Dr Nick Coatsworth makes a stunning admission about the Covid jab

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  • Dr Coatsworth helped lead consequence to Covid
  • Will not beryllium getting further Covid vaccines
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By Steve Williams And David Southwell For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 23:09 EDT, 11 June 2024 | Updated: 23:18 EDT, 11 June 2024

Dr Nick Coatsworth, who helped lead Australia's consequence to Covid-19, has revealed he will not beryllium getting immoderate much vaccinations for nan virus. 

Speaking pinch Ben Fordham connected 2GB connected Wednesday, nan erstwhile nationalist look of Australia's conflict against Covid-19 made nan stunning admittance he is done pinch Covid vaccines.

'Are you still being vaccinated for Covid?' Fordham asked.

'No,' Dr Coatsworth said.

'When did you extremity doing that?' 

'About 2 years ago, I had 3 vaccines, and that's been capable for me.'

'Any logic why?' Fordham asked.

'Because I don't deliberation I request immoderate much Ben, and nan subject tells maine that I don't,' Dr Coatsworth said. 

Dr Nick Coatsworth (pictured) said he has had 3 Covid vaccines, 'and that's been capable for me' 

Dr Coatsworth told Ben Fordham, 'I don't deliberation I request immoderate much Ben, and nan subject tells maine that I don't'

The existent proposal from nan Department of Health and Aged care states: 'Regular COVID-19 vaccinations (also known arsenic boosters) are nan champion measurement to support your protection against terrible illness, hospitalisation and decease from Covid-19.

'They are particularly important for anyone aged 65 years aliases older and group astatine higher consequence of terrible Covid-19.

'As pinch each vaccinations, group are encouraged to talk nan vaccine options disposable to them pinch their wellness practitioner.'

This is not nan first arguable connection Dr Coatsworth - Australia's erstwhile lawman main wellness serviceman - has made astir nan Covid vaccine. 

In February this twelvemonth Dr Coatsworth admitted that imposing vaccine mandates was incorrect successful nan aftermath of nan Queensland Supreme Court uncovering that forcing constabulary and paramedics to take nan jab aliases suffer their jobs was 'unlawful'.

In his enquiry submission Dr Coatsworth said mandates should only beryllium a 'last resort', 'time limited', and beryllium imposed by governments not employers. 

Although Dr Coatsworth noted Australia had assembled a apical squad of aesculapian experts to counsel connected managing nan pandemic, he said they lacked an ethical model meaning nan attraction became excessively narrow.

'This allowed nan creation of a 'disease power astatine each costs' argumentation way dependence, which, whilst suited to nan first wave, was poorly suited to nan vaccine era,' he said.

Dr Coatsworth based on nan regularisation and testing policies adopted to constrain nan first deadliest strain of Covid successful 2020 lingered good past their comparative benefit, starring to nationwide workforce and testing shortages.

He besides thought nan differing approaches among states, and betwixt states and nan national government, confused nan nationalist and eroded quality rights.

'I powerfully promote nan enquiry to urge amendment of nan Biosecurity Act to guarantee that each illness power powers are vested successful nan national authorities during a nationalist biosecurity emergency,' Dr Coatsworth wrote.

Dr Coatsworth was appointed arsenic 1 of 3 caller lawman main aesculapian officers nether Brendan Murphy astatine nan commencement of nan pandemic successful March 2020.

He now useful arsenic a expert successful Canberra and is contracted to Nine-Fairfax channels and newspapers arsenic a presenter and wellness expert.

He appeared connected nan Fordham programme to spruik a caller TV show he is presenting pinch Tracy Grimshaw, Do You Want To Live Forever? 

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