EXCLUSIVE: OJ Simpson seen looking frail as he walks to his car while hunched over in Las Vegas after shaking hands with his fans

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OJ Simpson was spotted retired and astir successful Las Vegas - gathering pinch fans - but did not look to beryllium looking to beryllium successful nan champion of shape.

The 76-year-old, who has been seen looking anemic and frail successful caller sightings, was successful comparatively nan aforesaid style complete nan weekend.

Simpson - sporting a achromatic Buffalo Bills chapeau and a achromatic polo garment nether a bluish overgarment - shook hands pinch a instrumentality of his.

But connected nan locomotion complete to his car, nan Hall-of-Fame moving backmost was seen hunched complete and laboring arsenic he moved.

This follows a shape successful caller weeks, wherever Simpson has appeared looking feeble successful his nationalist life.

OJ Simpson was seen looking frail while retired and astir successful Las Vegas complete nan weekend

Simpson was seen greeting fans of his while astatine his car successful Sin City but looked feeble

Simpson reportedly utilized a cane while he was serving a situation condemnation for stealing sports memorabilia.

His knee injuries are a consequence of his 11-year profession arsenic a moving backmost successful nan NFL and though he has gone done 2 surgeries connected his near knee successful nan precocious 1970s, he is still appears to suffer immoderate pain.

These injuries had specified an effect connected his wellness Simpson's attorney, Johnnie Cochran, Jr., utilized his disablement successful his 1994 execution proceedings to person nan assemblage his knee was truthful anemic that he was not physically tin of sidesplitting his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

At 1 constituent Cochran instructed Simpson to guidelines and raise his suit sound limb to show nan assemblage his aggregate scars connected his near knee to beryllium he was severely handicapped.

Prosecutors successful nan proceedings besides didn't cognize that he had been taking medicine for arthritis earlier asking him to effort connected nan celebrated ill-fitting gloves, former Los Angeles County District Attorney Gil Garcetti claimed successful 2016. 

Simpson was acquitted of nan murders of Brown and Goldman successful nan 'Trial of nan Century' 28 years ago. 

His acquittal came 9 months aft nan well-publicized proceedings sewage underway successful 1995, and astir 16 months aft Simpson and Goldman were recovered brutally murdered extracurricular nan former's location successful Los Angeles.

Simpson's proceedings and eventual acquittal of nan murders was played retired connected tv for nan full world to see, though contempt stepping distant arsenic a free man successful 1995 he was later forced to salary out $33.5million successful damages to nan Brown and Goldman families aft being recovered responsible for nan deaths successful civilian court.

Simpson was seen looking visibly exhausted and leaning connected his car while retired and about

He has not been looking his champion successful nan past fewer days arsenic different pictures person been showing

The erstwhile Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers moving backmost besides encountered much ineligible problems erstwhile he was sentenced to 9 to 33 years down bars for equipped robbery successful Nevada successful 2008. 

After serving for 9 of those years, he was paroled successful 2017.

Back successful August, Simpson made headlines erstwhile he slammed the condemnation handed down to erstwhile NFL subordinate Henry Ruggs compared to his ain situation agelong for equipped robbery.

He said he was near puzzled erstwhile Ruggs, 24, received a three- to ten-year sentence, contempt causing nan decease of a 23-year-old female after driving drunk astatine complete 155mph down a Las Vegas strip successful November 2021. 

'The mathematics conscionable does not adhd up,' said Simpson, who spent 9 years down bars aft he tried to bargain sports memorabilia from a Las Vegas edifice room pinch a weapon successful September 2007.

'I cognize I went to assemblage connected a shot danasiwa but someway this mathematics is not adding up to me,' he added. 

Simpson was not unsocial successful believing Ruggs whitethorn person sewage disconnected lightly for his domiciled successful nan November 2021 clang that killed 23-year-old Tina Tintor and her dog. 

At 1 time, nan erstwhile Las Vegas Raiders prima could have faced 50 years down bars, but reached a plea woody successful May to plead blameworthy to 1 felony count of DUI. 

Simpson was acquitted of nan murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman successful a celebrated proceedings which played retired connected tv crossed nan world

Simpson made headlines backmost successful August erstwhile he slammed nan condemnation handed down to erstwhile NFL subordinate Henry Ruggs compared to his ain situation agelong for equipped robbery

Hours aft nan condemnation was publication successful nan aforesaid courthouse he was convicted successful 14 years ago, Simpson shared his thoughts connected nan tribunal proceedings pinch his 900,000 followers connected X, formerly known arsenic Twitter.

'You're driving a car astatine astir 160 miles per hr connected a nationalist thoroughfare and extremity up sidesplitting a woman and her canine and you get 3 to 10 years?' Simpson said, noting Ruggs' crime.

In comparison to his ain arrest, he said: 'You spell to a edifice room, that you're invited to, to retrieve your ain individual stolen spot - property I now person because it was ruled to beryllium excavation by nan authorities of California - and you get 9 to 33 years?' 

'Same courthouse, aforesaid city, aforesaid state. I don't know. Somehow conscionable does not adhd up to me... I'm conscionable saying,' he finished. 

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