Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade, 27, gets emotional talking to her sibling Stevie, 21, about their childhood and new relationship

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By Chikamso Chukwuenyem For Mailonline

Published: 13:03 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 13:19 EDT, 1 November 2023

Eminem's girl Hailie grew affectional talking to her related Stevie, 21, astir their puerility and caller narration connected her podcast Just A Little Shady.

Hailie, 27, was discussing Stevie's commencement and fellow connected play two, section 11 of nan show.

Stevie is gender fluid and uses they/them, he/him, and she/her pronouns, pinch a penchant for nan erstwhile two.

Hailie chooses to usage she/her for Stevie, and titled nan section 'Catching Up pinch my Little Sister STEVIE!'

Stevie is nan biologic kid of nan rapper's ex-wife Kim Scott - who was precocious seen for nan first clip successful 4 years - and was adopted by Eminem successful 2005.

Bonding: Eminem's girl Hailie sewage affectional talking to related Stevie astir their puerility and caller narration connected her podcast Just A Little Shady

Romance: Stevie, 22, (left) pictured pinch their fellow of 2 years Jace, 22, successful July 2022

On nan show, Stevie mostly said astir their semipermanent fellow Jace, 22, whom they started making love astir nan clip they revealed they were gender fluid.

Discussing their caller relationship, Stevie said: 'He moved successful pinch maine past year, for illustration December. It's going really well, we've been together for illustration 2 years now.

'It's a beautiful difficult point but it's a batch easier and it's worthy it erstwhile you get to unrecorded together and really acquisition those things.'

Before that, nan brace were successful a long-distance narration 'for a while' which sister Hailie said she recovered 'crazy'.

Stevie explained: 'It's hard, but I consciousness for illustration if you really person a relationship pinch personification it tin work, particularly if you make clip for it to work.'

The emotions really started to travel retired erstwhile Hailie started discussing Stevie's commencement and childhood.

'I was truthful happy to person a small sister,' she said, adding: 'Oh my God, americium I going to get affectional – I'm old!

'But – I don't cognize – we ever talked astir really we loved babies and stuff, truthful erstwhile I was calved I was for illustration "a baby, for me!"

Moving onto Stevie's later years, Hailie shared: 'I conscionable retrieve for illustration – I don't cognize – I consciousness for illustration you were truthful unfazed increasing up.'

Stevie besides opened up astir their hobbies, revealing that they publication to kindergarten (reception) children and unpaid astatine an animal shelter. 

Family: Eminem adopted Stevie successful 2005 aft he and woman Kim Scott reconciled. The mates sewage joined successful 2006 but divided again earlier nan twelvemonth was complete (pictured successful 1999) 

Adorable: Hailie said astir her excitement to invited a younger related (Stevie is pictured successful their childhood) 

Back successful 2021, Stevie revealed that Eminem lied astir being their biologic father. 

In a now-deleted TikTok video, Stevie wrote that they were told Eminem was not their existent dada and that they were adopted.

Stevie confronted Eminem and he responded: 'I americium your existent dad.'

Stevie past claimed they were sent 'an article of my biologic dads decease [sic],' which they showed to their grandmother, who said: 'I'm sorry they wouldn't show you astir him.' 

Their biologic begetter is Eric Hartter, but erstwhile Kim and Eminem sewage backmost together successful 2005 nan rapper, whose existent sanction is Marshall Mathers, adopted Stevie arsenic his own. The mates remarried successful 2006 but were divided again by nan extremity of nan year. 

Hartter died successful August 2019 from a cocaine and fentanyl overdose successful an abandoned location successful Detroit, Michigan pursuing years of supplier addiction. 

Breaking nan news: Back successful 2021, Stevie revealed that Eminem lied astir being their biologic begetter and they only learnt nan truth aft confronting their begetter astir it 

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