EXCLUSIVE I wore a vibrating sex toy and used it to beat a chess grandmaster

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It was nan ungraded that rocked nan chess world. The game's foremost player, Magnus Carlsen, was unbeaten successful 53 games earlier self-taught grandmaster Hans Niemann, 20, shattered his tally successful September 2022. But nan result would snatch headlines for different reasons. Niemann had cheated, Carlsen claimed - and promptly withdrew from nan $500,000 Sinquefield Cup.

Rumours dispersed quickly, prompting absurd suggestions connected really a subordinate could cheat astatine specified a precocious level. Among nan astir ludicrous, nan proposal Niemann could person utilized a vibrating group of anal beads to pass successful a benignant of Morse codification pinch others watching nan lucifer remotely.

Niemann denied nan allegations he cheated and, this September, straight addressed nan claims successful an question and reply pinch Piers Morgan. Asked, 'on nan circumstantial allegation – person you ever utilized anal beads while playing chess', Niemann said resolutely: 'Your curiosity is simply a spot concerning, you cognize – possibly you're personally interested, but I tin show you, no.'

Niemann yet sued his force for defamation in a suit seeking $100mn. 'Do immoderate adjacent play checking you want, I don’t attraction because I cognize that I’m clean,' he said furiously successful an question and reply aft his win.

Now, 2 YouTubers person bitten nan proverbial slug to trial nan 1 of nan wildest theories successful chess, that a remote-controlled vibrating suppository could beryllium utilized to hit a apical subordinate astatine his ain game. MailOnline said to Josh & Archie astir really they did it.

YouTubers Josh Pieters and Archie Manners (pictured right) tested an absurd mentation successful a crippled pinch apical UK chess subordinate Daniel Fernandez (left)

Archie received instructions via a vibrating object, telling him which portion to move where

The brace shared their latest video pinch 1.47m subscribers connected YouTube this evening

Chess grandmaster Hans Niemann (pictured) has officially been cleared of allegations made by a rival that he cheated successful nan Sinquefield Cup successful 2022

Norway's Magnus Carlsen (pictured astatine World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships successful 2018), presently nan world's apical classed chess player, antecedently accused Niemann of cheating

Josh & Archie, an intermezo duo from London, tested nan mentation and shared nan result pinch their 1.47mn subscribers connected YouTube this evening.

It was 4 weeks commencement to finish, mounting up a clone accumulation company and inviting connected a master chess subordinate who believed he was playing a novice aft conscionable 3 months of intensive training.

When England's Daniel Fernandez, 28, agreed to look connected nan show, nan crippled was on. Fernandez is classed #481 successful nan world and 1 of 25 grandmasters successful nan United Kingdom. He told Josh & Archie he had been playing for 'about 21 years'.

Archie readily admits he plays chess 'incredibly badly' - capable to travel nan crippled but not capable to hit a grandmaster without help.

To win, nan YouTubers would simulate a crippled pinch a computer, inputting each Daniel's moves and copying really nan AI responded connected nan board. It was past a lawsuit of coming up pinch a codification for Archie to relay nan optimal moves to Josh from down nan scenes -- and waiting for Daniel to make a move immoderate little than perfect.

Josh Pieters told MailOnline: 'Archie is simply a master magician truthful coming up pinch these sorts of concealed codes was beautiful easy for us. 

'I did bask "testing" it retired pinch him though and making it buzz much than it needed to. He squealed.'

Archie said of nan system: 'The worst portion of it is if nan Castle had to move crossed nan full board. That was a hellhole of a batch of vibrating.' 

After getting a strategy down, pinch stops and starts to bespeak portion and direction, nan brace met pinch Daniel to put nan mentation into practice. In nan video, Archie seems to beryllium successful immoderate discomfort arsenic he responds to Josh's directions. But they were amazed really straightforward nan strategy was to use.

In nan video, Archie takes portion aft piece, astonishing Josh and seemingly Daniel arsenic he puts his force successful check. Finally capable to adjacent successful connected nan King, nan novice thumps nan master.

'He's done it! He's done it!' says Josh from backstage. 

'We were some shocked that it worked truthful easy - not only did our codification make sense, and nan signals were each decently received, but that nan chess machine was capable to hit Daniel,' Josh said. 

'Having said that, Daniel played nan cleanable crippled correct up until astir 30 minutes in. Then he made 1 move that allowed our chess machine to hit him.'

Daniel took nan nonaccomplishment good and was promptly assured he did not suffer to Archie, but to apical artificial intelligence playing a flawless game.

Josh told MailOnline: 'Daniel was truthful bully astir it - he thought he was portion of a TV show that saw mean members of nan nationalist return connected an master astatine a peculiar challenge, and erstwhile we revealed what was going connected he had a bully laugh. 

'We past played chess for real, and he hit Archie successful astir 30 seconds.'

'They’re reasonably inexpensive bits of instrumentality - 100 quid connected beads and a free chess software, truthful this benignant of cheating is financially accessible and technically easy,' said Archie 

Josh Pieters (pictured) said: 'Archie is simply a master magician truthful coming up pinch these sorts of concealed codes was beautiful easy for us. I did bask "testing" it retired pinch him though and making it buzz much than it needed to.'

The brace would input Daniel's move into a machine arsenic their own, and past watch to spot really nan machine responded pinch nan optimal move

Archie would person nan instructions and past relay them connected nan committee until his force made a mistake

They told Daniel (left) he was appearing to play against Archie arsenic portion of a caller TV show, successful which a novice had 3 months to go an master successful a caller skill

Archie managed to triumph nan crippled aft Daniel made a azygous correction astir half an hr in

Last year, nan proposal a subordinate could person utilized a vibrating artifact to guideline their decisions successful a competitory lucifer seemed rather absurd. Josh and Archie's research shows location are imaginative ways players tin pass pinch nan extracurricular world if hopeless capable to try.

'What we person proved is that pinch nan assistance of anal beads, it would beryllium very easy to cheat. 

'They’re reasonably inexpensive bits of instrumentality - 100 quid connected beads and a free chess software, truthful this benignant of cheating is financially accessible and technically easy; arsenic agelong arsenic you don’t mind you know, having thing up your backside for immoderate time…'

Chess is much than 1,500 years old. Cheating astatine chess has astir apt existed conscionable arsenic long. But successful nan past 30 years, exertion has created caller ways for players to summation an unfair advantage complete their opponents.

In 1993, successful 1 of nan earliest documented cases, unrated subordinate John von Neumann amazed crowds erstwhile he won 4 crippled of 9 and drew against a grandmaster.

He was wearing headphones during nan crippled and reported to person had a 'suspicious bulge' successful his pouch which vibrated each truthful often. 

He was disqualified erstwhile recovered to person very small knowing of really chess worked.

In 2006, Umakant Sharma was recovered to person sewn a Bluetooth-enabled instrumentality into a headdress successful bid to person instructions from an accomplice backstage during a tourney who was, for illustration Josh and Archie, utilizing a chess computer.

Sharma was disqualified from competitory chess for a decade.

US chess grandmaster Hans Niemann plays against Armenian chess grandmaster Levon Aronian (not pictured) during nan US Chess Championships successful Missouri, 13 October 2022 

Niemann has competed successful tournaments each complete nan world, taking portion successful his first US rated tourney erstwhile he was conscionable 8 years old. He is pictured astatine a lucifer successful 2013 and correct successful 2014, astatine property 10, erstwhile he became nan youngest victor of nan Mechanics Institute Chess Club tourney successful its 159-year history

As Archie and Josh person demonstrated, nan trouble is not successful communicating pinch a machine but keeping it hidden. 

Archie said: 'As agelong arsenic nan lucifer is televised, past your accomplice - who is sending nan signals to your bottommost - could beryllium connected nan different broadside of nan world.

'So unless nan Chess world is going to spell afloat American TSA agents connected their competitors and portion hunt group I deliberation group tin still triumph competitory chess pinch nan usage of anal beads.'

The 2022 Carlsen-Niemann ineligible conflict was yet settled successful August 2023 as Chess.com announced each parties had reached an agreement.

Carlsen said successful a connection he acknowledged and understood a study by nan tract made 'no determinative grounds that Niemann cheated successful his crippled against maine astatine nan Sinquefield Cup' and opened up to playing Niemann again successful future.

Niemann likewise said he looked guardant to facing Carlsen successful chess alternatively of court. 

The ungraded has renewed calls for strict cheating controls successful tournaments to debar specified situations getting retired of hand.

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