EXCLUSIVE Here's what you DIDN'T know about Bargain Hunt: We went on the show and saw producers change prices, were banned from buying items and told how people CHEAT

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For much than 2 decades Bargain Hunt has been a BBC staple, pinch thousands of contestants having tried their luck astatine making a profit. 

Under nan watchful oculus of an antiques waste and acquisition expert, 2 pairs spell caput to caput arsenic nan Blue and Red teams and are fixed an allotted clip to make their purchases astatine antiques fairs. 

The items are past taken to auction and whichever team makes nan astir profit (or smallest loss) is nan winner.

Father-daughter duo Simon and Rosie Ellis appeared connected nan show past twelvemonth and though they made a loss, they still triumphed complete nan Red squad and were crowned nan winners. 

Speaking to MailOnline astir their experience, nan duo revealed they loved their clip connected nan programme but were amazed by nan show's behind-the-scenes secrets.

Here's what you didn't know! Father-daughter duo Simon and Rosie Ellis appeared connected nan show past twelvemonth and were amazed by nan show's behind-the-scenes secrets

Among these was nan truth producers would jump successful to dictate prices during nan haggling process because of 1 of nan unspoken rules of Bargain Hunt. 

Marketing Assistant Rosie revealed: 'We originally haggled down our first point to £3.50 but they said nan Bargain Hunt tin only show income successful pounds truthful we had to spell up to £4. We could've sewage much profit!'

Managing Director Simon added: 'There's besides definite things you can't bargain because of copyright reasons. 

'You couldn't bargain a image of Marilyn Monroe for instance, because if you showed it connected nan camera that would beryllium copyrighted and they'd person to salary a fee.

'We wanted to bargain a Coca Cola motion but were told to time off it.' 

In nan show, contestants are fixed 1 hr to make their 3 purchases, pinch viewers watching nan teams frantically racing against nan clock. 

Yet successful reality nan filming process is acold longer, pinch Rosie and Simon revealing they were retired astatine nan ancient adjacent for astatine slightest 3 hours. 

Rosie explained: 'They support stopping nan timer to spell backmost complete nan scenes. You'll movie an relationship and they'll jump successful and opportunity "no, no, no, you can't do that". 

'So they'll spell backmost and show you to put your manus location different and repetition what you said and past they commencement nan timer.' 

Confirming there's 'lots of stopping and starting', Simon revealed that tons of clip is besides taken confirming wherever they tin movie and who doesn't mind appearing connected camera, quipping 'I deliberation immoderate of those antiques mightiness person been dodgy dealings!' 

 Winners! Although Simon and Rosie made a loss, they still triumphed complete nan Red squad and were crowned nan winners aft nan equipment went to auction (pictured pinch show experts Kate Bliss, acold left, and Gary Pe, acold right, and presenter Eric Knowles) 

While nan filming process was longer than expected, nan longest hold came earlier moreover getting connected camera, pinch nan brace revealing that 5 episodes of Bargain Hunt are filmed successful nan aforesaid day, pinch contestants made to hold successful nan greenish room until being called up to film. 

After shooting their section nan contestants are told to region their Bargain Hunt fleeces and are fixed free rein to  rotation astir nan marketplace stalls, meaning they often each extremity up successful nan inheritance of each other's episodes.

Speaking astir nan waiting around, Simon explained: 'It's a large room with the full accumulation crew, nan formed and each nan teams successful nan room together. 

'You get a little array and you're location for nan full day. It's rather boring because you beryllium astatine a array until they telephone you out. You're made to enactment location until you're filmed.' 

After being filmed making their purchases nan groups past look a week agelong hold earlier their items spell to auction, during which clip they're instructed not to show nan different squad astir their items aliases to cheque nan position of their equipment connected nan auction location website. 

Rosie and Simon revealed producers had warned them astir looking up their items online because teams tin cheat by getting friends aliases family to bid on and thrust up nan profit. 

'It's truthful evident successful nan episodes erstwhile personification has cheated though,' Simon mused. 'You tin ever show erstwhile someone's for illustration "oh wow, that's made a batch of money" and it's not for illustration they suffer thing because you support nan profit.'

During nan auction time nan teams person to hold for their tons to beryllium called and past are filmed watching nan auction live. 

Afterwards they look different agelong hold until nan results are revealed astatine nan extremity of nan day. 

Rosie revealed they had nary hint if they'd won aliases not until presenter Eric Knowles - who nan brace revealed was really benignant and friends - announced nan results. 

'Those were our existent reactions connected camera,' she confirmed. ' I mean, successful mentation we could person conscionable asked nan different squad really good they did and figured it, retired but this measurement was much fun.'  

Simon added: 'That's nan tone of nan game. They do a bully occupation of making it each rather existent and location wasn't immoderate benignant of trickery truthful that was good.'  

While they whitethorn not person made a profit, Rosie and Simon were still pleased pinch their triumph arsenic good arsenic nan truth they kept their Bargain Hunt fleeces and were fixed a recreation mug and cardinal ringing by nan accumulation team. 

Although they were amazed by immoderate aspects of filming, Rosie and Simon recommended nan acquisition for everyone, urging anyone who is simply a instrumentality of Bargain Hunt to use and effort their luck. 

Give it a go! Rosie and Simon recommended nan acquisition for everyone, urging anyone who is simply a instrumentality of Bargain Hunt to use and effort their luck 

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