English-born Swiss star Kwadwo Duah admits his Euro 2024 call-up 'came out of nowhere' but now he's plotting England's downfall... as he names the one Three Lions player he is shocked has not played more in Germany

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  • Kwadwo Duah was calved successful England but is playing for Switzerland astatine Euro 2024
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By Aadam Patel

Published: 07:08 EDT, 3 July 2024 | Updated: 07:08 EDT, 3 July 2024

The first English-born subordinate to people astatine nan Euro 2024 plays for Switzerland, who return connected England for a spot successful nan semi-finals connected Saturday.

When Kwadwo Duah netted against Hungary connected nan 2nd time of nan tournament, it was only his 2nd changeable for Switzerland and conscionable his 2nd world match.

For nan striker, who spent nan early years of his life successful Islington and now plays his shot successful Bulgaria, it was rather nan infinitesimal little than an hr into his world career.

Growing up arsenic a Chelsea fan, Duah said his idol is Didier Drogba and it was a extremity that nan erstwhile Chelsea striker would person enjoyed arsenic nan 27-year-old utilized his gait to get successful down earlier a composed finish.

At Switzerland’s guidelines connected nan outskirts of Stuttgart connected Wednesday, Duah revealed that nan domiciled of different Chelsea subordinate successful England’s squad has amazed him, pinch Cole Palmer constricted to conscionable 2 appearances disconnected nan bench, contempt a Premier League run wherever he scored 22 goals and sewage 11 assists.

Kwadwo Duah was calved successful England but plays for Switzerland and scored successful their opening crippled of nan tournament

He's admitted his call-up 'came retired of nowhere' but now he's plotting England's downfall

Duah - who grew up a Chelsea instrumentality - is shocked Cole Palmer has now played much for England

Gareth Southgate has immoderate action headaches up of this play aft watching his broadside underperform astatine nan Euros truthful far

‘Cole Palmer has had a very bully play and I’m reasoning why is he not playing because his stats were cleanable successful nan Premier League,’ said Duah.

Yet contempt his English links, Duah denied that he felt immoderate affectional relationship towards Gareth Southgate’s broadside and warned that it would beryllium foolish for England to underestimate Switzerland, moreover though they person ne'er reached a semi-final astatine a awesome tournament.

‘They (England) will person watched our crippled against Italy and we were beautiful bully truthful I don’t deliberation they will (underestimate us). We want to show what we tin do,’ Duah insisted.

He is fluent successful astatine slightest 4 languages and was a daze inclusion successful nan Switzerland squad, fixed nan truth that he plays for Ludogorets Razgrad successful Bulgaria.

Duah turned down an attack from Ghana successful 2022 and was highlighted by Giorgio Contini, nan Swiss adjunct coach who was a striker himself.

After keeping a watchful eye, head Murat Yakin picked him successful nan 26-man squad successful May, pinch moreover Duah admitting that ‘it came retired of nowhere.’

And Ghana’s nonaccomplishment is turning retired to beryllium Switzerland’s gain, pinch Duah playing successful 3 of Switzerland’s 4 games successful Germany

‘I was calved successful London but we don’t person family location anymore,’ revealed Duah. ‘My mum and dada were successful Ghana but they had an opportunity to spell to England because it offered a amended life. Then they sewage an moreover amended opportunity to travel to Switzerland, erstwhile I was two, truthful they took it,’ he added.

And though Duah is apt to commencement connected nan bench, fixed his versatility up front, he is expected to characteristic astatine immoderate constituent successful Düsseldorf.

But earlier that, he will hole by reference comic books. ‘It’s an different hobby but it calms maine down. I for illustration to publication them connected nan squad bus,’ said Duah, a fewer years ago.

Asked again connected Wednesday, Duah responded: ‘I’m a very large instrumentality of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and stuff.'

Time to spot past if he tin usage fabrication to make Swiss dreams a reality.

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