Eliza and Liberty left furious over their reserve on The Block ahead of auction day: 'There's just no chance in hell we're winning'

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By A. James For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 22:01 EDT, 2 November 2023 | Updated: 22:01 EDT, 2 November 2023

The Block's 5 homes successful Melbourne's Hampton East will spell nether nan hammer this weekend. 

And Blockheads Eliza and Liberty person declared they won't beryllium stepping distant pinch nan large money connected auction day.

The brace are furious because they are convinced nan reserve value connected their property, House 5, has been group excessively high.

'There's conscionable nary chance successful hellhole we're winning,' Eliza said connected Friday.

'Because it's conscionable unrealistically high. And successful comparison to nan others. Like they [the different contestants] should each beryllium really happy.'

Eliza made nan comments during an quality connected KIIS 101.1’s Jase & Lauren.

Liberty, who joined Eliza for nan power interview, teased that she expected Steph and Gian to win.

'Yeah. But look, Steph and Gian person astir 657 buyers connected their house. They’re specified hustlers. 

'But yeah, I mean they really really merit it because they hustle. We conscionable don't,' she said.

Teasing astatine nan pair's conflict pinch Kristy and Brett each season, Liberty added that nan pals would not beryllium happy if 'some of nan different houses won'.

Eliza and Liberty (both pictured) person declared they won't beryllium stepping distant pinch nan large money connected Block auction time this play because nan reserve value connected their location was excessively high

Liberty and Eliza said they expected Steph and Gian to triumph (both pictured)

However, Eliza interrupted and sounded arsenic if she was now prepared to group speech immoderate aged issues nan brace mightiness person pinch nan different Blockheads.

'No we wouldn’t beryllium huffy [if nan others won]. Can I conscionable say, I’ve turned complete a caller leaf. I can’t springiness thing distant but there's been a moment,' Eliza said.

Reserve prices for nan auction will beryllium kept concealed conscionable earlier bidding begins.

But nan trading value connected Eliza and Liberty's House 5 has been advertised arsenic $2,800,000 - $3,000,000, which is nan marketplace worth for akin properties.

Liberty and Eliza teased that they person group speech their long-running feud pinch Kristy and Brett

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