Ex-con who dragged woman’s body in sleeping bag threatened to ‘shoot’ victim days before killing: prosectors

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The accused slayer who dumped nan assemblage of a 31-year-old Manhattan woman successful a sidewalk trash heap threatened to “shoot” his unfortunate conscionable days earlier nan murder, prosecutors revealed astatine his arraignment Thursday.

Chad Irish, 55, was remanded connected execution charges for nan grisly sidesplitting of Yazmeen Williams, who prosecutors opportunity was threatened by nan ex-con 5 days earlier he changeable her successful nan backmost of nan caput wrong his Kips Bay flat connected July 1.

Chad Irish was remanded Thursday astatine his arraignment for allegedly sidesplitting 31-year-old Yazmeen Williams wrong his Kips Bay apartment. Robert Miller

“[He stated] to his unfortunate he is going to sprout her,” Assistant District Attorney Tricia Phillips said successful Manhattan Criminal Court.

Prosecutors said that cops recovered 3 different caliber bullets recovered wrong Irish’s location successful nan Straus Houses, a NYCHA complex, wherever an angry mob swarmed and attacked him arsenic he was being escorted connected a stretcher by cops earlier this week.

Yazmeen Williams was recovered dormant successful a sleeping bag. Instagram / Yummy Yaz

Irish — an ex-con pinch a lengthy rap expanse — allegedly changeable Williams successful nan caput earlier he brazenly dumped her assemblage connected Third Avenue adjacent East 27th Street connected June 6.

Surveillance video obtained by The Post appears to show Irish pulling a bluish sleeping container connected a dolly, dragging his victim’s remains while riding a motorized wheelchair — which prosecutors confirmed successful court.

Irish past near nan sleeping container among respective achromatic trash bags placed connected nan sidewalk for garbage collection, wherever a foul odor was emitting from nan heap pinch Williams’ assemblage stuffed inside, cops said.

Prosecutors revealed that a female dropped disconnected cleaning supplies to Irish soon aft nan fatal shooting astatine his apartment, handing nan crippled crook a container astatine his doorway earlier leaving, according to a criminal complaint.

Surveillance video captured Chad Irish allegedly dragging Yasmeen Williams’ assemblage connected a Manhattan sidewalk.

It’s unclear whether nan female will look charges.

Irish, who wore a beige situation short-sleeve garment during his tribunal appearance, besides faces a concealment of a quality corpse complaint for hiding Williams’ assemblage for days, prosecutors said.

He was slapped pinch further menacing charges for allegedly threatening different personification pinch a achromatic weapon connected July 8, only a fewer days aft nan killing.

Manhattan prosectors revealed that 3 slug casings were discovered wrong Chad Irish’s apartment. Robert Miller

“The suspect is facing life successful situation connected much than 1 charge,” Phillips said, while reference disconnected Irish’s rap expanse — which includes six felony convictions, 5 of which are for convulsive offenses, and 11 misdemeanor convictions.

Irish’s attorney, Michelle Benoit of nan Legal Aid Society, deferred a bail exertion and asked Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Michelle Weber to get her customer aesculapian attraction and to spot him successful protective custody.

Irish near nan sleeping container pinch Williams wrong among respective achromatic trash bags placed connected nan sidewalk for garbage collection, cops said. Ted Oehmke/X

Williams, who studied criminal justness astatine Buffalo State University, was group to commencement a occupation this week pinch nan city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

Her grief-stricken mother had told The Post that she believed her daughter’s slayer was a friend of hers who uses a wheelchair aft learning astir her death.

“That’s her friend! The man successful nan wheelchair is her friend!” Nicole Williams, Yazmeen’s mom, said. “He’s sewage to be! He knows her from nan neighborhood! Oh my God!”

The judge said that Irish “has a life of criminal history” earlier remanding him connected nan prosecution’s request.

Irish is group to look adjacent successful tribunal connected July 12.

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