EXCLUSIVE: Adam Johnson GoFundMe page is investigated as a possible SCAM - but website now says donations to the account will be transferred to Nottingham Panthers' benefit, which has raised $25K

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A GoFundMe page claiming to use nan family of deceased Nottingham Panthers lucky subordinate Adam Johnson is now successful nan process of transferring costs to nan intended recipients aft nan website investigated scam allegations. 

The family Johnson's grieving woman Ryan Wolfe antecedently said it had nary engagement successful nan GoFundMe page successful question, informing nan nationalist to beryllium cautious of a imaginable scam. 

However, GoFundMe has since issued a connection to DailyMail.com confirming that nan page, started by a female identified arsenic Laura Oates, had been contacted regarding her page and that each costs would now beryllium transferred to an charismatic money established by nan Nottingham Panthers.

In a statement, a spokesperson for nan kindness level said, 'We would for illustration to convey Laura, who started her ain fundraiser earlier this week, for their support successful consolidating each donations into a azygous fund. The nine is successful interaction pinch Adam's family and will activity pinch nan GoFundMe squad to transportation nan costs to them successful owed people erstwhile they're ready. Your support intends nan world to us.'

The Panthers' ain money now stands astatine adjacent to $25,000 little than 24 hours aft its inception. 

Johnson's pharynx was trim by an opponent's skate leaf erstwhile they collided during a lucifer against nan Sheffield Steelers connected Saturday.

Ryan Wolfe and Nottingham Panthers subordinate Adam Johnson, astatine a family wedding successful June 2022

Adam Johnson and Ryan Wolfe, pictured successful July 2022, had been owed to go engaged 

The tribute posted by Ryan Wolfe, woman of Nottingham Panthers prima Johnson

A GoFundMe page was group up complete nan play to raise money for Johnson's bereaved family

His fiancé Ryan Wolfe has paid tribute connected Instagram, posting a image of him and saying: 'My sweet, saccharine angel. I'll miss you everlastingly and emotion you always.' 

Introducing nan fund, nan organizer, who gave her sanction arsenic Laura Oates, stated that she is 'just a lucky instrumentality trying to do thing adjuvant for nan family,'

She goes onto claim, 'I americium successful interaction pinch Adam's, girlfriends [sic] family and they are alert of this and tin interaction Adam's family straight to put transportation of nan money.'

But, speaking exclusively to DailyMail.com today, Wolfe's mother Johanna, 79, initially slammed this arsenic categorically untrue.

She said, 'She has not been successful immoderate interaction pinch us. The personification said successful their money that it was connected to america and it's not.'

The fund, established 3 days agone has already attracted hundreds of donations and raised much than $20,000 having soared past its original extremity of 10,000 pounds ($12,000).

Wolfe later revealed: 'The Nottingham Panthers are looking into it and investigating this arsenic a imaginable scam. They person reached retired to this personification but neither Adam's nor our family are connected to nan personification who group this up contempt that claim.'

DailyMail.com later learned that GoFundMe contacted Oates, who said she was successful touch pinch personification claiming to beryllium 24-year-old Ryan's relative – thing of which nan families were unaware.

And Wolfe's family had warned fans to extremity donating to nan page which remains progressive contempt nan controversy. 

Johnson, 29, concisely stood up, bleeding profusely connected to nan ice, earlier collapsing again during nan crippled successful Sheffield. He received contiguous aesculapian attention, pinch CPR performed connected nan ice, and was taken to infirmary but could not beryllium saved.

Fans person near a oversea of flowers and tributes successful Nottingham and it comes as:

  • The subordinate who accidentally slashed Johnson's pharynx was trolled online;
  • A squad based successful Oxford person made cervix guards mandatory for each players;
  • South Yorkshire Police detectives proceed to analyse nan tragic incident.

Supporters person rallied astir 'distraught' Matt Petgrave who accidentally killed Johnson pinch his footwear leaf successful beforehand of 8,000 horrified spectators. After nan incident, players formed a shield to hide what was happening from nationalist view. 

Adam Johnson successful action for nan Pittsburgh Penguins successful nan NHL successful Columbus, Ohio, successful 2017 

Matt Petgrave (file image) collapsed into 1 of Johnson's teammates successful a collision which saw him suffer equilibrium earlier his limb lifted up and made interaction pinch Johnson's neck

It was initially claimed that Minnesota-born Johnson and Miss Wolfe had go engaged complete nan summertime and lived together successful England, according to his erstwhile assemblage teammate Riley Tufte told The Athletic.

But his aunt Kari Johnson past revealed to ABC's KSTP-TV that he had bought a ringing but had successful truth not yet proposed.

Adam Johnson: From Frozen Four and nan NHL to Nottingham

By Max Carter Keall

Adam Johnson, 29, was an American master crystal lucky subordinate who was playing successful England pinch nan Nottingham Panthers this year.

Johnson was calved connected June 22, 1994 successful Hibbing, Minnesota, a mining metropolis successful nan northbound of nan US.

He played lucky aft precocious school, representing nan Indiana Ice and Sioux City Musketeers astatine inferior level, earlier heading to assemblage to play pinch nan University of Minnesota-Duluth Bullldogs successful nan National Collegiate Hockey League.

Johnson impressed astatine nan Bulldogs, grabbing an awesome 18 goals and tallying 37 points successful 42 games to decorativeness 2nd successful nan nine successful some goals and points.

His superb overtime, power-play extremity to conclusion Boston University ensured nan Bulldogs made it to nan Frozen Four, nan highest level of men's collegiate hockey.

His occurrence earned him a spot astatine nan imaginable improvement campy of nan NHL broadside nan Pittsburgh Penguins, performing good capable to work together a two-year, entry-level statement successful 2017.

In 2020 Johnson decided to move abroad, playing for Swedish broadside Malmo Redhawks, earlier returning to North America to ply his waste and acquisition for Canadian broadside Ontario Reign.

However nan forward's clip was not done successful Europe, moving again to correspond German DHL broadside Augsburger Panther successful 2022 and past yet signing for Nottingham Panthers for nan 2023-24 season.

Ms Wolfe, who is primitively from Oak Grove in Minnesota, was successful nan crowd and ran onto nan crystal pursuing nan incident earlier praying for Johnson, it was claimed successful The Sun. 

Johnson is survived by his begetter Davey, mother Sue and an older brother, besides called Ryan. A family friend told The Athletic that his grandma Marilyn was 'his biggest fan'.

The calamity has now prompted calls for master players to deterioration cervix guards – which is mandatory only for players aged nether 20 successful this country.

There person been 2 erstwhile neck-slashing incidents successful North America's National Hockey League (NHL) – but successful some incidents nan players were saved by punctual curen from medics.

Following nan weekend's incident, NIHL Division 1 South squad Oxford City Stars said it would present mandatory cervix guards for each players, adding that these would beryllium a 'non-negotiable component' of attire during each practices and games. 

Earlier successful his profession Johnson played 13 times for nan Pittsburgh Penguins successful nan NHL earlier competing successful leagues successful North America and Europe. He signed for Nottingham Panthers successful August. 

The incident connected Saturday happened successful nan 35th infinitesimal of nan Elite Ice Hockey League lucifer successful beforehand of 8,000 fans astatine Sheffield's Utilita Arena. The crippled was later abandoned.

Footage showed really Sheffield Steelers subordinate Matt Petgrave crashed into 1 of Johnson's teammates connected Saturday successful a collision which saw him suffer equilibrium earlier his limb lifted up and made interaction pinch Johnson's neck. 

Video of nan incident showed Johnson getting to his feet, pinch humor pouring connected to nan ice. He was helped by a referee and a teammate arsenic he headed disconnected nan rink, but collapsed connected to nan ice.

Peter Spencer, nan BBC Radio Sheffield lucky newsman who was astatine nan game, said nan location team's expert and nan Panthers physio 'were consecutive retired connected nan crystal to be to him'.

They were joined by paramedics and 2 trauma nurses from nan crowd. 

After players formed a ringing to shield Johnson being fixed treatment, screens were brought down connected nan crystal but nan aesculapian squad was seen performing CPR earlier Johnson was taken to Sheffield's Northern General Hospital.

Adam Johnson, seen seconds earlier nan freak incident astatine Sheffield's Utilita Arena connected Saturday

People laic flowers and tributes for Johnson extracurricular nan Motorpoint Arena successful Nottingham today

Lit candles are among nan tributes near extracurricular nan Motorpoint Arena successful Nottingham today

People laic flowers and heartwarming tributes astatine nan Motorpoint Arena successful Nottingham today

A connection committee pinch a tribute to Johnson extracurricular the Motorpoint Arena successful Nottingham today

Mr Spencer added that lucky was 'a accelerated and beingness and astatine times sadistic game' but it was 'certainly not an incident that I person ever seen nan for illustration of and hopefully I will not spot nan for illustration of again'.


The calamity has prompted calls for master players to deterioration cervix guards – which is mandatory only for players aged nether 20 successful this country.

There person been 2 erstwhile neck-slashing incidents successful North America's National Hockey League (NHL) – but successful some incidents nan players were saved by punctual curen from medics.

In February caller rules were introduced successful England raising nan property for mandatory cervix guards from nether 18 to nether 20. But they do not request to beryllium worn by master big players, who besides usage little protective helmets.

In 1989 goalie Clint Malarchuk suffered a akin cervix wounded during an NHL crippled successful Buffalo, New York. His life was saved by nan speedy action of a erstwhile US Army combat medic who served successful Vietnam. He gripped his cervix and pinched nan severed vein until doctors arrived and kneeled connected his collarbone to trim his breathing rate.

In 2008 Richard Zednik besides suffered a cervix coiled from an opponent's skate blade. He mislaid 5 pints of humor and was saved by speedy aesculapian treatment.

Mr Petgrave was described arsenic 'absolutely distraught' pursuing nan incident – but has since suffered hateful and abusive messages connected societal media.

Panthers instrumentality Tina Taylor said it was a 'one successful a cardinal chance occurrence and will astir apt ne'er hap again', adding: 'He was perfectly distraught by nan decease of an force but it was a tragic mishap and he was not to blame.'

Julie Whitnum, different Panthers supporter, said nan mishap was a 'one off, it was awful', adding: 'It was not a deliberate aliases foul play.'

Panthers instrumentality Hazel Woods, who witnessed nan tragedy, said: 'What happened was horrible and I can't get nan image retired of my head. It is for illustration a bad dream I can't aftermath up from.' She added: 'It was a freak accident, wholly tragic, and nary 1 was to blame.'

Caroline Crossland, a spectator astatine nan match, commented connected X: 'Don't moreover cognize really to consciousness aliases what to deliberation aft nan horrific mishap we saw tonight.'

In reference to nan subordinate whose skate caused nan fatal injury, she added: 'Watching him break pinch daze and trauma was horrific, I can't ideate really he feels.'

One genitor of a shocked instrumentality said: 'My 17-year-old has travel location successful bits, he said he can't un-see what he's seen tonight. He's achromatic arsenic a sheet. My thoughts and prayers are pinch nan teams involved.'

Another instrumentality said connected Facebook: 'Last night, we were successful nan arena and witnessed nan horrific mishap connected nan ice. When we were each yet told to leave, my legs were shaking and astir to give. I was hyperventilating - everything was a blur. My thoughts are pinch Adam Johnson, his family and nan Nottingham Panthers.'

Another spectator said: 'I wouldn't wish what we witnessed past night, and what Adam Johnson's family, friends and colleagues must beryllium going done correct now, upon my worst enemy.

Matt Petgrave joined Sheffield Steelers past twelvemonth from Czech broadside HC Dunamo Pardubice

An ambulance extracurricular Sheffield's Utilita Arena connected Saturday evening aft nan freak accident

'All of nan Steelers and Panthers acted truthful quickly, astir of all, our Steelers doctor, who was connected that crystal wrong a matter of seconds. It was a tragic accident. Rest successful paradise Adam Johnson, number 47.'

A Panthers spokesperson said yesterday: 'The Nottingham Panthers are genuinely devastated to denote that Adam Johnson has tragically passed distant pursuing a freak mishap astatine nan crippled successful Sheffield past nighttime [Saturday].

'The Panthers would for illustration to nonstop our thoughts and condolences to Adam's family, his partner, and each his friends astatine this highly difficult time.

'Everyone astatine nan nine including players, staff, guidance and ownership are heartbroken astatine nan news of Adam's passing.

Tributes were near to Adam Johnson astatine Sheffield's Utilita Arena yesterday by fans of some teams 

Fans laic flowers extracurricular nan Motorpoint Arena successful Nottingham yesterday aft Johnson's death

'Our thoughts are besides pinch nan fans and unit of some clubs, particularly those who attended aliases were pursuing nan game, who will beryllium devastated pursuing today's news.

'The Panthers would for illustration to convey everyone who rushed to support Adam past nighttime successful nan astir testing of circumstances.

'Adam, our number 47, was not only an outstanding crystal lucky player, but besides a awesome teammate and an unthinkable personification pinch his full life up of him. The nine will dearly miss him and will ne'er ever hide him.

'We inquire that nan privateness of Adam's family and friends, and everyone astatine nan nine is respected astatine this difficult clip arsenic we each activity to travel to position pinch our grief.'

Yesterday's 3 Elite League games successful Belfast, Fife and Guildford were postponed pursuing Johnson's death, while Nottingham later confirmed via X that tomorrow's location title against nan Glasgow Clan had besides been postponed.

The connection read: 'The nine will supply updates connected our website and societal media regarding early fixtures and each summons accusation for postponed games arsenic soon arsenic it is imaginable to do so.

'We inquire for everyone's knowing and patience regarding this news and inquire that fans refrain from emailing aliases contacting nan nine arsenic our unit travel to position pinch today's tragic news.'

Johnson played for Pittsburgh Penguins successful nan National Hockey League earlier spending nan 2020-21 play successful Sweden pinch nan Malmo Redhawks.

The Penguins said successful a statement: 'The Pittsburgh Penguins subordinate nan full lucky world successful mourning nan nonaccomplishment of Adam Johnson, whose life tragically ended acold excessively soon.

'We connection our deepest condolences to Adam's family and friends, arsenic good arsenic each of Adam's past and coming teammates and coaches.

'Adam will ever beryllium a portion of nan Penguins family. It was our grant to watch him fulfill his dream of playing successful nan National Hockey League.'

Tributes to Adam Johnson person besides been near extracurricular nan Motorpoint Arena successful Nottingham 

Players and unit observe a soundlessness for Adam Johnson astatine Hillsborough successful Sheffield yesterday

A video tribute to Adam Johnson earlier an Edmonton Oilers lucifer successful Alberta yesterday

Ontario Reign players carried retired a rubbing tribute to Adam Johnson connected nan crystal yesterday

The NHL besides passed connected its condolences. A connection said: 'The National Hockey League family mourns nan passing of erstwhile Pittsburgh Penguin Adam Johnson. 

'Our prayers and deepest condolences spell to his family, friends and teammates.'

Johnson went connected to play successful nan American Hockey League for nan Ontario Reign and successful Germany for nan Augsburger Panther earlier agreeing to subordinate Nottingham for nan 2023-24 campaign.

A connection from nan Elite Ice Hockey League read: 'The Elite Ice Hockey League is heartbroken to corroborate that Nottingham Panthers guardant Adam Johnson sadly passed distant pursuing a freak mishap successful Saturday's crippled betwixt Sheffield Steelers and Nottingham Panthers,' publication a convention statement.

'In ray of this profoundly upsetting news, nan Elite League has postponed each games scheduled to return spot connected Sunday October 29, 2023.

'The thoughts and condolences of everyone connected pinch nan EIHL are pinch Adam's family, friends and teammates astatine this incredibly sad and difficult time.'

Sheffield said successful their ain statement: 'Everyone astatine nan Steelers nonstop their condolences to Adam Johnson's partner, family and teammates.'

And Barrie Archer, chair of nan English Ice Hockey Association, said: 'The full EIHA is heartbroken and profoundly saddened by Adam's passing. 

'This is simply a tragic mishap and our thoughts and prayers spell retired to Adam's family, friends and crystal lucky family astatine this difficult time.' 

A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said today: 'We were called astatine 8.25pm connected Saturday, October 28 to reports that a subordinate had been earnestly injured during a Sheffield Steelers versus Nottingham Panthers crippled astatine nan Utilita Arena successful Sheffield.

'Officers attended nan segment alongside different emergency services and 1 man, aged successful his 20s, was taken to infirmary pinch superior injuries. Sadly, he was later pronounced deceased astatine hospital.

'Our officers stay astatine nan segment carrying retired enquiries and our investigation into nan circumstances surrounding nan incident stay ongoing. We would promote nan nationalist to debar speculation regarding nan incident while we proceed our enquiries.'