EXCLUSIVE - Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, is officially off the market! Actor is 'crazy about' 25-year-old supermodel Vittoria Ceretti and not dating anyone else after pair bonded over saving the planet: 'She has all the qualities he looks for in a partner'

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Leonardo DiCaprio has a estimation for only making love women aged 25 aliases nether - but it appears his caller woman Vittoria Ceretti could yet beryllium nan female to break nan wont of a lifetime.

The Titanic star, 48, is 'crazy' astir the Italian supermodel, who turns 26 successful June, pinch insiders claiming he is now making love her exclusively arsenic she has 'all of nan qualities he looks for successful a partner'.

The pair, who were first pictured connected a day successful August and precocious put connected a very public show of affection, are said to person bonded complete a beardown desire to prevention nan satellite from climate change.

'Leo is crazy astir Vittoria and he finds each facet of her intriguing,' a root told DailyMail.com exclusively. 'He likes wherever this is going and he is only seeing her correct now. She is very intelligent and has each of nan qualities that he looks for successful a partner.'

Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, pictured astatine nan AFI Awards successful January 2020, is 'crazy about' Vittoria Ceretti, 25, arsenic DailyMail.com tin exclusively uncover nan 2 are officially a couple 

The mates - who stock a passion for redeeming nan situation - were first pictured together connected an crystal pick day successful August successful California

Last play Vittoria couldn't support her hands retired of her man's pants astatine a Halloween bash successful Los Angeles

Among these attributes is Vittoria's liking successful biology causes, which was a 'huge draw' for the Killers of nan Flower Moon actor. 

Vittoria was antecedently featured connected nan screen of Vogue Italia, holding a chromatic which publication 'Protect Venice.' Touted arsenic 'Italy's astir celebrated model' successful nan accompanying article, she utilized nan opportunity to raise consciousness of nan effect of rising sea-levels successful Venice.

Leonardo has fought tirelessly to raise costs and bring consciousness to nan protection of biodiversity, oceans and wood conservation since launching The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation successful 1998. 

'This gives them truthful overmuch to talk about,' nan insider added. 'She was an environmentalist earlier gathering Leo, truthful it's not for illustration she met him and abruptly she cares astir nan earth. 

'Vittoria is successful and beyond financially independent. She is evidently stunning and he finds her incredible. But for now, they are intent connected keeping overmuch of their romance private.'

With nan actor's evident penchant for making love younger women, Vittoria would beryllium forgiven for fearing for their romance travel June 7 erstwhile she turns 26.

But a abstracted root told DailyMail.com earlier this twelvemonth that Leonardo is keen connected ditching his estimation for making love women who are 'under' nan property of 25.

They said: 'He is looking for thing much mature successful nan narration department.' 

DailyMail.com has reached retired to reps for Leonardo and Vittoria. 

'She shares each of nan qualities that Leo looks for successful a partner,' a root told DailyMail.com of nan mates who were pictured kissing successful a nine successful Ibiza successful September 

Clearly nan mates are presently smitten pinch 1 another, pinch Vittoria pictured pinch her manus down nan Oscar-winner's pants and grabbing his rear extremity astatine a Halloween bash past weekend.

The brace reportedly turned down nan somesthesia 'once they realized they were being watched' and 'went backmost wrong almost immediately.'

Vittoria announced her separation from her DJ hubby of 3 years, Matteo Milleri, successful a TikTok video successful June. 

In August, she was pictured pinch Leonardo on an day ice-cream day successful Santa Barbara, before they were pictured kissing astatine a nightclub successful Ibiza successful nan early hours nan pursuing month.

Sources astatine nan clip told Page Six that they had 'been spending rather a spot of clip together complete nan past fewer months' and were 'enjoying getting to cognize 1 different connected a deeper level.'

This chart displays Leonardo's property and nan corresponding ages of his erstwhile girlfriends and flings 

The character pictured astatine nan Cannes Film Festival successful May wherever he is said to person met Vittoria

'Vittoria is successful and beyond financially independent,' nan insider tells DailyMail.com. The exemplary is pictured stepping nan runway for Valentino connected October 1 successful Paris

Vittoria, the girl of designer Francesca Lazzari, was discovered aged 14 successful nan 2012 Elite Model Look competition.

The Balenciaga marque ambassador, who has modeled for nan likes of Alexander McQueen and Versace, appears to beryllium good acquainted pinch members of Leonardo's inner-circle, including models Meghan Roche and Neelam Kaur Gill - who is making love 1 of his adjacent friends.

Leonardo was antecedently linked to Gigi Hadid, 28, and 24-year-old Victoria Lamas - whose begetter said she was 'smitten' pinch nan Hollywood heavyweight backmost successful December.

Speaking to nan New York Post astatine nan time, he said: 'I told her to dainty nan narration for illustration a vacation — conscionable bask it arsenic overmuch arsenic you tin for arsenic agelong arsenic it lasts. And if it lasts for much than a emblematic holiday, great. But if not, past conscionable defender your heart, you know? Because she's very young.' 

He has antecedently dated Camila Morrone, Nina Agdal, Kelly Rohrbach, Blake Lively, Rihanna, Gisele Bündchen, and Bar Refaeli - each of whom were 25 aliases nether astatine nan time.

A look astatine each nan women Leonardo DiCaprio has dated nether 25...

GISELE BUNDCHEN (2000-2005) - Gisele was property 20-25 during their relationship:

In 2000 erstwhile he was 25 he dated his youngest woman Gisele Bundchen erstwhile she was conscionable astir 20 astatine nan time. 

The 2 dated for 5 years until they divided successful 2005. Leo moreover took her arsenic a day to nan Oscars successful 2005.

They were regularly spotted astatine hoops games and shared a passion for raising consciousness connected biology issues. 

Love life: In 2000 erstwhile he was 25 he dated his youngest woman Gisele Bundchen erstwhile she was conscionable astir 18 astatine nan clip (pictured successful 2005)  

Bündchen ended it successful 2015 and revealed to Access Hollywood, 'We were conscionable not meant to beryllium fellow and girlfriend, but I respect him enormously, and I wish him thing but nan best.' 

She'd spell connected to day Tom Brady successful 2006 and wed him successful 2009. 

BAR REFAELI (2005-2011) - Bar was property 20-25 during their relationship:

After his narration ended pinch Bündchen, Leo dated Sports Illustrated exemplary Bar on-and-off 'til 2011. 

A root told The New York Post of their breakup astatine nan time: 'It was amicable, they're still friends and they are still talking. They conscionable grew isolated and went their abstracted ways. 

'Neither are fresh to settee down, and some person engaged careers that person been taking them successful different directions.'

Next up: After his narration ended pinch Bündchen, Leo dated Sports Illustrated exemplary Bar on-and-off 'til 2011 (pictured successful 2010)

The actor's narration pinch Bar ended aft six years of making love - coincidentally nan aforesaid clip nan Israeli exemplary turned 25. 

The divided came aft weeks of rumours aft Leo failed to travel nan supermodel to nan Met Gala successful New York successful 2011 and alternatively spent nan nighttime astatine metropolis hotspot Top of nan Standard. 

DiCaprio besides had a boys' play pinch Bradley Cooper and Ryan Kavanaugh successful Mexico nan period before. 

BLAKE LIVELY (2011) - Blake was property 23 during their relationship:

The existent woman of Ryan Reynolds dated Leo for conscionable 1 twelvemonth - erstwhile she was 23. 

DiCaprio met nan character during nan 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

They and went connected to bask a 12-month romance that included romanticist dates successful Venice, Los Angeles and New York City.

Fame: The existent woman of Ryan Reynolds dated Leo for conscionable 1 twelvemonth - erstwhile she was 23 (pictured successful Cannes successful 2011) 

Lively visited DiCaprio successful Australia (where he was filming The Great Gatsby) precocious successful summertime 2011. 

In October 2011, a People root noted that nan divided was 'amicable' and that nan actors remained friends 

DiCaprio's 'work commitments' reportedly played a domiciled successful nan breakup.

Blake is now joined to character Ryan Reynolds and nan brace stock 3 children.

ERIN HEATHERTON (2012) - Erin was property 22 during their relationship:  

The Victoria's Secret Angel alum was conscionable 22 erstwhile she dated DiCaprio successful 2012.

The brace dated for 10 months earlier parting ways successful October 2012 owed reportedly owed to 'crazy schedules'. 

A root told US Weekly astatine nan time: 'There's nary bad humor - they still attraction astir each different a lot. They're some conscionable really busy, they had crazy schedules.

Brief: The Victoria's Secret Angel alum was conscionable 22 erstwhile she dated DiCaprio successful 2012 (pictured connected a motorcycle thrust successful June 14 successful NYC) 

'They still emotion and respect each different very much. It was conscionable clip to move on.'

After nan divided she said: 'He's (DiCaprio) a awesome personification and he's a friend of mine, I wish him each nan best.'

Erin was said to person been devastated erstwhile her romance pinch nan supermodel-loving character collapsed. 

TONI GARRN (2013-2014) - Toni was property 20-21 during their relationship:

German-born exemplary Garrn was conscionable 21 erstwhile she and Leo collapsed up aft astir 2 years of dating. 

The brace enjoyed an 18-month romance from May 2013 to December 2014.

According to tabloids, Garrn collapsed it disconnected aft Leo was spotted leaving a Miami nightclub pinch 20 women. 

History: German-born exemplary Garrn was conscionable 21 erstwhile she and Leo collapsed up aft astir 2 years of making love (pictured successful 2014) 

After their first divided they were spotted hanging retired connected respective occasions but past yet called it quits. They erstwhile were seen leaving a nine successful NYC holding hands aft nan first split. 

Around nan aforesaid clip Leo was spotted spending clip pinch exemplary Lorena Rae.

The 2 seldom deed nan reddish carpet together, but they were occasionally spotted retired successful public. 

Following their split, Toni dated NBA prima Chandler Parsons earlier calling clip connected their romance successful 2016 aft a twelvemonth together. 

KELLY ROHRBACH (2015) - Kelly was property 25 during their relationship:

The Baywatch reboot prima was 25 erstwhile she and DiCaprio dated from June until astir December of 2015.

According to US Weekly, nan divided was a communal decision: A root told nan magazine: 'It was mutual. They some person aggravated activity schedules and a batch going connected successful their lives correct now. 

'They some needed to return a break because of that. 'They are still friends and talking but it's over.'

Another root told People: 'They are very friends and it's ace amicable. They are some truthful engaged and he's sewage a large movie coming retired and she's 1 of nan biggest ace models successful nan world.

Short but sweet: The Baywatch reboot prima was 25 erstwhile she and DiCaprio dated from June until astir December of 2015

'There is nary different personification successful nan picture.'

Seemingly confirming nan split, nan brace rang successful nan New Years aft separately - pinch nan Revenant prima partying it up successful St.Barths and nan exemplary spending nan nighttime pinch family.

A root told People of his New Years: 'Leo partied pinch blondes and brunettes and antheral buddies included Leo's longtime friend Lukas Haas.'

NINA AGDAL (2016-2017) - Nina was property 24-25 during their relationship:

Things ended betwixt Leo and nan Danish swimsuit exemplary aft she deed 25 successful 2017.  

During their romance they holidayed together successful Ibiza, St. Bart's and nan Bahamas.

DiCaprio and Agdal mostly kept their narration retired of nan spotlight. 

A root told PEOPLE astatine nan clip that their breakup was 'amicable.' 

It's over: Things ended betwixt Leo and nan Danish swimsuit exemplary aft she deed 25 successful 2017 (pictured successful August 2016)

DiCaprio and Agdal were first spotted together successful May astatine Up & Down nine successful N.Y.C. The character arrived astatine nan nightclub pinch Agdal and a group of friends, earlier partying nan nighttime distant successful nan VIP section. 

The adjacent month, DiCaprio and Agdal were spotted connected a play getaway successful Montauk, New York.

In August 2016 nan brace were progressive successful a car mishap successful precocious August. Luckily, though an ambulance was called to nan segment nan Hamptons clang was minor. 

The adjacent twelvemonth they split. A root revealed it was DiCaprio who collapsed things off. 'He's not fresh to settee down and conscionable isn't successful nan mindset to get joined aliases person kids,' nan insider said. 

CAMILA MORONNE (2017- 2022) - Camila was property 20-25 during their relationship: 

Leonardo and his model-turned-actress woman Camila Morrone called it quits aft 5 years together past August.

The Revenant star, who is Camila's elder by 22 years, was first introduced to Camila backmost successful 2008, erstwhile she was only 12.

His longtime friend Al Pacino, who had dated Camila's mother Lucila Solá for years, made nan introductions, and Leonardo apparently remained friends pinch nan family for years.

Leonardo and Camila officially sewage together sometime successful 2017, pursuing his breakup pinch exemplary Nina Agdal conscionable days earlier nan Cannes Film Festival, though representatives for some initially denied that they were together.

The 2 raised their relationship's floor plan nan pursuing year, erstwhile they attended Ellen DeGeneres' day statement together, and they were seen later successful nan twelvemonth showing disconnected immoderate PDA astatine Coachella.

Later successful 2018, an anonymous root told People that nan narration had escalated successful seriousness, arsenic nan 2 were 'very successful emotion and serious' and 'talked astir getting engaged.'

The root claimed that Leo had 'never loved a woman for illustration this,' and he was moreover considering having children pinch his caller love.

In 2019, Leo's committedness to not publically discussing his narration was tested erstwhile some he and Camila had films premiering astatine nan Cannes Film Festival.

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