EXCLUSIVE: Marcus Rashford's older brother Dane hires celebrity powerhouse attorney Alex Spiro to fight misdemeanor battery charge after Miami arrest

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The relative of UK shot prima Marcus Rashford has hired Elon Musk's American ace lawyer to conflict a misdemeanor artillery charge, DailyMail.com tin exclusively reveal.

Dane Rashford, 31, was arrested past period for allegedly striking his partner Andrea Pocrnja successful nan look during their Miami Beach vacation.

Facing up to a twelvemonth successful jailhouse aliases 12 months probation, Rashford has retained attorney-to-the-stars Alex Spiro - who predicts nan lawsuit will beryllium dropped.

'The facts of this lawsuit are not arsenic reported. I expect nan lawsuit to beryllium dismissed,' Spiro, a partner astatine Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, told DailyMail.com.

Spiro helped Musk quash a defamation suit brought by a British diver he called 'pedo guy' connected Twitter in 2018 and has made a sanction for himself representing nan likes of Jay-Z, Megan Thee Stallion and Alec Baldwin.

Marcus Rashford's older relative Dane Rashford (pictured together) is facing up to a twelvemonth successful jailhouse aliases 12 months probation aft being charged pinch misdemeanor artillery past month 

Dane is seen successful his mugshot aft he was arrested by Miami-Dade constabulary connected October 20 for allegedly 'striking' his woman Andrea Pocrnja

DailyMail.com has learned Rashford has hired attorney-to-the-stars Alex Spiro to thief conflict nan charge 

He besides helped New England Patriots proprietor Robert Kraft hit soliciting charges pursuing a 2019 ambush connected a Florida massage parlor and has worked pinch Kim Kardashian connected her run against wrongful convictions.

Rashford, a shot agent, pleaded not blameworthy and was released connected a $1,500 enslaved aft nan October 20 dust-up. He was besides deed pinch a 'stay distant order' which typically bars a fishy from contacting his victim.

A study successful UK tabloid The Sun suggests he flew into a rage erstwhile he discovered Pocrnja had received matter messages from different man, who is besides a master shot player.

But sources adjacent to nan business opportunity nan brace – who stock a $1.5million location successful northwest England and person a 14-month-old girl – person group speech their differences.

'This was a backstage matter which is resolved and everyone has moved connected from it,' nan root explained.

The mates were staying astatine nan Kimpton Angler's Hotel successful Miami Beach wherever unit spotted a female stepping done nan lobby pinch a bloodied chemoreceptor successful nan early hours.

When officers from nan Miami Beach Police Department arrived extracurricular room 335 they heard a 'verbal altercation' betwixt a antheral and female, whom they identified arsenic Rashford and Pocrnja, according to their apprehension report.

The study says nan brace were travelling backmost from trendy Miami nightspot, E11even erstwhile nan related of Manchester United and England prima Marcus Rashford 'went done nan victim's telephone and recovered matter messages from her and different male'.

'The arrestee stated that he pushed nan unfortunate while they were successful nan Uber,' nan study states.

Rashford, a shot agent, pleaded not blameworthy and was released connected a $1,500 enslaved aft nan October 20 dust-up

Rashford is seen pinch members of his family during nan 2022 World Cup successful Qatar

Pocrnja was lying connected nan furniture crying and had 'visible injuries to her face', nan title goes on.

'The unfortunate stated that nan arrestee struck her successful nan look doubly pinch a closed fist. The arrestee past sewage retired of nan Uber and walked distant pinch nan victim's phone.

'Once nan unfortunate was wrong their edifice room, nan arrestee entered nan edifice room and a verbal statement ensued successful respect to nan matter messages he saw connected her phone.

'The unfortunate was connected nan telephone pinch nan beforehand table successful an effort to get nan Wi-Fi password truthful that she could disable her telephone that nan arrestee had astatine nan time.

'The arrestee assumed that nan unfortunate was calling nan constabulary and a beingness altercation began, which she does not retrieve specifics of because she was intoxicated.'

The study says that Rashford's sister, Chantelle Maynard, was babysitting nan couple's toddler and some her and nan kid were successful nan edifice room erstwhile nan bust-up unfolded.

She witnessed her relative becoming irate, kicking a closet doorway and causing visible damage.

But 'the witnesser stated that she did not spot nan arrestee onslaught nan unfortunate astatine immoderate point,' nan title says.

Rashford was taken to jailhouse astatine 3:30am while Pocrnja - who has been making love Rashford for 4 years and shares a location pinch him successful Wilmslow, conscionable extracurricular Manchester - was taken to different edifice room because she felt 'unsafe.'

The title adds that her injuries were photographed by constabulary and she was treated by a first responder. There is nary mention of her being taken to nan hospital.

Spiro helped Musk quash a defamation suit brought by a British diver he called 'pedo guy' connected Twitter successful 2018

A telephone number listed connected nan apprehension documents for Rashford, was retired of work erstwhile DailyMail.com rang for comment.

He submitted a written plea of not blameworthy to artillery misdemeanor and is owed successful tribunal for an arraignment connected November 27, a proceeding that he tin apt be via Zoom.

Daysi Vega-Mendez, nan adjunct authorities charismatic for Miami Dade County, told The (UK) Daily Telegraph that they weren't judge whether Dane was still successful nan United States.

'The lawsuit is still active, astatine nan infinitesimal I haven't been capable to get clasp of nan victim,' they said. 'Our agency is trying to get clasp of nan UK Embassy because we request support to speak to nan victim.

'I americium not judge whether they are still successful nan United States aliases if they person near nan country. I understand they were connected vacation. Technically erstwhile you are charged you are not expected to time off nan country. When a personification is fixed a enslaved if they leave, they surrender that bond.'

Rashford grew up successful nan Wythenshawe area of Manchester pinch brothers Dwaine, Dane and sisters Chantelle and Claire. He besides has a half-sister named Tamara.

The news of nan apprehension collapsed minutes aft Manchester United's 4-3 nonaccomplishment to Copenhagen successful nan Champions League, successful which Rashford was sent disconnected successful nan first half.

The guardant tried to shield nan shot but caught an force pinch a precocious ft and was fixed a consecutive reddish paper successful nan 42nd minute.

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