England coach Matthew Mott responds to criticism from Eoin Morgan after former captain accused senior figures of 'shirking responsibility' during disastrous World Cup defence in India

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By Lawrence Booth

Published: 07:02 EDT, 23 May 2024 | Updated: 07:02 EDT, 23 May 2024

England white-ball coach Matthew Mott has dismissed disapproval from erstwhile World Cup-winning skipper Eoin Morgan, saying only those wrong nan dressing-room ‘understand what’s going on’.

Morgan accused Mott and different elder figures successful nan one-day broadside of ‘shirking responsibility’ erstwhile adjunct coach Carl Hopkinson was sent retired to reside nan media up of England’s crippled against nan Netherlands towards nan extremity of their disastrous defence of nan 50-over title successful India successful November.

And he described England arsenic a ‘sinking ship’ successful a tourney successful which they won only 3 of their 9 matches. In private, Morgan was besides captious of nan management’s messaging - a constituent Mott has apparently conceded by rehiring David Young, nan caput of sports psychology astatine Manchester City who played a domiciled successful England’s turnaround during nan 2019 World Cup they ended up winning.

Mott, who is preparing for his side’s defence of nan T20 title successful nan Caribbean adjacent month, said Morgan was entitled to his opinion, but questioned nan relevance of his perspective.

‘He was critical, but family and friends sewage much upset astir it than I did,’ said Mott. ‘Initially, of course, you return it a spot personally, but he’s location to person an opinion, and his sentiment is really nary of my business. If he feels powerfully astir something, that’s for him. I ever respect Morgs and his opinion.

Matthew Mott has responded to criticisms from erstwhile England skipper Eoin Morgan

Morgan suggested nan England coaching unit were 'shirking responsibility' aft sending Carl Hopkinson to reside nan media astatine nan World Cup

‘All I’ll opportunity is that only nan group wrong nan dressing-room tin afloat understand what’s going on. Once you time off nan dressing-room, you mightiness perceive titbits of stuff, but you don’t really cognize really nan team’s operating.’

Morgan, whose reign arsenic England skipper ended soon aft Mott took complaint successful 2022, will beryllium moving for nan ICC commentary squad successful nan West Indies during nan World Cup, pinch their sum utilized by Sky Sports.

Mott was speaking aft nan first of England’s 4 T20s against Pakistan was washed retired astatine Headingley, depriving his broadside of 25 per cent of their match-time mentation up of their World Cup opener against Scotland successful Barbados connected June 4.

And he revealed that Young had been brought successful to thief guarantee ‘my messages are clear’ aft England grew ‘insular’ and tried to ‘problem lick ourselves’ during nan World Cup successful India.

Young, who has a consultancy statement pinch nan ECB to activity pinch England’s white-ball teams, was credited pinch changing nan mindset of Morgan’s broadside astatine nan debased constituent of their 2019 campaign.

 With England needing to triumph their past 4 matches to triumph nan trophy, he urged nan players to definitive their concerns and vulnerabilities. Almost to a man, they said nan acquisition had lifted a weight from their shoulders.

‘One of nan much breathtaking things we’ve done is get David Young connected board,’ said Mott. ‘He’s antecedently been pinch nan squad and he’s already been a awesome state successful messages backmost to me, making judge my messages are clear. It’s ever bully to person personification who’s a small spot removed from nan squad to make judge you’re landing your messages.’

Mott said that nan request for greater clarity, mentioned by skipper Jos Buttler connected Tuesday, was each astir ‘making judge nan players are staying existent to their champion game’.

Morgan captained nan England broadside that won nan 2019 World Cup connected location ungraded successful melodramatic circumstances

Mott's England broadside are bidding to take sides their T20I World Cup title successful nan Caribbean this summer

He added: ‘My style of coaching has ever been much of a cooperative approach: conscionable support asking nan questions connected what does their crippled look for illustration astatine its champion and if they’re veering distant from that, to resistance them backmost connected track.

‘We consciousness for illustration it’s clip to get nan mojo backmost and spell retired and really definitive ourselves arsenic a team. I deliberation T20, arsenic opposed to ODI, is truthful overmuch clearer successful nan measurement nan players tin attack it.’

England expect to beryllium without Liam Livingstone and Mark Wood, who are some recovering from knee niggles, for Saturday’s 2nd crippled astatine Edgbaston, but scheme to section some successful nan 2nd half of nan bid astatine Cardiff and The Oval.

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