EU targets the likes of Temu and Shein with cheap goods crackdown

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Cheap products from China are presently exempt from EU import duties, though FT sources opportunity this could soon change.

The European Commission is preparing to use customs duties connected inexpensive products coming from China, according to 3 sources cited by nan Financial Times.

Under existent rules, equipment nether €150 tin beryllium imported into nan bloc work free from non-EU countries.

For products complete this threshold, nan percent aliases complaint varies depending connected nan type of goods. 

The move, said 1 source, is intended to combat an influx of low-quality products imported from Chinese online marketplaces Temu, AliExpress, and retailer Shein.

2.3 cardinal items beneath nan €150 period were imported into nan EU past year, according to nan Commission. 

Looking astatine each goods, China was nan bloc's largest import supplier past year, accounting for 20.5% of equipment coming into nan EU.

The Commission had been discussing an extremity to nan duty-free exemption arsenic portion of a customs betterment suggested successful May 2023, though immoderate judge this measurement could now beryllium brought forward.

Duties would only beryllium imposed connected retailers shipping to nan EU from extracurricular nan bloc.

This intends that sellers pinch a guidelines successful Europe for illustration Amazon are improbable to beryllium strung.

Some fearfulness that caller customs duties would agelong nan capacity of already overburdened customs officials, while others reason nan crackdown connected inexpensive equipment is important for European safety.

In February, nan Toy Industries of Europe group claimed it bought 19 toys from Temu and complained that nary complied pinch EU standards. It added that 18 presented a sedate consequence for children, though each of these products person since been removed from Temu's EU site.

Complaints astir different inexpensive products interest Chinese cosmetics, electrical appliances, and clothes.

"We are afloat supportive of efforts by lawmakers to betterment nan de minimis provision," a spokesperson for Shein told Reuters.

AliExpress genitor Alibaba, Temu, and nan European Union person not yet commented.

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