EXCLUSIVE: Pentagon UFO chief Dr Sean Kirkpatrick will be REPLACED by end of the year as whistleblowers accuse him of lying to the public and ignoring witnesses

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The Pentagon's UFO main will resign by year's extremity — amid a activity of complaints accusing him of making mendacious statements astir UFO whistleblowers and fostering an 'atmosphere of disinterest,' nan DailyMail.com understands.

'Four awesome candidates' person been interviewed to switch nan existent head of the Pentagon's UFO office, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, pursuing months of heated nationalist sparring betwixt nan erstwhile CIA physicist, UFO whistleblowers and activists.

The Pentagon appears to person already 'made nan decision' connected Kirkpatrick's unnamed successor, according to 1 erstwhile Pentagon charismatic pinch past engagement successful related UFO investigation programs, who said pinch nan DailyMail.com.

'Given their nationalist affairs way record,' this ex-official said, 'they whitethorn not put retired thing to nan property until good aft nan change, but who knows? They mightiness astonishment us.'

The unit displacement marks nan culmination of months of accusations and counter-accusations traded betwixt Kirkpatrick and former intel serviceman David Grusch, who has alleged widespread illegalities stemming from a long-secret UFO program. 

This week, Grusch publically accused Kirkpatrick of lying astir his office's efforts to analyse these claims, which had been laid retired by Grusch past July under oath earlier Congress.

Previously, Kirkpatrick had described Grusch's aforesaid testimony, made earlier nan House Oversight committee, arsenic 'insulting [...] to nan officers of nan Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.'

But chap UFO whistleblowers moving pinch Grusch, immoderate past and coming DoD and Intelligence Community officers themselves, reportedly 'don't spot and ne'er did spot Sean,' according to an lawyer aiding their efforts.

'Four awesome candidates' person been interviewed to switch nan existent head of nan Pentagon UFO office, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick (above), pursuing heated nationalist sparring betwixt nan erstwhile CIA physicist and UFO whistleblowers, who sources opportunity 'don't spot and ne'er did spot Sean'

Air Force and intelligence agency seasoned David Grusch (center) testified nether oath earlier Congress this July alleging wide illegalities stemming from a long-secret UFO 'crash retrieval' program. Flanking Grusch are 2 Navy pilots pinch knowledge of UFO incursions

While nan precise reasons for his alleged departure stay murky, Dr. Kirkpatrick has faced vehement nationalist disapproval successful caller weeks, from UFO enthusiasts and alleged 'disclosure' advocates seeking authorities transparency connected UFOs and aliens.

A citizens' petition calling for Dr. Kirkpatrick's 'immediate removal,' hosted by Change.org, has garnered 1,739 signatures since its posting connected October 22, 2023.

The petition's author, Lisa Fine, accused Kirkpatrick of operating 'a concealed committee which directs nan Department of Defense's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO)'s actions and nationalist statements.'

'Dr. Kirkpatrick has many times lied to nan American group astir a deficiency of grounds concerning UFOs/UAPs,' according to Fine, referencing nan updated terminology for 'unidentified flying objects.' 

In caller years, Pentagon brass, NASA experts and others person taken to calling what were erstwhile known arsenic flying saucers 'unidentified anomalous phenomena' aliases UAP.

Grusch, a erstwhile Department of Defense official, first appeared connected camera for NewsNation to show his communicative of profoundly covert US programs that he says person 'intact and partially intact' trade of non-human origin

The petition's allegation that Dr. Kirkpatrick had assembled a concealed advisory sheet to tally AARO, while still unproven, first emerged that aforesaid time via reporting by Matt Ford, big of 'The Good Trouble Show' YouTube channel, who had cited an anonymous source.

But nan different caller accusations that Kirkpatrick has 'lied to nan American people,' person travel overmuch much directly. 

This Halloween, AARO hosted a convention telephone Q&A convention betwixt reporters and Dr. Kirkpatrick, successful which nan physicist fielded aggregate questions astir David Grusch and his allegations of a covert UFO clang retrieval and reverse engineering program.

On nan call, Kirkpatrick told assembled media that he had interviewed 'a full scope of people, complete 30 group now' successful narration to nan allegedly concealed and forbidden activity.

'I deliberation we've interviewed astir of nan group that he [Grusch] whitethorn person talked to,' Kirkpatrick added, successful reference to investigative activity that Grusch reportedly performed while assisting AARO's predecessor, nan Pentagon's UAP Task Force.  

'We person extended an invitation astatine slightest 4 aliases 5 times now for him [Grusch] to travel successful complete nan past 8 months aliases so,' Kirkpatrick told journalists connected nan call, 'and person been declined.'

But Grusch quickly accused Kirkpatrick of inventing these outreach efforts by his AARO squad successful their entirety. 

'I person zero emails aliases calls from them,' Grusch told reporters for NewsNation nan pursuing day. 'That is simply a lie.'

Grusch accused Dr. Kirkpatrick of inventing outreach efforts by nan Pentagon's AARO personnel, during a Halloween convention telephone pinch reporters earlier this week. 'I person zero emails aliases calls from them,' Grusch told reporters for NewsNation connected Wednesday. 'That is simply a lie'

Similarly, 1 retired US Air Force Captain David Schindele, a erstwhile Minuteman ICBM motorboat power serviceman who reported his UFO brushwood to AARO, said he felt that its unit projected an 'atmosphere of disinterest.'

Schindele told viewers of Matt Ford's Good Trouble that Kirkpatrick and his AARO squad were 'not group I want to talk to again.'

The Mail's erstwhile intelligence official — who has friendly knowledge of nan military's ever-evolving UFO/UAP investigation portfolio — cautioned against drafting a nonstop statement betwixt these controversies and immoderate plans for Kirkpatrick's departure, however. 

'Sean has straight told folks he is leaving by nan extremity of nan year,' this erstwhile intelligence charismatic told nan DailyMail.com, nether nan information of anonymity. 

'I deliberation it's wholly a planned departure, he astir apt gave them a timeline erstwhile he took nan job,' according to this source, citing geographical accent connected Dr. Kirpatrick's family life. 

'I americium judge he's fresh to go. I wouldn't publication into it immoderate much than that, honestly.'

The root added that he has heard AARO's first and existent head would beryllium moving connected to a position with Oak Ridge National Laboratory — which concisely hosted nan kernel of an evident unit bio for Kirkpatrick earlier it mysteriously disappeared. 

Veteran Australian TV news broadcaster and investigative newsman Ross Coulthart, who conducted nan first televised question and reply pinch David Grusch, said that this unit bio 'requires explanation' successful a bid of posts to X (formerly Twitter).

'The AARO leader is presumably besides investigating imaginable @Battelle links w clang retrieval/engineering programs,' Coulthart said, referencing subject contractor UT–Battelle, which helps tally nan Oak Ridge laboratory connected behalf of nan Department of Energy.

Recent reporting by Daily Mail contributor Christopher Sharp and others has alleged that Battelle committee personnel Stephanie O'Sullivan 'has knowledge of a UAP clang retrieval and reverse engineering program,' only to hide it from Senate investigators.

During her past years of authorities service, O'Sullivan was an subordinate lawman head of nan Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), pursuing successes managing parts of nan US spy agency's Directorate of Science and Technology.

Nevertheless, erstwhile reached for comment, Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough stated that, immoderate his early plans whitethorn be, Dr. Kirkpatrick is not presently moonlighting for Battelle aliases ORNL successful Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 

Veteran Australian TV news broadcaster and investigative newsman Ross Coulthart, who conducted nan first TV question and reply pinch David Grusch, said connected societal media that nan evident unit bio for Kirkpatrick astatine Oak Ridge National Laboratory's website 'requires explanation'

'Dr. Kirkpatrick remains nan director, AARO,' Gough said. 'He is not presently employed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory'  

'We person nary AARO unit announcements to make astatine this time,' she added.

Outside charismatic channels, however, news of Kirkpatrick's planned departure person reached Daniel Sheehan, the Harvard-trained lawyer who represented past UFO whistleblower Luis Elizondo in his general title to nan DoD's Inspector General. 

'He's retired astatine nan extremity of nan twelvemonth — and that's a large deal,' Sheehan told nan DailyMail.com, adding that he understands 'four awesome candidates' are up for nan occupation opening astatine nan apical of AARO. 

When reached for comment, Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough stated that Dr. Kirkpatrick (pictured above) 'remains nan director, AARO' and is 'not presently employed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory'

Sheehan, whose history litigating progressive civilian authorities rule cases dates backmost to nan Vietnam War-era 'Pentagon Papers,' is now main counsel, president and co-founder of the New Paradigm Institute.

The institute, a branch of the 501(C)(3) nonprofit Romero Institute, describes itself arsenic dedicated to nationalist argumentation defense connected 'societal, environmental, and cosmic objectives,' which presumably includes UAP transparency.

Chris Mellon, a erstwhile charismatic pinch nan Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and a passionate advocator for accrued authorities diligence and transparency connected nan UAP issue, told nan DailyMail.com that he excessively heard of akin developments astatine AARO. 

'As to Sean, I've heard immoderate of nan aforesaid rumors,' Mellon wrote via email, 'but they're conscionable rumors, I really don't cognize his plans.'

Earlier this summer, anterior to Grusch's sworn Congressional testimony, Mellon told  NewsNation's Chris Cuomo, 'I've been told that we person recovered exertion that did not originate connected this Earth, by officials successful nan Department of Defense and by erstwhile intelligence officials.'

Sources pinch akin firsthand grounds to give, person go moreover much skittish astir delivering what they cognize to AARO, contempt nan office's caller 'second phase' efforts to faithfully analyse hidden UFO clang retrieval programs.

'This shape of nan reporting system is for existent aliases erstwhile US authorities employees, work members, aliases contractors pinch nonstop knowledge of alleged US authorities programs aliases activities related to UAP making love backmost to 1945,' Kirkpatrick told reporters this Halloween.

But pinch nan early of AARO's activity successful limbo, Sheehan told nan DailyMail.com that galore trepidatious UFO whistleblowers person opted to present their grounds to nan US Senate Select Committee connected Intelligence, for now, instead. 

Whistleblowers pinch knowledge of a classified UFO 'reverse engineering' programme person opted to attest to nan Senate intelligence committee, successful portion complete their reported mistrust of Dr. Kirkpatrick and his Pentagon UFO office. Above, a page from Project 1794 declassified successful 2012

Above, much documents from Project 1794: a Cold War-era US Air Force effort to build a supersonic flying saucer successful collaboration pinch a Canadian defense contractor

'What they were doing is they were going consecutive done to nan Senate Intelligence Committee,' Sheehan said. 

'That's wherever nan queue is forming of group who person existent nonstop contiguous knowledge — and Dave Grusch is successful connection pinch these people, and our group are successful connection pinch these people.' 

'We cognize that they don't want to spell into into Sean's AARO group until it's resolved arsenic to who is going to return his place,' Sheehan emphasized.

'None of nan whistleblowers want to spell successful there, because they don't position it arsenic unchangeable aliases safe.'

The erstwhile intelligence official, who confirmed connection of Dr. Kirkpatrick's departure, weighed successful pinch nan sentiment that 'the nationalist push backmost from Dave [Grusch] was astir apt unexpected.'

Despite a agelong summertime of contradictory timelines elaborate by some Grusch and Dr. Kirkpatrick, successful different words, nan charismatic suspects that AARO apt did not expect to person its head called a liar successful public.

Among different inconsistencies, Grusch testified nether oath earlier Congress this July that his past individual relationship pinch Dr. Kirkpatrick occurred successful 2022.

'Him and I had a classified speech successful April 2022 earlier he took complete AARO successful July 2022,' Grusch told Florida Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna, nether oath during nan hearing. 

Grusch added that he had provided Dr. Kirkpatrick pinch 'some concerns' he had, related to nationalist information issues applicable to AARO's UAP mandate.

But, during AARO's Halloween convention telephone connected Tuesday, Kirkpatrick asserted that nan 2 had not spoken successful astir 5 years. 

'The past clip I judge I said pinch Mr. Grusch was erstwhile I was successful nan J2 [Directorate for Intelligence for nan Joint Chiefs of Staff] astatine US Space Command,' Kirkpatrick said, 'about 5 years ago.'

'And it was not connected this topic,' he added.

When faced pinch these and different discrepancies, nan ex-intelligence charismatic told nan DailyMail.com, 'I judge Dave.'

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