EXCLUSIVE: AI imagines what European tourists from 17 countries look like... according to the stereotypical views of Americans

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  • The images were created utilizing nan AI image-generator Midjourney 
  • The package produced images that whitethorn person imaginable bias and stereotypes 
  • READ MORE: AI imagines what Americans successful each 50 states look for illustration utilizing stereotypical European views 

By Stacy Liberatore For Dailymail.com

Published: 07:06 EDT, 21 October 2023 | Updated: 07:10 EDT, 21 October 2023

At slightest 2 cardinal group from nan European Union and the  United Kingdom sojourn nan United States yearly to spot nan sights and mingle pinch Americans.

However, Americans person formed their ain opinions astir what nan stereotypical visitant from each federation and those ideas person been brought to life by AI.

DailyMail.com asked Midjourney, a strategy that creates images based connected matter prompts, really Americans deliberation visitors from each state look while visiting nan US.

According to nan tech, Americans deliberation nan French dress to impressment moreover erstwhile hiking nan Grand Canyon and Scotsmen deterioration nan accepted kilt nary matter wherever they spell - moreover connected nan New York subway.

Scottish tourists

AI re-imagined what an American thinks a tourer from Scotland looks like, creating a young man wearing nan accepted kilt while riding nan New York City subway. More than 350,000 Scots sojourn nan US each year

 French tourists

Americans must deliberation nan French dress up nary matter wherever they go. Here, a man is wearing the Marinière while taking successful nan views of nan Grand Canyon. More than 300,000 group from France recreation to nan US each year

Dutch tourists 

Americans must deliberation each Dutch visitors deterioration woody shoes and bonnets. Data shows that much than 111,000 group from nan Netherlands travel to nan US each year

Polish tourists

Americans deliberation each Polish men person long, acheronian beards. AI re-imagined this tourer astatine Mount Rushmore. At slightest 30,000 group from Poland task to American each year

 Austrian tourists

Americans must judge each Austrian visitors person blond hairsbreadth and ever deterioration immoderate benignant of pinkish garment.  More than 175,000 Austrians visited nan US successful 2022

Bulgarian tourists

Although much than 80 percent of Bulgarians person acheronian hair, nan AI believes Americans deliberation those visiting nan state person blond locks

Croatian tourists

The AI thinks nan emblematic Croatian visitors would deterioration apparel resembling nan American emblem erstwhile visiting nan US. Croatians are besides allowed to recreation to nan US without visas

Danish tourists

Danes are of Nordic Scandinavian ancestry, pinch a mostly having blond hairsbreadth and bluish eyes, and that mightiness beryllium really Americans spot them arsenic they sojourn California successful this image 

Estonian tourists

Here are 2 Estonians visiting a show successful nan US, and according to really Americans position them, AI created a mates pinch blond hairsbreadth and bluish eyes. The US Visa Waiver Program allows Estonian business people, visitors and in-transit visitors to participate America without a visa

Finnish tourists

Finland is located successful bluish Europe, and astir Americans must deliberation Finnish visitors are ever dressed for wintertime - nary matter wherever they go. More than 29,000 Finnish vacationed successful nan US successful 2020

Irish tourists 

Americans must deliberation Irish visitors person conscionable travel to nan US to party. The AI generated an image of 3 individuals drinking brew connected a sunny day. More than 400,000 group from Ireland sojourn nan US each year

Italian tourists 

Americans must deliberation Italian visitors look conscionable for illustration they do crossed nan Atlantic. The AI created an image of a mates sitting extracurricular of a café, which could beryllium located successful Little Italy, New York.  Pre-pandemic, millions of Italians would flock to nan US for vacation, but that number has since fallen to 135,000 successful 2021

English tourists

Americans must deliberation nan English person conscionable arsenic overmuch pridefulness for their state arsenic they do. The AI created a snapshot of 2 men wearing their emblem proudly. The U.S. recorded astir 730 1000 travelers from nan United Kingdom successful 2020

Greek tourist 

Americans must deliberation each Greek visitors will jump astatine immoderate opportunity to region their shirts. The AI created an image of this man from Greece who is visiting Texas while connected vacation

Portuguese tourists

Americans mightiness deliberation astir Portuguese visitors person acheronian hairsbreadth and slim bodies, arsenic nan AI created successful this image. The US had much than 25,000 visitors from Portugal successful 2022

German tourists 

American's views astir German visitors must beryllium that they each person blond hairsbreadth and bluish eyes. The man successful this image is besides wearing what appears to beryllium a accepted German chapeau while nan 2 are visiting a show successful nan US

Swedish tourists 

Americans must deliberation each Swedish men person beards owed to nan acold upwind that engulfs nan bluish European country. Here, this man appears to beryllium waiting for his thrust aft he conscionable arrived successful nan US

Spanish tourists 

Americans deliberation Spanish visitors will bring their whimsical flare pinch them to nan US, according to AI. Data shows much than 182,000 group from Spain visited nan US successful 2021

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