DoorDash delivery driver calls black customer racial slur in video caught by her doorbell camera

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A DoorDash transportation driver was caught calling a achromatic customer a group slur on her doorbell camera arsenic he dropped disconnected her bid and has since been booted from nan app.

The shocking video was posted to TikTok by nan customer, Christina Derrica, who demanded DoorDash occurrence nan man.

“Here’s your food,” nan driver says earlier hurling nan N-word aft he drops a container connected Derrica’s beforehand porch, according to nan clip.

He steps backmost and takes a photograph of nan package astatine her doorstep to corroborate that it was delivered and past turns to time off pinch an further “chow down [N-word],” according to nan video that has been viewed much than 3 cardinal times.

“Here’s your food, [N-word]” nan driver intelligibly says successful nan clip aft he drops a container connected Derrica’s beforehand porch.

“Did he not spot my Ring camera?!!? Fire him IMMEDIATELY, HELLO @DoorDash,” Derrica wrote successful nan caption of nan TikTok video.

“And YES it was nan HARD ER,” she added successful different post.

DoorDash has since removed nan transportation driver from its platform.

“We’re horrified and appalled by this. Make nary correction – we person absolutely zero tolerance for racism,” DoorDash spokesperson Julian Crowley said successful a connection to The Post. “This horrific incident violates some our policies and what we judge in. We person deactivated this Dasher relationship and reached retired to nan customer to connection our support.”

Derrica shared nan video to TikTok and called connected DoorDash to instantly occurrence nan racist man.

Derrica confirmed that nan institution reached retired to her and removed nan man from nan DoorDash app by posting a screenshot of an email she received from a DoorDash customer work rep.

The typical besides said that DoorDash would beryllium fresh to assistance rule enforcement if Derrica chooses to study nan hateful incident to nan police. It’s unclear if she has made a report.

“I still person nary thought who that man is but convey you [DoorDash],” she wrote.

DoorDash quickly removed nan transportation driver from its platform, a spokesperson said.

Commenters could judge nan driver’s blatant racism.

“The measurement I gasped,” 1 wrote.

“Some group person measurement excessively overmuch dislike successful their heart. Oh my god,” different commented.

“The truth that I KNOW he had to spot your Ring camera and still proceeded to opportunity it doubly is scary,” a 3rd wrote. “Be careful.”

Others said they were concerned astir what nan man could person done to her nutrient — and worse, they worried astir nan woman’s information — now that nan racist driver knows wherever she lives.

“I wouldn’t consciousness safe eating nan food,” 1 commenter replied. “Sorry you had to spell done that!”

“Please conscionable beryllium observant successful lawsuit he comes backmost that’s truthful worrisome,” 1 concerned personification wrote.

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