Dustin Johnson's LIV Golf team 4 Aces is embroiled in legal drama with the University of Alabama

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  • The schoolhouse revenge an guidance to a trademark exertion made by nan play team 
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By Jake Fenner

Published: 16:08 EDT, 11 July 2024 | Updated: 16:24 EDT, 11 July 2024

The University of Alabama has revenge an guidance to a trademark exertion being sought by LIV Golf's '4 Aces' team.

According to sports rule lawyer John Nucci, nan schoolhouse is arguing that 'The 4 Aces creation contains nan "same literal element" arsenic Alabama's.'

The filing adds that nan style of nan lettering for nan 4 Aces 'is visually akin and creates a commercialized belief akin to' nan Alabama design.

DailyMail.com has reached retired to some LIV Golf and nan University of Alabama for remark connected this matter.

The 4 Aces squad is helmed by skipper Dustin Johnson and features Pat Perez, Patrick Reed, and Harold Varner III.

Dustin Johnson's '4 Aces' play squad could look a ineligible situation complete their missive 'A' logo

The University of Alabama (R) revenge an guidance to nan play team's trademark application

This is not nan first clip that LIV Golf has been deed pinch trademark challenges.

Last year, Cool Brands Supply - nan Argentine institution who owns nan intelligence spot authorities to Fallen Footwear - sued Phil Mickelson's HyFlyers GC.

The institution asserted that Mickelson's HyFlyers logo was 'nearly identical' to nan 20-year-old trademarked logo from nan footwear brand.

Eventually, Mickelson's squad altered their logo successful December of 2023 to prominantly characteristic nan missive 'H' arsenic opposed to nan aged logo, which was a brace of reflected missive 'F's.

In summation to nan Cool Brands lawsuit, German sports marque Adidas revenge a suit against LIV Golf successful September of 2023 - alleging that nan play circuit's logo 'incorporates 3 stripes successful a mode that is confusingly akin to nan Adidas Marks successful quality and wide commercialized impression.'

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