EMILY PRESCOTT: Now Queen Camilla's favourite jeweller adds its sparkle to Royal houses

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By Emily Prescott

Published: 20:41 EDT, 4 November 2023 | Updated: 20:46 EDT, 4 November 2023

It is Camilla’s favourite jewellery brand, pinch nan Queen often seen sporting their quirky brooches aliases elegant bracelets. And now her emotion of Van Cleef & Arpels has been repaid pinch nan institution making a generous aid to 1 of her husband’s favourite projects.

Under a caller deal, nan high-end Paris-based marque will thief salary for nan upkeep of nan gardens astatine Dumfries House, nan Scottish stately location nan King saved for nan nation.

Part of nan five-acre walled plot location will now beryllium renamed nan Van Cleef & Arpels Rose Garden successful honour of their support, which besides extends to looking aft nan woodland, hedgerows and borders.

Gardens astatine nan Castle of Mey successful Caithness and Highgrove successful Gloucestershire will besides person backing from nan 108-year-old firm.

The Castle of Mey, a favourite retreat for nan Royal couple, was primitively bought by nan Queen Mother and is, for illustration Dumfries House, looked aft by nan King’s charitable Prince’s Foundation. Meanwhile, nan mates lease Highgrove from nan Duchy of Cornwall, controlled by Prince William, arsenic a backstage residence.

Queen Camilla looks astatine floral displays during a sojourn to nan Sandringham Flower Show successful July

The Queen is often seen sporting a Van Cleef & Arpels' unique bluish agate and 18-carat yellowish golden bracelet, which costs £4,250

The Queen is often seen sporting Van Cleef & Arpels, including a unique bluish agate and 18-carat yellowish golden bracelet she wore astatine nan Sandringham Flower Show successful June.

She wore nan aforesaid portion – which costs £4,250 – astatine a Buckingham Palace reception successful 2022. She has variously worn their brooches successful nan style of a ballerina, dragonflies and flowers, and donned a greenish Alhambra necklace pinch matching earrings astatine a kindness arena successful 2017.

Nicolas Bos, main executive of Van Cleef & Arpels – which has besides been celebrated pinch awesome style icons specified arsenic Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor – said nan company’s backing will guarantee nan gardens astatine Dumfries ‘continue to beryllium a valuable and accessible plus for section communities and visitors alike’.

And he said that arsenic a marque often inspired by nature, ‘we cannot praise nan beauty of plants and animals without paying attraction to its preservation’.

I’m judge nan green-fingered King would wholeheartedly agree.

She whitethorn beryllium 1 of nan top singers of each clip but don’t expect to spot Eurythmics prima Annie Lennox, 68, playing nan Glastonbury Legends slot soon. Her philharmonic partner Dave Stewart, 71, near pinch Lennox, admits she will ne'er deed nan roadworthy again. ‘Annie hates touring,’ he said astatine nan premiere of The Time Traveller’s Wife past week. ‘She doesn’t mind going retired and singing 2 aliases 3 songs, but touring... it’s gruelling. We’ve turned down aggregate tours.’

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