Ex-Crystal Palace footballer Oliver Spedding - boyfriend of adult film star Sophie Anderson - dies aged 34... as Croydon manager pays tribute to former player who was a 'warrior on the pitch'

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  • Oliver Spedding was connected nan books of Crystal Palace erstwhile he was a youngster
  • He moved into porn but besides had a spell astatine Croydon who person paid tribute
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By Kieran Lynch For Mailonline

Published: 12:06 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 12:06 EST, 21 November 2023

Former Crystal Palace younker subordinate Oliver Spedding, who near shot to spell into nan porn industry, has died astatine nan property of 34. 

Spedding, who besides played for Croydon, was nan fellow of big movie prima Sophie Anderson.

A minute's soundlessness was held earlier Croydon's latest game, while location manager, Liam Giles, paid tribute to a 'warrior connected nan pitch'.

The non-league nine confirmed his decease successful a tweet which read: 'Croydon FC are profoundly saddened to study of nan passing of our erstwhile player, Oliver Spedding.

'Oliver played for nan nine complete a mates of spells and was a much-loved individual who ever gave his utmost for nan team.

Former Crystal Palace footballer Oliver Spedding (right - pictured pinch big movie prima woman Sophie Anderson) has died astatine nan property of 34

The news was confirmed by non-league broadside Croydon wherever he played during aggregate spells

'He will beryllium hugely missed by everyone astatine nan nine and our thoughts are pinch his family and friends astatine this difficult time. Rest successful Peace, Ollie. Once a Tram (the club's nickname), ever a Tram.'

The origin of Spedding's decease has not yet been confirmed.  

As reported by The Mirror, Spedding fell retired of emotion for nan crippled of shot aft serving clip successful prison. 

He continued playing astatine non-league level though pinch Croydon, having moved into porn - wherever he went nether nan sanction Damian Oliver. 

In an quality connected nan Anything Goes pinch James English podcast, he revealed his regrets complete going into porn, arsenic good of really he starred successful X-rated films for conscionable £150 a movie.  

He went connected to say: 'When I was astatine Crystal Palace, if I'd person stayed pinch them, past I could person been earning a batch much playing football.

'I utilized to conflict arsenic well, possibly that could person gone somewhere. I was bully astatine some of those things, but being a porn star, I thought that would beryllium conscionable arsenic bully - but it's not arsenic bully arsenic group think.'

However, he met his partner Anderson - who has been moving arsenic an big character since 2017 - while connected group of a film.

Croydon head Liam Giles described Spedding (pictured) arsenic a 'warrior connected nan pitch'

Spedding turned to porn from shot and met his woman Anderson connected nan group of an big film

It's difficult capable for immoderate of a batch of us. Let unsocial nan brave begetter of our beloved friend Ollie passing away. Mr and Mrs Spedding your boy is loved by america each astatine Croydon. Once a tram ever a tram pic.twitter.com/PpBijYeJbP

— Jason Campbell (@Bestkeepercoach) November 19, 2023

Croydon head Giles revealed successful a station connected X that they had held talks astir him returning to football.

He wrote connected Friday: 'Such heartbreaking news, Ollie was a warrior connected nan transportation and gave 100% each clip he represented Croydon

'We said a mates of weeks agone astir him getting backmost into football. I dream you find your bid mate. Sleep Tight.'

Tributes person besides poured successful from erstwhile team-mates pinch his erstwhile centre-back partner Kieran Rufus tweeting: 'I don't really cognize what to opportunity but I'm genuinely truthful wounded by nan news of nan passing of Ollie.

Croydon head Liam Giles and Spedding's erstwhile centre-back partner Kieran Rufus some paid tributes successful messages connected societal media 

'For a clip was my CB partner astatine Croydon FC and a beautiful feline who I tin only opportunity bully things about.

'RIP my bro and my bosom goes retired to his family.'

Croydon hit Meridan FC successful nan London Senior Trophy astatine nan weekend, to which Rufus added aft nan match: 'That triumph and that cleanable expanse were for Ollie today.'


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