Eddie Jones claims 'unemotional' Owen Farrell doesn't get the praise he deserves because of his personality... as former Wallabies coach praises England captain as a rugby 'colossus'

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Eddie Jones believes England skipper Owen Farrell is simply a 'colossus' successful world rugby and his position wrong nan crippled is underappreciated because of his personality.

The Australian, who coached nan fly-half for 7 years while successful complaint of England, suggested nan 32-year-old whitethorn ne'er get nan nickname he deserves because of his perceived 'rigid' nature.

'When you look astatine what Owen Farrell has done wrong nan game, he’s won each trophy location is to triumph different than nan World Cup, and he’s been to nan last of that,' Jones, who resigned arsenic Wallabies coach pursuing a disastrous Rugby World Cup connected Sunday, told William Hill’s podcast Up Front pinch Simon Jordan.

'He’s nan highest constituent scorer successful nan history of England rugby and he’s been a colossus successful nan game.

'Because he tin beryllium seen arsenic rather an unemotional and rigid player, he doesn’t get nan praise that he should get.'

Eddie Jones believes England skipper Owen Farrell is simply a 'colossus' successful world rugby and his position wrong nan crippled is underappreciated

The Australian worked pinch Farrell for 7 years while England coach 

But Jones, who coached England to nan 2019 Rugby World Cup last against South Africa, revealed down nan scenes Farrell is acold much affectional than his nationalist image suggests. 

'The astir affectional I person seen him was aft nan World Cup semi-final successful 2019 erstwhile he said, "I americium truthful proud to beryllium English",' he explained.

'You could really consciousness his passion and his pridefulness and you don’t often get that pinch him. I deliberation he gets a spot of a difficult clip for that. I 100 percent deliberation that location is simply a deficiency of appreciation for him.'

Farrell was booed by England fans during nan squad announcements up of nan Rugby World Cup quarter-final against Fiji 2 weeks ago, prompting a scathing riposte from England onslaught coach Richard Wigglesworth.

‘We are fortunate to person him,' Wigglesworth, who played pinch Farrell astatine Saracens, said.

'He has proven clip and clip and clip again, and I don’t understand why successful England we consciousness nan request to not observe that.'

Farrell said glowingly of Jones erstwhile the Australian was sacked by nan RFU past December aft only 5 wins from 12 Tests successful 2022.

'Eddie had been a large portion of England rugby for a agelong clip and he has been 1 of nan champion coaches I person ever had so, for that, I’m massively thankful,' he said.

Jones revealed Farrell is acold much affectional down nan scenes than his controlled nationalist persona would suggest 

‘We are disappointed it’s vanished early. We beryllium a batch to him. I person been astir for a while and not been astir excessively galore changes. It’s not pleasant.

'I don’t deliberation it’s travel from nan players. There is evidently worldly we each want to amended successful position of results and arsenic players you look astatine yourself.’

In January past year, Jones endorsed Farrell arsenic 'the correct guy' to lead England successful nan Six Nations contempt being sidelined for nan erstwhile 2 months.

But contempt heaping praise connected nan Saracens star, Jones told Jordan that Dylan Hartley made for a amended skipper disconnected nan section during his England tenure. 

'Dylan Hartley was my first England skipper because he was what nan squad needed astatine that time,' he said. 

'They needed to travel retired of themselves because they’d been done a reliable play and they’d turned into a very respectful and bully team. 

'They needed Dylan to travel successful and springiness nan squad a spot of life, which he did.

'Owen Farrell came successful disconnected nan backmost of that and he was overmuch much superior and tough. He was superb connected nan field, but disconnected nan section he wasn’t rather arsenic bully arsenic Dylan.'

Jones, meanwhile, has been slammed for his language aft resigning arsenic Australia caput coach little than 12 months into a five-year deal.

Jones discontinue nan Wallabies connected Sunday, little than 12 months into a five-year deal 

On quitting nan Wallabies on Sunday, Jones told The Sydney Morning Herald: ‘I gave it a run. Sometimes you person to eat s*** for others to eat caviar further down nan track.’

‘What a pathetic point to say,’ MailSport columnist and England’s 2003 World Cup-winning coach Sir Clive Woodward said of Jones’ nationalist comments erstwhile confirming his Australia departure. 

'Every Australian I person spoken pinch is conscionable shaking their caput complete nan full situation. But this outburst and particularly Jones’ connection has conscionable poured lipid connected nan flames.

‘It is really embarrassing for Rugby Australia and I would beryllium very amazed if nan Japanese Rugby Union would let aliases condone this type of behaviour.'

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