EXCLUSIVE: Matthew Perry was sober and had been very active in his Alcoholics Anonymous program in the lead up to his death, source reveals

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Matthew Perry had been sober and very progressive successful his betterment program, moreover speaking astatine meetings and sponsoring different addicts, successful nan lead up to his tragic decease complete nan weekend, DailyMail.com has learned. 

A longtime personnel of Alcoholics Anonymous and adjacent friend of nan precocious tv prima confirmed Perry was disconnected booze and appeared to beryllium 'doing well' earlier he was found dormant astatine his Pacific Palisades location connected Saturday. 

The 54-year-old Friends alum, who had spoken candidly astir his roadworthy to betterment and galore relapses passim nan years, raised fears that he mightiness person fallen disconnected nan wagon again aft he was believed to person drowned successful his basking tub. 

But a chap personnel of his betterment programme told DailyMail.com successful an exclusive interview: 'Matty wasn't drinking. He was a large portion of our AA community. He was attending meetings, speaking astatine meetings and was moving pinch a fistful of newcomers. 

'He had a sponsor and was a sponsor. He seemed to beryllium doing well.' 

Matthew Perry, pictured past November, was disconnected booze and 'seemed to beryllium doing well' successful nan lead up to his death, a chap personnel of his AA programme told DailyMail.com

Perry had made galore nationalist appearances while promoting his  2022 memoir, Friends, Lovers and nan Big Terrible Thing, during which he said astir overcoming addiction, a awesome taxable successful his book 

In his past Instagram post, shared earlier this week, nan prima was seen hanging retired successful his basking tub wherever he was later recovered dormant connected Saturday

The insider said nan character had been focused connected helping others battling addiction and had precocious expressed liking successful sharing his communicative done nationalist speaking events. 

'Matty said he wanted to return to universities and speak astir alcoholism. That was his gift. He could speak truthful good and motivate people,' nan root added. 

'It was important for him to scope nan younger procreation and dispersed his Don't Give Up message. He really lived by those words.

'He ever made group laugh, moreover successful meetings. But he was besides spiritual, not religious, but spiritual. He walked nan talk and knew this was his mission. To thief different people, to springiness them hope. 

'Matty will everlastingly beryllium nan meaning of dream because he never, ever gave up. He turned his life astir and helped countless group successful nan program. More than he could imagine.'

Initial reports of nan TV icon's decease said Perry was recovered unresponsive successful a jacuzzi but nary narcotics were discovered astatine nan segment and location was nary denotation of foul play. 

He is believed to person drowned, though an charismatic origin of decease has not yet been wished and an initial autopsy consequence has been 'deferred', pinch toxicology reports group to follow.

In nan months starring up to his death, Perry had made galore nationalist appearances during which he said astir overcoming addiction, a awesome taxable successful his 2022 memoir, Friends, Lovers and nan Big Terrible Thing. 

In an question and reply promoting his memoir past year, Perry offered proposal to those going done addiction struggles and encouraged others that alteration is possible 

According to nan source, nan character (pictured successful April) had been focused connected helping others battling addiction and wanted to stock his communicative done nationalist speaking events

One of his oldest friends, Hank Azaria paid tribute to nan beloved prima successful nan aftermath of his death, and revealed Perry had helped him get sober 

In his past question and reply promoting his book successful November 2022 he insisted that, contrary to celebrated belief, 'people tin change' if they are consenting to put successful nan work. 

He said: 'I want group to understand that they're not unsocial that location are different group emotion precisely nan measurement they're feeling.

'That their behaviour is not insane, that they person a illness and it's not their fault. There's a very celebrated statement that group don't change. I hap to cognize that group do change.

'And I spot that each day. I spot group getting better. I spot nan lights successful their eyes travel connected and they get done nan unspeakable portion of addiction and nan detox and are capable to unrecorded a normal life arsenic agelong arsenic they do a definite magnitude of activity everyday.'

Dozens of celebrities and erstwhile co-stars person paid tribute to nan beloved character successful nan aftermath of his passing, including friend and comedian Hank Azaria - who credited Perry pinch helping him get sober. 

In an affectional Instagram video connected Sunday, Azaria recalled really Perry was 'the first friend I made successful Los Angeles.'

'When I moved there, I was 21, he was 16. We did a aviator together called Morning Maggie that ne'er saw nan ray of day, but Matthew and I became really bully friends' Azaria added.

'He's lived to laughter and each nighttime he was... he was for illustration a genius. He would commencement to weave drama threads together, conscionable hanging out,' Azaria added.

'A joke here, a joke there, a joke here, a joke there, and past by nan extremity of nan night, he'd weave them each together successful this for illustration crescendo of hilarity,' Azaria explained. 

In an question and reply pinch Diane Sawyer that aired almost precisely a twelvemonth earlier his death, Perry revealed his roadworthy to addiction began successful his early teens erstwhile he drank an 'entire bottle' of wine

The character elaborate nan beginnings of his constituent maltreatment battles successful nan October 2022 interview 

Perry 's 5 co-stars from Friends released a associated charismatic connection connected nan actor's tragic passing astatine 54 connected Monday 

He added that, 'most nights you spent pinch Matthew you were crying laughing by nan end. I really loved him. A batch of america adjacent to him really thought we mislaid him to narcotics and intoxicant a agelong clip ago.'

'As he documented successful his book, successful his autobiography, location was truthful overmuch suffering. I had to prime up and put down that curriculum vitae for illustration 11 times, it was truthful achy for maine to read,' Azaria continued. 

'It was really... arsenic his friend who loved him, I knew he must beryllium suffering, but nan specifications of it were conscionable devastating.' 

The Simpsons character revealed that he himself has been sober for 17 years, and that, 'the nighttime I went into AA, Matthew brought maine in.'

'The full first twelvemonth I was sober, we some went to meetings together, and he was specified a great... I sewage to show him this, arsenic a sober person, he was truthful caring and giving and wise and he wholly helped maine get sober,' Azaria added.

'And I really wish he could person recovered it successful himself to enactment pinch nan sober life much consistently, but arsenic a betterment guy, it was difficult to publication that too.' 

He continued:: 'I conscionable felt truthful bad. I mean, I knew he had gone successful and retired for years, he documented it each publically and past successful nan book, but it's heartbreaking for those of america who loved him and knew him really good personally. We conscionable missed him.

'It's 1 of nan unspeakable things astir this illness is it conscionable takes distant nan personification you love, and, you know, professionally, arsenic an actor, he was truthful brilliant.

'I conscionable wish I and nan world could person gotten what nan remainder of his profession would person been,' Azaria concluded.

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