EXCLUSIVE Secret surgeries: Plastic surgeon-to-the-stars reveals the 10 VERY surprising celebrities he believes have had cosmetic tweaks - and exactly what they've had done

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Dr Gary Motykie, a integrative surgeon successful Los Angeles, has revealed his position connected which celebrities person had integrative surgery

Skin that's been pulled truthful tight it originates to crack. Expression-free foreheads. Balloon lips. These are conscionable 3 cosmetic surgeries loved by celebrities, which astir of america tin spot a mile off. 

But successful caller years a caller inclination has emerged: tweakments that are truthful subtle only nan professionals tin spot them.

While immoderate still return superior room excessively acold - like Madonna, for example - these cases are becoming little and little common, owed to astonishing advancements successful surgical techniques. 

Dr Gary Motykie, a Los-Angeles based integrative surgeon, told DailyMail.com that advances successful exertion complete nan past decade intends you'd ne'er conjecture half nan celebrities who've had activity done.

While Taylor Swift is often praised for her 'Girl Next Door' look and celebrated for her earthy appearance, Dr Motykie said he was 'almost 100 percent sure' she had had filler put into her lips and attraction Botox.

And Kendall Jenner, who is often thought of arsenic nan 'natural Kardashian', is not free from room either, he believes, having besides gone for filler and a chemoreceptor job.

Among antheral celebrities he said Prince Harry and David Beckham had some apt had activity done connected their hairsbreadth and, for much melodramatic transformations, pointed to Bad Bunny who had apt received filler to alteration nan style of his face.

Dr Motykie, who runs a transmission connected tweakments connected Instagram pinch 200,000 followers, made nan judgements based connected objective experience.

The celebrities person not revealed they person had room pinch nan removal of Anne Hathaway, who has antecedently said she 'always wanted' a chemoreceptor job, and Sofia Richie, who has shared a image pinch her integrative surgeon.

Below is Dr Motykie, who is besides celebrated connected Instagram, database of celebrities which person had concealed tweaks:

Taylor Swift: 'Almost 100% sure' she utilized articulator fillers

Taylor Swift (pictured near successful 2008 and correct much recently) has not had overmuch activity done, Dr Motykie believes, though he is 'almost 100 percent certain' she had immoderate procedures. He believes she has had a chemoreceptor job, room connected nan precocious eyelid and filler successful nan lips and brow

Taylor Swift, 33, is famed for her 'natural' appearance, but Dr Motykie said he was 'almost 100 percent certain' she was 'doing maintenance' down nan scenes.

'Taylor has really not done excessively much, but location are immoderate subtle things I've noticed.

'Her eyes person ever been very dense since she's been younger, but now they are a small much open. 

'So I'm a small suspicious that astatine immoderate constituent she mightiness person done an precocious eyelid aliases precocious blepharoplasty to unfastened up that eyelid.

'And past I deliberation her chemoreceptor whitethorn person changed conscionable a spot successful its width. It's a small spot much contoured and narrower now, possibly slightly. So either a finesse was done aliases a benignant of rhinoplasty. 

'And past I deliberation she has had activity connected her lips. When we spot lips complete nan people of history, they don't thin to get fuller arsenic we get older — but her's look to get a small spot fuller. So, I'm saying that she's done a small spot of articulator filler.

'I would opportunity successful nan measurement of nan lips I would spell almost 100 percent definite [she had that done] and nan attraction Botox.

'I'd opportunity nan precocious eyes and chemoreceptor I put it astatine astir 75 percent.'

Taylor Swift has ne'er confirmed she has had immoderate cosmetic procedures.

Filler into nan lips costs betwixt $500 and $1,500, pinch nan mean process utilizing conscionable 1 syringe. Botox costs $300 to $500 and lasts for 3 to 4 months.

A spokesperson for Taylor Swift denied nan allegations, saying nan prima has 'not had immoderate of these procedures'.

Prince Harry: 'Spray-on hair'

Dr Motykie said nan Prince, 39, had apt utilized fillers to thief obscure his thinning hairline. He is pictured supra attending an Invictus Games arena successful 2022 (left) and successful 2023 connected nan webpage for BetterUp, which intends to amended people's lives

The 39-year-old prince and now California autochthonal appears to beryllium utilizing spray-on hairsbreadth successful bid to clear up his thinning hairline, Dr Motykie said, alternatively than nan transplants he was antecedently accused of having.

'The crown of his hairsbreadth was thinning rather severely, but past he showed up pinch a overmuch fuller caput of hairsbreadth and everybody was speculating astir whether he had hairsbreadth transplants aliases if it was thing else.

'I deliberation successful his lawsuit though, pinch really accelerated it happened and nan color, I deliberation it's much apt that he utilized immoderate benignant of spray connected hairsbreadth fibers.

'This is really artificial hairsbreadth that is sprayed connected location pinch a darker colour and it sticks to nan hairsbreadth and makes it look overmuch thicker.

'For either exosome injections aliases transplants to thicken nan hair, it would person taken overmuch longer for either to return afloat effect — possibly a fewer short years for injections and 3 to six months for fibers.

'So pinch really quickly this took effect, I americium leaning much towards spraying immoderate benignant of hairsbreadth fibers.'

Prince Harry has ne'er confirmed what treatments he whitethorn beryllium having connected his thinning hairline, but speculation was rife erstwhile his floor plan page debuted connected nan website for intelligence wellness tech startup BetterUp.

Spray-on hairsbreadth fibers tin past for days if done properly. They hindrance to hairs near connected nan caput to springiness it a fuller appearance, and will enactment successful spot until nan adjacent clip personification uses shampoo, experts say. 

They are considered to beryllium a cosmetic process pinch a vessel of spray-on hairsbreadth disposable for arsenic small arsenic $20.

Kendall Jenner: 'She had a "nose job"'

Kendall Jenner is famed arsenic 1 of nan much earthy Kardashians, pictured supra successful 2010, left, and 2023. But Dr Motykie said she had apt had a chemoreceptor job, articulator filler and utilized Botox to reshape her face

The 27-year-old has ever been famed arsenic 1 of nan much earthy Kardashians.

But Dr Motykie said: 'Despite what she whitethorn aliases whitethorn not say, I deliberation it's almost 100 percent definite she had a rhinoplasty astatine immoderate constituent — and is doing immoderate touch-ups.'

A rhinoplasty is nan aesculapian word for a 'nose job', aliases nan reshaping, resizing aliases restructuring of nan chemoreceptor to change its apperance aliases amended its function. This process costs from $9,000 to $20,000.

'The logic I opportunity that is nan span of her chemoreceptor is now overmuch much defined and narrow, nan extremity of her chemoreceptor is somewhat raised and much defined,' he told DM.com.

'This doesn't conscionable hap people and can't beryllium done pinch things for illustration fillers. You tin only do that pinch a rhinoplasty.

'You tin besides spot that her lips became fuller, successful peculiar nan precocious lip, truthful astir apt immoderate articulator filler is involved.

'It's besides apt she is utilizing Botox, conscionable to do attraction and a small spot of reshaping of nan face. The displacement successful her brow could besides beryllium down to nan usage of Botox.'

Kendall Jenner has antecedently denied rumors she underwent immoderate integrative surgery.

In January 2017 she returned to Instagram aft her absence sparked rumors of a chemoreceptor job, and said: 'As a model, why would I hvae my look reconstructed? It doesn't moreover make sense.'

She added successful 2014 to Extra amid further chemoreceptor occupation rumors: 'Come connected now, people... Make-up does wonders. 

Blake Lively: 'I americium suspicious she is doing fillers'

Blake Lively, now 36 and of Gossip Girl fame, besides appears to person had immoderate touch-ups done. Dr Motykie said she apt had room connected her precocious eyelids, filler put into her cheeks and lips, a chemoreceptor occupation and veneers for her teeth

The 36-year-old Gossip Girl prima has besides had immoderate activity connected her appearance. according to Dr Motykie.

'When you get to nan mid-30s range, that's erstwhile group commencement to suffer a spot of nan fat from their babe faces, truthful group commencement to say: "Oh, they're changing", and past they think, "Oh, fto maine adhd a small spot of filler".

'So, I americium suspicious that she is doing immoderate fillers, you know, to combat nan babe fat going away.

'But it could besides beryllium nan precocious eyelid aliases blepharoplasty, arsenic well, [changing her appearance] because her eyes are somewhat much unfastened than erstwhile she was younger.'

A blepharoplasty, aliases 'eyelid surgery', involves removing excess tegument aliases fat deposits from nan precocious aliases little eyelids to change their appearance. Over time, eyelids tin loose their elasticity and commencement to sag aliases droop. This process tin costs from $2,000 to $7,500.

'She started retired arsenic personification who had very dense eyelids and arsenic you get older they are gonna get little open. But, you spot pinch Blake, they person gone successful nan other direction,' Dr Motykie told DailyMail.com.

'There's nary doubt, however, that location are changes successful her nose.

'I would opportunity astatine slightest 1 aliases 2 rhinoplasties to alteration that chemoreceptor she had which was a small much bulbous to this much narrow, projected nose.

'And past nan aforesaid point pinch her lips, we spot that they up and down to a small thinner, and past a small fuller. It is astir apt location was immoderate articulator filler to support their volume.

'She besides has a overmuch brighter grin than before, truthful I would opportunity she has astir apt sewage veneers successful astatine immoderate point.'

Sofia Richie: 'This is 1 of nan much melodramatic alterations'

Sofia Richie Grainge, 25, has besides had activity done to refine her apperance. She is pictured supra successful 2014 and again successful 2018. Dr Motykie suggested she had had a chemoreceptor job, filler successful her lips and cheeks beneath her eyes and perchance immoderate activity to contour her mandible

Sofia Richie has had 1 of nan 'more dramatic' alterations, according to Dr Motykie, who was '100 percent certain' she had had activity done.

On her nose, he said: 'Wide bridge, wide extremity and a small spot level initially. But past there's a chemoreceptor that's contoured successful nan span and narrower — and nan extremity still being a spot bulbous and natural, but besides a spot much contoured.

'This is astir apt a rhinoplasty, but it could person been a scar-less rhinoplasty which a batch of celebrities will do which intends you can't show because location is nary scar.

He besides suggested she had had filler, saying: 'The different point I deliberation she has had done is filler. There's nary uncertainty her lips are somewhat much plump than before.

'And past I noticed her mid look underneath her eyes, moreover erstwhile she's younger she is showing a spot of hollowing retired there. But now we spot her cheeks and her look are much heart-shaped.

'That usually intends filler underneath nan eyes aliases successful nan mediate of nan look which changes her dense masculine look into a spot much of a heart-shaped female face.

'She besides possibly did immoderate mandibular activity aliases mandible contouring pinch Botox to shrink her little look and alteration its width and make it much soft and feminine.'

Ms Grainge has not antecedently commented connected room rumors, but successful 2020 she did stock a photograph pinch integrative surgeon Jason Diamond pinch nan caption: 'Thank you for ever taking attraction of me.'

David Beckham: 'Hair transplant'

The shot legend, 48, has besides had immoderate activity done, according to Dr Motykie. This includes a hairsbreadth transplant and fillers into his brow to thief obscure lines. He is pictured near successful 2018 and correct successful 2022

'He's done thing akin to nan different antheral celebrities, right?,' Dr Motykie said jokingly.

'He was showing signs of thinning and that antheral shape baldness successful nan crown crossed nan full apical of his head, but now he has a nice, fuller, caput of hair.

'I deliberation he's astir apt started pinch immoderate injections and past I do deliberation he astir apt converted to a hairsbreadth transplant, that's a bully measurement to do it.

'You do nan injections first because it will stimulate immoderate maturation people which intends if you past spell for nan transplant you'll request little grafts, little room and little cost.

'You tin spot he besides had a batch of lines connected his forehead, which made him look a small grumpy and stern-looking, but past he goes to a overmuch softer, younger and little wrinkled look.

'That's nan powerfulness of Botox if done well. It'll soften nan area and return retired immoderate of those heavy creases and wrinkles.'

David Beckham has not confirmed having integrative room but his wife, Victoria, has antecedently revealed she regretted getting a boob job. The cognition was to enlarge her breasts, but Victoria now says she wishes she hadn't 'messed pinch them'.

Bad Bunny: 'We spot a really melodramatic difference'

The 29-year-old reggaeton vocalist from Puerto Rico has undergone a awesome translator successful his appearance. Bad Bunny is pictured supra successful 2018 and wrong nan past year. Dr Motykie believes he had received filler to make his jawline much pronounced and masculine and perchance besides had a chin implant

'We spot a really melodramatic quality pinch Bad Bunny.

'What is astir melodramatic is his jawline. It went from a small spot pouty and not chopped to a very defined and beardown masculine jawline. Those things don't typically hap connected their own. 

'One point that would execute this would beryllium jawline filler, peculiarly to nan perspective of nan mandible and past on nan jawline to fortify it.

'He besides perchance had immoderate Kybella [an injection to destruct fat cells] aliases cervix liposuction to contour his jawline nether his chin.

'I'm besides somewhat suspicious for a chin implant. And nan logic I saw that is if you looked astatine his beforehand view, he changed to a beardown masculine look and that's 1 of nan effects of a chin implant. It besides changes nan look of nan little face.

'And past lastly he grew facial hairsbreadth to really adhd to and accentuate nan meaning of nan jawline truthful a operation of each those things.'

Fillers for nan jawline costs betwixt $600 to $800 per syringe, though immoderate brands scope up to $1,200. It was not clear really galore Bad Bunny whitethorn person used. 

Machine Gun Kelly: 'All of a sudden, location is simply a afloat caput of hair'

Like Prince Harry, nan 33-year-old vocalist besides appears to person had activity to benignant retired his receding hairline. This was apt a hairsbreadth transplant, said Dr Motykie

Dr Motykie pointed retired that for illustration Prince Harry and David Beckham, Machine Gun Kelly besides suffered from a thinning hairline.

To resoluteness this, Dr Motykie believes he besides opted for a hairsbreadth transplant from different area of his assemblage — apt nan backmost of his head. 

'We spot antheral shape baldness that is simply a small much terrible erstwhile he's younger,' nan surgeon said.

'And then, each of a sudden, location is simply a afloat caput of hair. That's decidedly not spray on, that looks for illustration a transplant.

'There were immoderate photos that surfaced showing that he whitethorn person done a somewhat older technique, wherever he had a scar connected nan backmost of his head. I've seen photos wherever you tin spot that scar akin to that pinch Elon Musk.

'But he's besides astir apt done 1 of nan newer techniques too, for illustration follicular portion transplant, for his hairsbreadth line.'

A follicular portion transplant involves removing strips of hairsbreadth from nan backmost aliases sides of nan caput and transplanting it onto areas wherever hairsbreadth is thinning aliases has been lost. Hair transplants costs $10,000 connected average.

Anne Hathaway: 'I person nary uncertainty she had a "nose job"'

The 40-year-old Les Miserables character appears to person had room connected her nose, said Dr Motykie

'I person nary uncertainty she had room connected her nose,' Dr Motykie said. 

'You spot it spell from a somewhat much plunging bulbous extremity pinch a wide span to having a overmuch much defined contour and thinner span and thinner extremity and much extremity projection. That's nan starring motion of having a rhinoplasty.

'We besides spot that earthy motion of thinning and babe fat going distant connected her face, but it does look to beryllium much maintained.

'So, again, I americium suspicious of things for illustration fillers, Botox, attraction pinch micro-needling and tegument tightening, things to conscionable support nan skin.

'I besides noticed her jawline is simply a spot narrower, again that could beryllium nan normal nonaccomplishment of boday fat aliases it could beryllium immoderate flimsy contouring to nan jawline to bring successful that little look pinch things for illustration Botox to constrictive that little portion of nan face.'

Anne Hathaway has antecedently confirmed she had integrative surgery. She said: 'I wanted a chemoreceptor job, but now, my chemoreceptor is what lets maine alteration my look a batch — I tin beryllium glamorous arsenic Agent 99 [in Get Smart], past look unsmooth arsenic a supplier addict for [director] Jonathan Demme [in Rachel Getting Married].

'Your look needs to person characteristic if you're an character — different you're conscionable a face.'

She fought disconnected speculation that she had buccal fat removal to make her look thinner successful January 2023. A chemoreceptor occupation tin costs betwixt $9,000 to $20,000.

Emily Blunt: 'I'm suspicious she's done immoderate fillers'

Emily Blunt has had fillers, said Dr Motykie, to make her look person a much female bosom shape. She is pictured supra successful 2020 and 2023

'We spot successful nan 2nd image that her look is simply a small much wider, much heart-shaped and somewhat much contoured.

'So I'm suspicious that she's done immoderate fillers up into nan nether eyes, mid-face area and cheeks to springiness that width and bosom shape.

'Her lips, again, are plumper, truthful she's astir apt had immoderate measurement added location done filler arsenic well.

'Having much precocious look measurement than little look measurement is overmuch much useful and much attractive, without overdoing it wherever things get retired of proportion. 

'I'm not suspicious of immoderate different procedures because it looks for illustration what she's done is adhd much measurement to nan precocious look that leads to decreasing width arsenic you get to nan little face.'

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