EXCLUSIVE: Man United's new recruits are quickly learning that Ella Toone HATES days off from football... with World Cup disappointment behind her, the reinvigorated England star has Chelsea - and a WSL title - in her sights

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When Hinata Miyazawa and Geyse walked into Manchester United this summertime they recovered themselves pinch a fewer things to study quickly: it rains a lot, nan nutrient is different to what they are utilized to, and Ella Toone speaks incredibly fast.

'They are struggling to understand a batch of English, and particularly my English!' Toone tells Mail Sport.

'Everyone who comes from overseas ever says I'm nan hardest to understand truthful I've started talking slower for them to understand maine more.

'I've told them decidedly don't get utilized to nan sunny upwind successful Manchester because we don't get a batch of it! It's a batch of rainfall and a batch of wind.'

The caller arrivals person been appointed on-the-ground translators to easiness their acclimatisation to Marc Skinner's squad. As for knowing Toone, those studies could return immoderate time.

Ella Toone is wished to return Manchester United to a title successful nan Women's Super League

But 1 point that won't person taken either female agelong to realise is that Toone loves to play. Whether that beryllium successful training, a kickabout pinch family, successful nan Women's Super League, for England. Play, play, play, play, play, if Toone had her way.

And truthful erstwhile Toone was named connected nan chair to commencement United's caller 1-1 tie against Leicester City - nan first clip she'd been taken retired of nan starting XI and placed connected nan sidelines since October 2020 - it was header news.

Rarely do those breaks come. After England mislaid successful nan World Cup last to Spain Toone had a fewer weeks disconnected and she allowed herself to eat a McDonalds, chill astatine location and 'feel for illustration a normal person' again. 

But pinch nan play now backmost underway, inquire Toone to play mundane and she would.

Asked really she continually finds nan power to play truthful galore games - she featured successful 38 for nine and state past play - Toone said: 'My emotion for football… I get angry erstwhile I get days disconnected successful nan week!

'I ever want to play football, person a shot astatine my feet and that is erstwhile I'm happiest erstwhile I americium connected nan shot transportation truthful for maine shot is what I enjoy, what I love.

'Playing it and having truthful galore games is decidedly reliable - mentally and physically - but for maine I ever find that power to spell out, amended arsenic a subordinate and support getting amended each game. I decidedly don't get saturated aliases tired of it!'

England and United ace is nan heartbeat of Marc Skinner's broadside and now feels reinvigorated

Toone knows amended than astir really awesome United's closing of nan spread to nan elite of nan women's crippled has been.

Missing retired connected nan WSL title to Emma Hayes' Chelsea by 2 points past play brought disappointment, naturally, but besides a consciousness of position of really acold United person travel since its women's squad reformed successful 2018, past successful nan Championship.

'We get much assured each year,' United's No 7 added.

'Over nan past 5 years we've decidedly built connected truthful overmuch stuff. We've decidedly bridged nan spread connected what you'd opportunity are nan apical teams and yeah, I deliberation this twelvemonth is moreover much breathtaking than nan last.

'We evidently vanished nan champion we had ever vanished past twelvemonth and I deliberation we are decidedly looking to footwear connected now and get 1 better.'

United are 4th done 4 games pinch wins against Aston Villa and Everton wrapped astir draws pinch Arsenal and Leicester City.

The Arsenal clash, which saw nan Gunners salvage a constituent successful nan 3rd infinitesimal of stoppage clip done Cloe Lacasse, progressive Toone coming up against her champion friend - and erstwhile team-mate - Alessia Russo.

Toone (right) teamed up pinch ex-England prima Jill Scott (left) for a business pinch McDonald's

While nan relationship was near astatine location for that 90 minutes, Toone has nary difficult feelings that Russo swapped Manchester for North London successful nan summer.

'She's my champion friend successful shot and distant from football. We'll ever person that bond,' she said.

'I cognize what shot is like. People move connected and group spell connected different journeys.

'Alessia has moved connected and I wish her thing but nan best. It is difficult erstwhile you've had her for 3 years by your broadside and past she gets disconnected and goes and signs for a squad you are fighting against.

'We won't beryllium friends for 90 minutes connected a crippled time but I'm judge we'll beryllium good aft that.'

Ella Toone is encouraging shot fans up and down nan state to get successful connected a crippled time McDelivery. Download nan McDonald's App and bid today! 


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