EXCLUSIVE: Newly-single Hugh Jackman is focusing on getting 'ripped' for Deadpool 3 instead of 'chasing new love' - as he uses work to distract himself from 'civil' Deborra-Lee Furness split

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Newly-single Hugh Jackman is throwing himself into activity and 'getting ripped' successful a bid to distract himself from his matrimony break down, according to insiders, who declare he doesn't person nan clip to find a caller emotion interest.

The actor, 55, and woman Deborra-Lee Furness, 67, announced their daze split in September aft 27 years of marriage, telling fans they separated 'to prosecute our individual growth'.

Now, nan Hollywood heartthrob is said to beryllium pouring each of his efforts into getting physically 'ripped' to reprise his domiciled arsenic Wolverine successful nan upcoming Deadpool movie - and is considering his adjacent Broadway role.

'Hugh is wholly focused connected Deadpool 3 and getting into Wolverine shape,' a root exclusively revealed to DailyMail.com. 'That is taking him distant from dealing pinch his ex and taking him distant from dating. He is excited to beryllium backmost moving and is excited to put each his attraction connected each of that.'

Hugh Jackman is focusing each of his attraction connected activity to distract himself from his divided from woman of 27 years, Deborra-Lee Furness

The pair shocked fans erstwhile they announced they were separating successful September (pictured present successful May)

The insider added that Hugh isn't against nan thought of uncovering emotion again successful nan early - but presently has nary plans to 'chase it'.

'When making love comes along, he will gladly prosecute it but his priorities are elsewhere, and he isn't expecting aliases chasing a caller love,' they said. 

'He is chasing getting ripped for Wolverine and moving connected movies and figuring retired nan adjacent clip to do Broadway.'

The former mates person remained friendly, pinch nan insider adding that Hugh is readying to people his ex's upcoming day connected November 30.

The root added: 'Though they mightiness not beryllium successful emotion pinch each different anymore, location is still a enslaved and a emotion location betwixt nan 2 that will past forever. 

'He's still going to wish her a happy day and they still will talk astir nan holidays erstwhile it pertains to thing astir their kids. They are trying to fig it each retired and are looking to do it arsenic civilly arsenic possible.' 

Insiders person revealed that nan character is distracting himself from heartache by pouring each his efforts into getting physically fresh for nan upcoming Deadpool movie

The 55-year-old will beryllium reprising his iconic domiciled arsenic X-Men character, Wolverine

Hugh pictured connected group pinch Ryan Reynold's characteristic Deadpool 

The update comes aft liking piqued successful Hugh's emotion life, pinch rumors swirling that he had recovered emotion again aft posting a image of himself connected a stroll done Central Park.

But a abstracted root unopen down immoderate talk of nan character moving on, telling DailyMail.com: 'He was successful nan parkland pinch his champion friend.' 

DailyMail.com has contacted representatives for Hugh for comment. 

Hugh and Deborra-Lee tied nan knot successful 1996 aft crossing paths connected group of Correlli successful 1995. During nan people of their marriage, they adopted 2 children: boy Oscar, 23, and girl Ava, 18. 

A root antecedently told DailyMail.com that Hugh was successful 'mourning' pursuing their divided and was keen to get backmost to activity - which crushed to a halt during nan historical WGA and SAG AFTRA strikes.

'He is successful that lull play wherever he is still mourning nan break-up, looking to dive into activity to get his mind removed from it, flattered that a caller emotion life could hap successful nan early and also, he loves nan truth that he could do perfectly thing astatine all,' they said past month.

'The options he has are breathtaking and scary, he wants to respect Deborra's feelings and his feelings, and he besides wants to respect nan feelings of personification he would get progressive with.

'Sure, he is willing successful dating, but he besides wants to springiness it his 100 per cent attraction and not half-a** it if and erstwhile that comes about.'

Hugh has been sharing plentifulness of caller snaps and updates pinch fans arsenic he gets into shape

Some fans questioned whether Hugh whitethorn person recovered emotion again aft nan character precocious shared respective photos of himself taking a stroll successful New York's Central Park 

Hugh and Deborra recently began nan 'tricky' process of divvying up nan multi-million dollar empire they person built complete their 3 decades together.

With a monolithic spot portfolio and different assets betwixt them, nan brace intend to divided everything equally, US Weekly reported successful October.

The now estranged mates began building their awesome property successful nan precocious 1990s and person since acquired a postulation of luxury homes successful Australia and nan US.

Hugh, who is said to beryllium worthy an estimated $100 cardinal acknowledgment successful portion to his domiciled successful nan Marvel franchise, is reportedly moving connected a memoir.