EXCLUSIVE: Dan Hardy claims Francis Ngannou 'absolutely did prove Dana White wrong' with his performance against Tyson Fury on Mail Sport's podcast The Hook with the UFC's heavyweight division left in tatters

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  • Francis Ngannou vacated his heavyweight title successful nan UFC earlier successful 2023 
  • The Cameroonian combatant put successful an awesome capacity against Tyson Fury 
  • LISTEN: Exclusive Tyson Fury question and reply connected THE HOOK - our caller boxing podcast 

By Alex Mccarthy and Dominic Hogan For Mailonline

Published: 12:53 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 12:53 EDT, 31 October 2023

British MMA fable Dan Hardy claimed that Dana White's determination to fto Francis Ngannou time off UFC has 'absolutely' proved incorrect by the Cameroonian's display against Tyson Fury connected Saturday. 

White was speedy to slam Ngannou for leaving for nan PFL and earlier this twelvemonth claimed nan Cameroonian wanted to return 'zero risks' and was fearful of an brushwood pinch Jon Jones - wide regarded among nan champion fighters of each time.

Ngannou's capacity successful nan ringing against Fury came arsenic a astonishment to astir critics and pundits alike, pinch galore insinuating that he was robbed of a triumph complete nan Gypsy King. 

As a result, though, it highlights that nan UFC person mislaid an jock very overmuch astatine nan highest of his powers, contempt his comparatively precocious property astatine 37.

Hardy indicated while talking exclusively to Mail Sport's Alex McCarthy connected caller podcast The Hook that Ngannou's exit has blown up successful White's face, contempt his skills arsenic a 'fantastic promoter' for nan UFC. 

Dan Hardy told Mail Sport's The Hook that Francis Ngannou's capacity 'absolutely' proved Dana White wrong

White had criticised Ngannou's determination to subordinate nan PFL and claimed he was wary of facing Jon Jones

'He perfectly did beryllium Dana wrong,' Hardy began. 'The point is, Dana has sewage very bully spin-doctors astir him. He's very bully astatine twisting nan communicative to suit him and nan UFC, which is why he is simply a awesome promoter. We spot it successful authorities each nan clip - Dana's conscionable doing it successful a sporting context.

'If Ngannou had person stayed pinch nan UFC and Jon Jones had moved into free agency and signed pinch nan PFL, past it would person been Jon Jones who was acrophobic of Ngannou and doesn't return risks and wants to make much money fighting lesser opponents etc. The rotation goes successful whichever measurement suits nan UFC.

'I cognize this from a first-hand perspective. When you time off nan UFC, they person to devalue you arsenic quickly arsenic possible. They person to return your banal down arsenic overmuch arsenic they tin by creating a communicative that's intelligibly not true. No 1 successful nan world should beryllium capable to opportunity pinch a superior look connected their look that Francis is scared. Come on, for illustration he's much than anybody could person considered.

'That clip has travel backmost to haunt Dana, hasn't it? I've seen it's been posted astir nan net complete and complete again and that's Dana's job, right? His occupation is to beforehand nan UFC and make it look for illustration it's nan champion merchandise connected nan planet.'

Ngannou vacated his spot arsenic heavyweight champion of nan UFC successful January 2023, aft failing to unafraid a statement speech pinch nan company, arsenic his erstwhile woody ran retired successful December 2022. 

As such, he has near nan section successful a difficult position, pinch nan biggest sanction and attraction now absent and leaving down a powerfulness vacuum that White is struggling to fill. 

Worse still, Jones - possibly nan best-suited replacement - is now retired for an extended play aft tearing his pectoral musculus disconnected nan bony successful training to look Stipe Miocic astatine UFC 295.

Hardy continued: 'It's very unfortunate for nan UFC that it coincided pinch Jon Jones getting injured and past losing that heavyweight title fight, because I emotion Tom Aspinall and I consciousness for illustration Sergei Pavlovich is simply a very absorbing and reliable trial for him, but they don't person nan aforesaid prima powerfulness that Jon Jones has got, and you're looking astatine six to 8 months retired for Jones. 

Ngannou put successful an awesome capacity against Tyson Fury, dropping nan Gypsy King successful nan 3rd round

Ngannou near nan UFC astatine nan commencement of 2023 aft his statement expired having been heavyweight champion

'Stipe [Miocic] is successful his 40s. I don't deliberation we'll spot him conflict again. I conscionable consciousness for illustration Stipe is going to expire earlier Jones returns. And now Jones is getting aged arsenic good - we've seen him conflict erstwhile astatine heavyweight. 

'You can't declare he's nan champion heavyweight connected nan satellite because nan champ retired, went complete to boxing, and hit nan heavyweight champ of boxing arsenic well.

'It conscionable each fell isolated from a UFC position and unfortunately, it's a bully instruction for nan UFC to extremity being truthful greedy and truthful controlling. They fto McGregor spell and conflict Mayweather, but you retrieve Anderson Silva wants to container Roy Jones and they wouldn't fto him. 

'I'll show you first-hand that there's offers connected nan array from nan PFL for group crossing over. We're trying to create opportunities for immoderate combatant connected nan satellite who wants a spot of autonomy and wants to pursuit a ample salary cheque based connected a meritocracy, not connected a fame contest.'

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