Erik ten Hag tells players 'there is no point feeling sorry for ourselves' in rousing comments ahead of Man United's Carabao Cup tie against Newcastle - as he demands backlash from embarrassing 3-0 derby defeat

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  • Man United look Newcastle successful nan Carabao Cup successful a repetition of past season's final
  • United are licking their wounds from a humiliating defeat to their neighbours
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By Chris Wheeler for nan Daily Mail

Published: 18:30 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 18:30 EDT, 31 October 2023

Erik Ten Hag says his players must grip nan unit of being astatine Manchester United arsenic he backed them to rebound from an embarrassing conclusion successful nan Old Trafford derby.

Sunday's 3-0 nonaccomplishment to Manchester City was United's seventh successful 14 games this play and turned up nan power connected Ten Hag again pursuing 3 consecutive wins.

United meet Newcastle successful nan Carabao Cup astatine Old Trafford connected Wednesday successful a repetition of past season's final, and nan Dutchman wants to spot an contiguous consequence from his team.

'At Manchester United, each crippled involves precocious stakes,' Ten Hag wrote successful nan United Review for Wednesday's game.

'Every azygous day, location is unit connected everybody progressive pinch this club, but those demands and standards are a situation which we must ever meet head-on.

Erik Ten Hag says his players must grip nan unit of being astatine Manchester United

Erling Haaland scored doubly arsenic Manchester City ran riot against Man United astatine Old Trafford to wrap up different convincing win

Ten Hag cited United's confidence-boosting victories earlier nan derby, including their important Champions League triumph complete Copenhagen pursuing Andre Onana's precocious punishment save

'While this has not been nan commencement to nan play that we had each hoped for, I americium definite that we person nan talent and cognition arsenic a corporate to move successful nan correct direction. I judge that it is only a matter of clip earlier we are showing our existent selves. It will come, I americium certain.

'I proceed to judge successful these players and americium assured we will amended aft a difficult commencement to nan season.' Ten Hag was criticised complete his strategies successful nan derby, and his players besides came nether occurrence for a limp performance.

'There is nary constituent successful emotion sorry for ourselves astatine this infinitesimal successful time,' he adds.

'Nobody astatine this nine enjoys defeat, peculiarly successful a Manchester derby for illustration past Sunday, but everything we person achieved together truthful acold has been built connected looking forward, which intends we person to move connected quickly from what happens, whether it is affirmative aliases negative.

'We person ne'er spent excessively agelong enjoying our victories, truthful we will not walk excessively overmuch clip reasoning astir our losses. We must ever look forward, together.

'Before nan derby, we won 3 games successful a statement and demonstrated our characteristic connected each occasion, truthful we person developed successful caller weeks.

Man United are nan defending champions aft beating Newcastle successful nan last past season

'We are besides gradually getting immoderate players backmost from injury, which gives america much options and allows america to prime players successful their earthy positions.' United's triumph complete Newcastle successful February ended nan club's six-year hold for a trophy, and Ten Hag has urged his players to return nan opportunity to scope nan quarter-finals by beating Eddie Howe's broadside again.

'Our crippled guidance passim that cup run, particularly successful nan last against Newcastle, showed our expertise to emergence to large occasions - and this is decidedly different large juncture for us.

'We cognize really bully it feels to assistance this trophy and, arsenic holders, we want to get backmost to Wembley Stadium again this play and take sides nan Carabao Cup.

'This is cup shot and location is nary 2nd chance if we don't execute connected nan night.'


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