Elon Musk confirms Tesla Cybertruck deliveries have been delayed due to potentially fatal fault: 'We are just being very cautious'

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Elon Musk has yet acknowledged that Cybertruck deliveries person been paused owed to instrumentality issues - days aft customers received shipment cancellations.

The region followed reports of nan accelerator pedal becoming stuck aft its screen slipped off, sending vehicles to apical speeds successful a matter of seconds.

The billionaire made a connection connected X, commenting connected a station astir nan matter: 'There were nary injuries aliases accidents because of this. We are conscionable being very cautious.'

However, Musk had not provided erstwhile Cybertruck deliveries will restart - galore customers person been told 'two weeks astatine best' aliases thing astatine all. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed a Cybertruck transportation pause, but proprietor reports look to contradict his declare that location person been nary accidents because of nan accelerator problem.

Cybertruck owners person reported their steering wholly locking up, sometimes erstwhile they've conscionable driven nan conveyance disconnected nan lot.

One of nan much vulnerable problems identified by Cybertruck owners and commentators is nan accelerator pedal cover, which tin gaffe disconnected and instrumentality nan pedal down.

While Musk claimed location were now accidents owed to nan issue, , a Cybertruck proprietor reported they crashed into a rod mid-corner on April 4 erstwhile nan car refused to slow down.

Leading up to Musk's acknowledgment, nan Cybertruck Owners Club online connection boards person been afloat of group complaining that they person nary thought erstwhile their EVs will arrive, arsenic good arsenic speculating astir nan reasons.

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It could lead to passengers' fingers being chopped disconnected - and it's been named nan 'guillotine effect.'

The $80,000 motortruck - which has been plagued by manufacturing issues - does not characteristic anti-pinch sensors for illustration Tesla's ain Model X and rival electrical trucks for illustration Ford's F-150 Lightning. 

These complaints are happening astatine nan aforesaid clip that buyers and Tesla insiders person raised alarms astir build problems for illustration body sheet rust, arsenic good arsenic different information issues, including steering lockups, and doors that could portion fingers off.

DailyMail.com has reached retired to Tesla for comment. 

The company's existent problems spell beyond nan Cybertruck, arsenic Tesla announced this week that it plans to lay disconnected much than 10 percent of its world staff - astir 14,000 workers. 

On Wednesday evening, a Cybertruck Owners Club personnel posted that they had gone to a Tesla dealership successful Southern California to get immoderate accusation connected wherever their motortruck was. 

'It did time off Texas but is now sitting successful immoderate impermanent retention installation is San Diego during this transportation delay,' wrote nan customer, who goes by Pstryker connected nan forum.

'The feline who helped maine was very adjuvant and showed maine each nan info he could see,' Pstryker wrote. 'One spot of info he shared from what he had been told was nan transportation hold is presently slated to tally until April 23.'

Other forum members posted astir transportation delays, too, immoderate expressing vexation astatine nan company's deficiency of connection pinch its customers. 

'I don’t understand why Tesla has to support each small point a secret. Why induce truthful overmuch unnecessary speculation?' wrote a forum personification who goes by AnthonyJ.

The impatient customer added that nan section dealership didn't moreover cognize location was a transportation hold until he brought it up to them.

This informing surface came up connected 1 Cybertruck owner's show aft nan vehicle's steering locked up.

A Tesla Cybertruck is displayed astatine nan SAE WCX convention successful Detroit, Michigan, today. Tesla is readying to laic disconnected much than 10 percent of its labor arsenic nan institution continues to spot a alteration successful sales, which began earlier this year.

He was past told that a two-week hold is simply a 'best case' scenario.

'I’m spending $100k and I merit to cognize why my motortruck is delayed, and erstwhile to hole for it,' he wrote. 

In 2024, immoderate Tesla customers person received matter messages from nan institution (above) saying it is cancelling their Cybertruck 'delivery appointment' owed to an 'unexpected delay' arsenic nan patient waits for Cybertruck replacement parts to travel in.

Stalled accumulation could beryllium to blame, arsenic caller national drone footage obtained by DailyMail.com revealed hundreds of unfinished Cybertrucks sitting outdoors astatine nan company's Giga Factory extracurricular of Austin, Texas.

And impatient Cybertruck owners person received indirect confirmation that immoderate manufacturing aliases parts rumor is to blame. 

While location has been nary charismatic announcement from Tesla, respective customers person posted matter messages they person received from nan institution cancelling their Cybertruck 'delivery appointment' owed to an unexplained and 'unexpected delay' regarding mentation of their vehicle.

Tesla cited an unspecified parts issue, according to these texts to customers, which could subordinate to Cybertruck's accelerator pedal covers.

Approximately 600 Cybertrucks were shown successful national drone footage, extracurricular nan company's mill successful Texas. Production seems stalled by parts issues.

A surgery down Cybertruck gets loaded onto a flatbed towtruck. Because nan conveyance can't beryllium shifted into neutral erstwhile it's mislaid power, it has to beryllium winched up.

'It appears they request astatine slightest until April 20th to correct nan issue, but it could beryllium perchance longer than that,' a Tesla typical texted 1 customer, Max Pyko of Birmingham, Alabama.

'Tesla is moving connected getting improved parts to each affected locations asap,' nan company's matter connection continued.

Cybertruck Owners Club personnel DarickHemphill posted this screenshot connected Monday, April 15.

In nan caller post, Pstryker specified that they had already paid Tesla successful full, and activated an automotive security policy. 

'The transportation model came and went, zero connection from them, not moreover a text, truthful I went to nan dealership to ask,' nan disappointment customer wrote.

'They had nary problem accepting my wire,' wrote different personification who goes by Cyber_P, who besides claimed to person paid Tesla for a Cybertruck that has not arrived.

'And now I'm conscionable wholly successful nan acheronian while they make liking connected my 100k,' they added.

On Monday, different Cybertruck Owners Club personnel who claimed to person already paid for his undelivered conveyance posted a screenshot of a connection pinch a Tesla rep.

'Any connection connected revised transportation date?' personification DarickHemphill messages Tesla connected Sunday. After receiving nary reply, he messaged nan adjacent opportunity to say, 'I cognize you are slammed. Any word?'

His transportation was reportedly expected to hap connected Saturday, April 13, astatine 2:30pm. On Friday astatine 6:00pm, he received a telephone from Tesla saying that his transportation was canceled because of 'a problem pinch nan accelerator.'

The Tesla rep replied, 'We do not person a clear guidance conscionable yet but transportation will not beryllium until aft April 20th. We will supply updates arsenic soon arsenic possible!'

In each lawsuit wherever eager customers sewage a reply from Tesla, they were only told nan soonest their conveyance would beryllium delivered. Never were they told erstwhile their Cybertrucks would beryllium delivered by.

Like different customers, DarickHemphill claimed to person already paid complete $100,000 for nan undelivered truck. 

'I was truthful excited to yet get my cyber truck,' he wrote. 'Now conscionable surgery hearted.'

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