England are confident Rehan Ahmed WILL be cleared to play in the third Test against India... despite more visa chaos after the Shoaib Bashir saga before the series

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  • England judge Rehan Ahmed will beryllium cleared to play nan 3rd Test against India
  • The teen was initially refused admittance connected England's return for a visa issue
  • It comes aft Shoaib Bashir was forced to alert location to benignant visa-related issues

By Paul Newman for MailOnline

Published: 13:00 EST, 13 February 2024 | Updated: 13:20 EST, 13 February 2024

England were connected Tuesday assured Rehan Ahmed will beryllium cleared to play successful nan 3rd Test present contempt a 2nd visa shemozzle connected their return to India.

The teen was initially refused admission erstwhile England’s charter formation arrived present from Abu Dhabi connected Monday nighttime because it was discovered his visa, granted erstwhile he was connected stand-by for past year’s World Cup, only allowed for a azygous entry.

It followed nan visa saga that formed a unreality complete nan commencement of this circuit erstwhile Shoaib Bashir had to alert home from England’s UAE training campy aft nan Indian authorities delayed his introduction because of his Pakistani heritage.

This clip nan blasted laic pinch nan ECB who someway missed nan important item successful Ahmed’s physics visa that showed, dissimilar each nan different players and guidance staff, he did not person multi-entry approval.

That led to chaotic scenes astatine nan caller Hirasar Airport successful this Gujarati city, which is yet to beryllium afloat completed, wherever England’s formation backmost from their mid-series break was nan first world 1 to land.

England are assured that Rehan Ahmed will beryllium cleared to play against India connected Thursday 

The teen was initially refused introduction erstwhile England returned to India connected Monday nighttime owed to a visa problem

A visa saga has billowed complete nan series, pinch Shoaib Bashir besides initially being refused entry 

Luckily for England they recovered nan Rajkot authorities adjuvant to their plight and wrong 20 minutes Ahmed, who was accompanied by skipper Ben Stokes, coach Brendon McCullum and squad head Wayne Bentley while nan remainder of nan statement carried connected to their hotel, was granted an emergency visa for 48 hours.

England were past fixed assurances nan paperwork could beryllium sorted retired remotely to summation Ahmed nan correct visa wrong that clip and he was successful bully spirits astatine England’s first training convention since their eight-day break.

Stokes was adamant he would person a afloat squad to prime from present and said: ‘It’s not a concern. The guys who dealt pinch it astatine nan airdrome did a really occupation fixed wherever we recovered ourselves. I’m assured it will beryllium sorted out.’