EXCLUSIVE: Savannah Guthrie, 51, reveals fears about flaunting her legs in revealing Taylor Swift costume for Today's Halloween show - as Jenna Bush Hager admits her son confused her for his DAD when he saw her Sonny outfit

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Savannah Guthrie has admitted that she was a 'little embarrassed' to flaunt her legs connected unrecorded TV successful a bedazzled bathing suit as she transformed into her idol Taylor Swift to celebrate Halloween on Today.

The anchor, 51, embodied nan Folklore songstress, 33, connected nan NBC greeting show, while her co-star Jenna Bush Hager, 41, donned a hilarious clone mustache to represent nan precocious awesome Sonny alongside Hoda Kotb's Cher - but near her boy confusing her for his dada Henry. 

Not only did Savannah look nan portion successful a head-turning 1 piece, fishnet tights, sparkly metallic heeled boots and a agelong blonde wig, but she effortlessly assumed character, miming on to Cruel Summer and dancing connected nan stage.

Speaking exclusively to DailyMail.com astatine nan Plaza connected Tuesday morning, Savannah said that while it was a 'dream' to merchandise her soul Taylor, she was a mini spot self-conscious – and was happy to quickly screen up successful her greenish Folklore-inspired cape.

Savannah Guthrie showed disconnected her legs successful a bedazzled leotard arsenic she transformed into Taylor Swift for Today show's Halloween episode

The 51-year-od anchor was a imagination arsenic she dressed up arsenic nan Lover songstress, 33, connected nan NBC greeting show

'It's a dream to get to dress up arsenic Taylor,' she said. 'I'm a large Swiftie. I consciousness good, particularly now that I person my Folklore clothes complete me.

'It's a small embarrassing to deterioration a bathing suit connected nationalist television. I was like, "please tin I person a Folklore clothes to locomotion astir in?"'

She continued: 'My hairsbreadth has ne'er been truthful agelong aliases straight. I've ne'er had bangs! I'm into being Taylor. It's fun, it's a fantasy.'

Despite looking spectacular, Savannah revealed she had nary plans to deterioration it for nan full day.

'I deliberation what I'm gonna do is instrumentality aliases dainty successful my folklore clothes because it's bully and lukewarm and I tin deterioration jeans nether it,' she said.

'If I tin support this wig on, I'm going to.'

Meanwhile, Jenna admitted that her four-year-old boy Hal mistook her for her hubby Henry, 45, erstwhile she FaceTimed him successful characteristic arsenic Sonny.

Savannah ripped disconnected her clothes and unveiled her sparkling bluish and pinkish bodysuit - and effortlessly assumed characteristic arsenic she rocked nan stage 

She was besides seen keeping lukewarm successful her Taylor-inspired velvet greenish robe 

Jenna Bush Hager, 41, and Hoda Kotb, 59, went arsenic nan legendary philharmonic duo Sonny and Cher, pinch Hoda rocking a long, flowing, pinkish gown, a agelong brownish wig, and tremendous hoop earrings

They put connected a clone capacity of nan way I Got You Babe, holding hands arsenic Hoda swirled astir and Jenna shook her groin area. Sonny and Cher are seen successful 1968

Jenna wore a hilarious clone mustache to represent Sonny alongside Hoda's Cher

Jenna and Hoda, 59, teamed up and went arsenic nan legendary philharmonic duo, pinch nan erstwhile opting for a sparkly golden suit, a short brownish wig, and a mustache.

Recalling nan hilarious telephone call, nan mom-of-three told DailyMail.com: 'I FaceTimed my boy Hal, who thought I was Henry, which I return arsenic a immense compliment. 'He goes "daddy?"'

Hoda admitted she was excessively frightened to telephone up her daughters, Hope, four, and Haley, six. 'They're going to opportunity "who's he?",' she cringed. 'Hi, it's me!' 

The hosts of nan NBC greeting show pulled retired each nan stops for their costumes this year, dressing up arsenic immoderate of nan astir acclaimed musicians successful history

'I look for illustration a man,' Jenna continued. 'I deliberation I person to return nan mustache off, it's itchy. 

'It already came disconnected erstwhile but they conscionable glued it again truthful I will for judge person immoderate benignant of rash.'

Each twelvemonth nan Today show talent spell each retired pinch their Halloween costumes, having antecedently embraced a assortment of themes, including Broadway, Las Vegas, and nan 1980s.

This year's taxable was Kellyoke successful grant of The Kelly Clarkson Show's move to New York.

Al Roker performed Dancing connected nan Ceiling arsenic Lionel Richie, while Willie Geist recreated Harry Styles' celebrated capacity connected nan show, dressed successful a striped jumpsuit.

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