Dwight Yorke claims Rasmus Hojlund is a 'stroll in the PARK' to play against and 'nowhere near the level' of Man United's great strikers… but what does he rate his season out of 10?

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Dwight Yorke has claimed Rasmus Hojlund is easy for defenders to play against, branding his play style a 'stroll successful nan park' to face. 

Yorke, who won nan Treble pinch Manchester United successful 1998-99, thinks nan youngster is struggling to emulate nan club's contented of fearsome number nines. 

However, he besides has sympathy for nan Dane, whose debut play has brought 16 goals contempt him joining nan worst squad Old Trafford has seen successful nan Premier League era. 

'The fearfulness of playing against Rooney, Van Nistelrooy, Yorke, Cole, Mark Hughes [is gone]. And now you've sewage Rasmus. It's obscurity adjacent nan level,' Yorke told Mail Sport connected behalf of Crypto Casino, ahead of United's FA Cup last against Manchester City.  

'As a defender, you're like: "This is going to beryllium a stroll successful nan parkland coming to Old Trafford". That's ne'er been nan case. We utilized to beryllium a nightmare to take sides against pinch Rooney and Ronaldo, nan attackers we had.

Dwight Yorke has claimed that Rasmus Hojlund is simply a 'stroll successful nan park' to play against

Hojlund has scored 16 goals successful his debut play astatine Manchester United aft joining for £72m

'He's comparatively unknown. He comes into nan Premier League and I'd ne'er heard of him, didn't cognize wherever he came from before.' 

Joining United successful Hojlund's circumstances was ever going to beryllium challenging. 

The striker, 21, was saddled pinch a £72million transportation interest when he joined from Atalanta past summertime - almost arsenic overmuch arsenic Chelsea spent connected Cole Palmer and Nicolas Jackson combined.

That ballot of assurance trailed a play wherever he scored 10 goals successful 34 outings, a decent return for a youngster's debut Serie A season. 

But Yorke and Ruud van Nistelrooy had aggregate prolific seasons nether their belts erstwhile they arrived astatine Carrington. Forward signings since Sir Alex Ferguson near person included Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Edinson Cavani, Alexis Sanchez, and Romelu Lukaku. 

With Marcus Rashford coming disconnected nan backmost of a 30-goal season, nan thought was ne'er for Hojlund to wholly enarthrosis nan load of United's goalscoring needs. 

He has scored doubly disconnected nan chair successful his past 2 games and a extremity successful nan FA Cup last would thief him to decorativeness nan twelvemonth connected a high. 

'At 21 he's coming into a squad that's really struggling and not playing bully football, truthful I consciousness for him successful that sense,' Yorke said. 

'In position of his wide play, his effect successful nan game, being a defenders' nightmare, it's very difficult for a kid.

It should beryllium noted that Hojlund only had 1 play astatine nan apical level earlier joining United 

Yorke was portion of nan United squad that won nan Treble nether Sir Alex Ferguson successful 1999

'I'd springiness his play a 5 retired of 10 - and that's maine being generous. 

'He had a spot of luck to people nan goals he managed to score, and that's fantastic, I'm happy for him.

'I'm very undecided. I want to springiness him nan use of nan doubt. I will spot if there's immoderate advancement adjacent season. 

'This is simply a apical club. This is nary Mickey Mouse club. This is simply a due shot club. Right now from what I've seen, he's not wherever a Man United number 9 should be.'

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has acknowledged that turning astir nan Man United ace tanker will return clip and patience. 

'Quite often successful shot group conscionable get nan cheque book retired and they deliberation it's each going to beryllium solved successful nan summertime transportation window,' he told Bloomberg Television.

'That's proven galore often to not extremity well. (Turning United around) will return america 2 aliases 3 seasons.'

Sir Jim Ratcliffe is consenting to return a agelong position pinch United but is besides obsessed pinch precocious performance 

Putting nan semipermanent wellness of Manchester United is seemingly a privilege for Ratcliffe, a lifelong fan.

Yet that doesn't mean anyone tin freewheel. This is an uber-successful INEOS billionaire pinch a 'zero tolerance for bull****'. Hojlund is 1 of conscionable 3 players reportedly safe from a occurrence waste this summer, but he will request to show he tin present titles.

So, really tin he improve? Yorke thinks he needs to accommodate his style of play. A caller study claimed immoderate players are avoiding passing to him owed to a deficiency of confidence. Supply has been an issue. 

'As a striker you tin request nan shot and get clasp of it,' said Yorke. 

'You've sewage to thatch him these roles, really to play. Playing pinch your backmost to extremity is astir apt nan hardest position successful football, truthful you've sewage to play broadside connected aliases travel disconnected defenders and person balls. 

'He seems to walk a batch of clip connected his back, wrestling against players. You've sewage to beryllium cleverer. 

'When you're playing arsenic a nine, you've sewage to beryllium clever pinch your tally and movements and really you tin con defenders - not get into a wrestling lucifer each clip he plays. For maine that's nan rumor pinch him. 

Hojlund is getting into excessively galore beingness battles must con defenders better, Yorke believes

'But he's very young and very naive that he can't do those things. If personification is not school him those things, past really is he going to study and progress? But we person a striker coach (Benni McCarthy)! 

'That's what they're location for. To return 10 minutes aft training to instrumentality those ideas, really to make runs and get nan players who are expected to proviso him to walk nan shot erstwhile he makes those runs and effort to play him in.

'It takes 10, 15 minutes, conscionable a reminder. But I don't spot that. That's what we did arsenic strikers to get amended successful our position.'

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