successful nan future.' 

It is this deficiency of clarity and practice that drove nan legislator to constitute his book, Deception: The Great Covid Cover-up, successful which he presents grounds that Covid was apt nan consequence of gain-of-function investigation successful China and that Dr Fauci knew astir nan virus' origins from time 1 and tried to screen it up.

Now, Sen Paul told DailyMail.com he would for illustration to spot thing akin to an world pact aliases a technological committee that would oversee and modulate perchance vulnerable investigation connected viruses, but he stopped short of wanting to prohibition nan investigation altogether. 

'I deliberation location is simply a batch of investigation wherever it is analyzable and you would want scientists to thief guideline this,' Sen Paul said. 

Legislation he is moving connected would found a committee of scientists from crossed disciplines to reappraisal each individual investigation project. While location was a akin group successful spot successful 2017, Sen Paul said it only reviewed a fistful of projects presented to it by nan Trump administration. 

However, nan authorities was carrying retired dozens of gain-of-function research. This, nan legislator said, is 'one of our large complaints pinch Anthony Fauci.'

Sen Paul told DailyMail.com he believes Dr Fauci exempted investigation successful Wuhan from reappraisal of nan committee. 

He added: 'The truth that it was ne'er reviewed, I think, is successful itself a crime and, astatine nan very least, bad judgment.'

The legislator said Dr Fauci grounded to supply documents showing reappraisal of nan Chinese experiments and trying to get accusation from national wellness agencies has been troubling.

Sen Paul added: 'This is what benignant of created nan aura of this elephantine screen up. I judge nan screen up extends into 8 different agencies and hundreds of people.

'All of these different group progressive successful this conspiracy cognize they funded vulnerable investigation successful China. And now they're trying to hide it because they cognize that culpability for nan pandemic was attached to them. 

'So immoderate of them whitethorn not cognize each other... but location are dozens, if not hundreds, of group passim our authorities that were progressive successful backing this investigation complete time, and they're each now trying to screen their tracks.' 

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