EXCLUSIVE: Dangers of your Halloween costume revealed - Doctors warn about death trap flammable costumes, itchy glitter and acne-causing face paint

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As Halloween approaches, you apt person your costume and accessories picked out. 

Assembling a costume and putting connected eye-catching makeup for illustration look overgarment and glitter are each parts of nan spooky holiday. 

However, experts told DailyMail.com that your costume could airs respective risks, including occurrence hazards, tegument problems, and vulnerable chemicals. 

While costumes made from definite materials tin drawback occurrence easily, constitution tin lead to acne breakouts, tegument irritation, and oculus infections. And though glitter whitethorn beryllium connected trend, it could lead to rashes and has been linked to superior illness. 

Halloween costumes tin airs respective risks, including tegument irritation, acne and moreover catching connected occurrence owed to flammable materials

Children crossed nan state are expected to dress up and spell retired instrumentality aliases treating connected Halloween connected October 31st

Fire information experts have warned that children's Halloween costumes could beryllium made from materials that origin them to spell up successful flames. 

According to nan City of Phoenix Fire Department, nan astir flammable costume materials are cotton, linen, and silk. 

Many costumes are made pinch a blend of fabrics for illustration polyester, nylon, metallic, cotton, and rayon.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) mandates that each costumes, wigs, and masks must beryllium made from flame-resistant materials for illustration nylon and polyester. 

However, these materials tin still burn, though they will beryllium easier to extinguish, according to nan CPSC. 

While these materials are each utilized successful accelerated manner items today, costumes thin to usage a unsocial operation of aggregate flammable fabrics for different elements of a look.

The coatings added - for lawsuit metallic layers aliases embellishment - makes them moreover much risky. 

In 2021, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) successful nan UK tested nan flammability of children's Halloween-themed t-shirts, capes, and witches' hats. 

A video posted by nan section shows 2 child-sized mannequins wearing pumpkin and monster Halloween-themed t-shirts catching occurrence rapidly, leaving nan mannequins blackened and burned. 

In nan video, Ian Smith, Trading Standards Supervisor, advised parents: 'Remember to cheque wigs, masks and if you are going to make a costume, cheque nan worldly you are using. Get children to deterioration apparel nether their costume for added protection should nan worst happen.'

John Smith, head of Fire Risk Assessment Network successful nan UK, told DailyMail.com: 'When it comes to children's Halloween costumes, location are circumstantial materials that tin airs a higher consequence of flammability.'

'One of nan superior culprits is synthetic fabrics specified arsenic polyester and nylon, which are commonly utilized successful costume production. These materials are highly flammable and tin ignite quickly if exposed to an unfastened occurrence aliases power source.'

Mr Smith besides said that excessive ornamental elements for illustration sequins and glitter tin incorporate flammable materials and coatings that tin easy drawback connected fire. 

'If possible, take costumes made from earthy fibers for illustration fabric aliases wool. These materials are little apt to drawback occurrence compared to synthetics,' he said. 

'Avoid loose and flowing costumes: Flowing capes, skirts, aliases sleeves tin travel into interaction pinch unfastened flames, candles, aliases pumpkins. Opt for costumes that fresh snugly and debar trailing accessories.'

Mr Smith besides recommended utilizing faux candles pinch flashlights aliases LED lights alternatively of candles to trim nan consequence of fires.  

In summation to costumes, look overgarment and different inexpensive constitution tin besides airs risks. 

Halloween and costume constitution is typically thicker and much pigmented than regular makeup, which carries greater consequence of irritating nan skin, she says.

It's besides made pinch much potent chemicals that supply much melodramatic effects, specified arsenic glowing successful nan dark. 

Dr Ahmad Chaudhry, a dermatologist astatine Scandinavian Biolabs, told DailyMail.com: 'Many of these products whitethorn incorporate allergens, fragrances, and preservatives that tin irritate nan skin, starring to redness, itching, and moreover rashes, particularly successful individuals pinch delicate skin. 

 In a trial performed by Surrey Fire and Rescue Services successful nan UK, firefighters group occurrence to a number of apparel and accessories arsenic portion of nan test, including witch hats, capes, skeleton tights and pumpkin tops

'Additionally, nan usage of dense aliases oil-based constitution tin clog pores and perchance trigger acne breakouts, particularly if near connected for extended periods. It's basal to counsel individuals to take constitution products branded arsenic "non-comedogenic" to trim nan consequence .'

Eye makeup, successful particular, poses a consequence of oculus infections. Contaminated aliases low-quality oculus products tin lead to conjunctivitis (pink eye) and different oculus issues. 

Glitter, which tin beryllium applied to nan skin, nails aliases hair, whitethorn besides beryllium connected nan emergence this Halloween. After superstar Taylor Swift was pictured wearing all-red astatine a Kansas City Chiefs crippled past weekend, income of reddish glitter nail polish rocketed by 475 percent, according to information from beauty marketplace Fresha. 

Glitter, akin to different costume makeup, tin besides irritate nan skin, and lead to itchiness and rash. 

It besides contains microplastics, mini particles that are only astir 5 millimeters successful size. It's made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), 1 of nan astir widely produced synthetic plastics in nan world.

Unlike regular clothes, Halloween costumes are made pinch a scope of different flammable materials arsenic good arsenic embellishments

PVC is utilized successful model frames, drainage pipes, paint, nutrient containers, and clothing for illustration rainfall boots. PVC itself is not a carcinogen, aliases a worldly that causes cancer, but its components person been linked to definite cancers.

PVC contains nan colorless state vinyl chloride, which is simply a combustion worldly successful baccy smoke. According to nan National Cancer Institute (NCI), vinyl chloride has been associated pinch an accrued consequence of liver, brain, and lung cancers, arsenic good arsenic lymphoma and leukemia. 

However, these effects are seen pinch semipermanent vulnerability and nan effect of impermanent tegument interaction remains unknown.

Experts person advised consumers to cheque nan explanation of clothing and different products earlier buying - if a operation of synthetic materials is listed connected nan label, it whitethorn beryllium amended to steer clear.  

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