EXCLUSIVE: Francis Ngannou WON against Tyson Fury in their Battle of the Baddest fight, insists Dan Hardy on Mail Sport's new boxing podcast 'The Hook'... as he reveals The Predator will make his PFL debut 'early next year'

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  • Tyson Fury hit Francis Ngannou via divided determination successful Saudi Arabia connected Saturday
  • However, galore felt nan highly awesome Ngannou deserved to triumph nan fight
  • LISTEN: Exclusive Tyson Fury question and reply connected THE HOOK - our caller boxing podcast 

By Alex Mccarthy and Will Pickworth For Mailonline

Published: 12:41 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 12:54 EDT, 31 October 2023

British MMA fable Dan Hardy has claimed Francis Ngannou deserved to hit Tyson Fury successful Saudi Arabia connected Saturday.

Ngannou's conflict pinch Tyson Fury has been nan talk of nan combat sports world aft nan erstwhile MMA prima took nan Gypsy King each nan measurement successful Riyadh.

It was nan first clip Ngannou had stepped into nan boxing ringing yet he showed nary signs of being a novice, earlier Fury was handed a divided determination triumph by 94-95, 95-94, 96-93.

However, Fury's triumph successful nan crossover bout has been disputed by many since and Hardy joined that database arsenic he insisted nan awesome Ngannou deserved to win.

'I still person it nan aforesaid (an Ngannou victory),' Hardy - who was successful Riyadh for nan conflict - told The Hook, Mail Sport's caller boxing podcast. 'I came backmost yesterday and watched it a mates of times, 1 pinch nan measurement connected and I besides muted it a mates of times truthful I could salary attraction to what's landing arsenic opposed to nan powerfulness of nan shots.

British MMA fable Dan Hardy has claimed Francis Ngannou deserved to hit Tyson Fury 

Fury yet won via a divided determination victory, but nan consequence was disputed by respective people

'I could possibly bring it astir person together to 95-94, but I've still sewage it 96-93 correct now. 

'Then again, possibly I'm not scoring it for illustration a boxer! I'm scoring it for illustration a combatant and I consciousness like, for nan baddest man connected nan planet, Francis won nan fight.

'He landed much powerfulness punches, he was 5 powerfulness punches ahead, but he was outstruck wide by 12 strikes and I'm for illustration "well, really overmuch do I worth those 12 strikes complete 5 powerfulness punches from Ngannou and nan knockdown arsenic well?"'

Hardy continued: 'I personally consciousness for illustration he did capable to get nan victory. It was a adjacent fight. It was person watching it backmost than what I remembered because I deliberation astonishment was hitting maine astatine nan aforesaid clip and I was for illustration "oh my goodness, what is going connected here?" But yeah, I still deliberation he did capable to win.

The Hook double

'You person to extremity nan champ to hit nan champ. That's ever been nan vibe successful boxing and unluckily I deliberation that mightiness person been nan lawsuit connected nan night.'

Hardy joined nan Professional Fighters League (PFL) arsenic Head of Fighter Operations of PFL Europe earlier this year.

Upon his departure from nan UFC successful January, nan PFL snapped up Ngannou arsenic their marquee sanction and Hardy revealed he would beryllium making his debut adjacent year, while he besides kept nan doorway unfastened to much boxing bouts.

He added: 'I'm hopeful that we're going to spot nan PFl gloves connected his monolithic fists astatine immoderate constituent successful nan very adjacent future. 

Hardy was afloat of praise for Ngannou's show and highlighted nan powerfulness punches he struck

The British MMA fable revealed The Predator would beryllium making his PFL debut early adjacent year 

'The scheme is for him to beryllium fighting successful nan first half of adjacent year, ideally successful nan first 4 months, and past we tin spot what he looks for illustration backmost successful MMA, we tin spot really his boxing skills transportation complete to MMA.

'Because you tin spot he has improved that scope of his game, and past nan situation is trying to find personification that will measurement successful location and conflict him.

'I've sewage a fewer bully ideas and I cognize nan matchmaking squad are moving difficult connected that arsenic well. This keeps nan doorway unfastened for boxing arsenic well. The WBC are going to rank him successful their apical ten. 

'There are options supra and beneath him successful nan rankings that make a batch of sense, breathtaking fights against nan likes of Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua, aliases moreover a small spot further down nan rankings if you want personification for illustration a Joe Joyce aliases a Derek Chisora, personification that would beryllium a nosy trial and a bully fight.'

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