EXCLUSIVE: 'Devoted' ER nurse, 28, at Ohio hospital commits suicide over nation's broken healthcare system - as CDC says HALF of nurses are burned out and depressed

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Tristan Kate Smith (pictured left) was a erstwhile ER caregiver successful Dayton, Ohio

A 'devoted' caregiver who killed herself and near a statement slamming nan American healthcare strategy epitomizes nan crisis facing infirmary workers, her devastated family has said.

Tristan Kate Smith, who worked arsenic a caregiver successful a infirmary emergency room successful Dayton, Ohio, died astatine her location by termination August 7, 2023, astatine 28 years old.

Her family later recovered a missive she had written 5 months anterior to her decease connected her laptop titled 'A Letter to My Abuser,' pinch 'abuser' referring to the American healthcare system.

In nan note, Ms Smith described nan strategy arsenic abusive and said nan toxic activity civilization crushed her spirit.

She said she did not consciousness protected from convulsive patients, nor from making mistakes successful her job.

Ms Smith's termination comes arsenic a study from nan US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recovered grounds levels of burnout, harassment and desire to time off nan section among healthcare workers.

Healthcare workers are astatine a higher consequence of termination compared to nan wide population, a study found, pinch circumstantial roles peculiarly astatine risk

Ms Smith (center) described nan healthcare strategy arsenic abusive and said nan toxic activity civilization crushed her spirit

The news follows a slew of healthcare worker strikes complete salary and moving conditions, pinch 75,000 unionized Kaiser Permanente labor citing feelings of burnout and unit shortages arsenic they staged a walkout successful 5 states and nan District of Columbia.

In September past year, nan largest nursing onslaught successful US history took spot successful Minnesota, wherever 15,000 nurses embarked connected a three-day strike.

They said their hospitals had grounded to prosecute and clasp capable nurses, causing a staffing shortage that reduced nan value of care.

The nursing situation is particularly bad successful Minnesota because of its aging population, which is placing further accent connected infirmary unit - coupled pinch a debased unemployment complaint crossed nan state, pinch little inducement for group to subordinate nan profession.

The mean registered caregiver successful Minnesota earns $84,030 a year, aliases an hourly net of $40.40 - making nan authorities nan 13th classed successful nan nation, according to Nurse Journal.

In California, registered nurses gain $124,000; Southern and Midwestern states salary nan least, pinch Alabama nurses earning $61,000 per year.

Minnesota was not nan only authorities pinch onslaught action: successful Oregon, 7,000 healthcare workers worked retired of their jobs, and successful Hawaii and California, intelligence wellness attraction professionals went connected onslaught amid protests complete inadequate staffing. 

And earlier this year, successful New York, much than 7,000 nurses from Mount Sinai, 1 of nan biggest healthcare systems successful New York City, went connected strike.

Nurses are continually asked to 'do much pinch less', Ms Smith had written.  

Research suggests female nurses are twice arsenic apt to dice by termination than nan wide female organization and 70 percent much apt than female physicians.

Ms Smith's missive was published successful a section Ohio insubstantial The Oakwood Register this month, alongside a missive from her father, Ron Smith.

Mr Smith wrote: 'You're reference this now because Tristin's communicative needs to beryllium told. We request to return action. Our nation's healthcare strategy is broken, and it collapsed our girl.

'Her passion for nursing has turned into a nightmare. Tristin was successful trouble. Nurses are successful trouble.'

Addressing nan healthcare strategy successful her letter, Ms Smith said it had 'taken my bosom and slow crushed nan goodness it had.'

She said: 'You asked my colleagues and maine what we needed to thief patients and amended restitution scores, and we told you nan truth. But past you sent america to online courses that taught america to conscionable grin much and beryllium friendlier to nan patients. 

'That's erstwhile I began to understand your existent cruelty and manipulation.'

Casey Chosewood, head of nan National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s Office for Total Worker Health, told CNN employers request to return nan accusation from nan CDC study and 'take contiguous preventive actions,' specified arsenic ensuring labor are much progressive successful determination making.

He said: 'To explanation our existent and long-standing situation a "crisis" is an understatement.'

In her letter, Ms Smith called her 'abusive partner' 'relentless' and elaborate really 'each day' she was asked to 'do much pinch less.'

She said she heard astir nurses who were deed by patients and really they were advised 'not to conflict back' and alternatively to 'lay pinch their hands up' and hold for security.

The CDC study recovered nan number of healthcare practitioners experiencing harassment astatine activity changeable up from six percent to 13 percent betwixt 2018 and 2022.

Examples included convulsive threats, bullying and verbal maltreatment from patients and coworkers.

The information was from 226 wellness workers successful 2018  and 325 wellness workers successful 2022.

The study besides recovered harassment had a large effect connected intelligence health. Nurses who said they'd been harassed were 5 times much apt to study worry compared to those who were not, 3 times much apt to beryllium depressed and astir six times arsenic apt to study burnout.

Ms Smith wrote successful her letter: 'You hit maine to nan constituent that my assemblage and mind are black, bruised, and bleeding out.'

She added: 'You usage and utilization america to statement your pockets, utilizing nan communal citizen’s money for overpriced healthcare.'

Ms Smith referenced nurses not being protected by nan rule aliases their employers. Some believed this was a reference to RaDonda Vaught, a caregiver who was found guilty of homicide after her 75-year-old diligent died erstwhile Ms Vaught administered nan incorrect drug.

'Caring for group who are sick tin besides beryllium intensely stressful and emotional,' said Dr Debra Houry, nan CDC's main aesculapian officer.

In nan CDC's latest survey, 44 percent of wellness workers said they wanted to look for a caller occupation - an summation from 33 percent successful 2018.

In her obituary, her family said: 'Tristin had a grin that lit up immoderate room. She was brave, smart, and beautiful. She will beryllium desperately missed by each whose lives she touched.'

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