Donald Trump to be 'introduced by UFC CEO Dana White at next month's Republican National Convention' as fight promoter agrees to stump for long-time friend for a THIRD time

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Already 1 of Donald Trump's closest personage allies, UFC CEO Dana White has been chosen to present nan erstwhile President connected nan last nighttime of adjacent week's Republican National Convention successful Milwaukee. 

The Wall Street Journal was nan first to uncover nan news, which was confirmed by a run official. White is expected to speak Thursday nighttime earlier giving measurement to Trump. 

This will make 3 consecutive RNC appearances for White, who stumped for Trump successful 2016 and 2020.

More recently, Trump has begun making regular cage-side appearances astatine a number of UFC events, wherever conflict fans — and nan fighters themselves — person showered nan erstwhile President pinch adulation.

Dana White (left) will present Donald Trump astatine adjacent month's Republican National Convention

Donald Trump and his girl Ivanka be UFC 299 astatine Miami's Kaseya Center

Trump's narration pinch mixed-martial arts really predates his relationship pinch White.   

Long earlier his Taj Mahal went bust successful Atlantic City, nan doomed $1 cardinal casino played big to a fledgling mixed-martial arts promotion known arsenic nan Ultimate Fighting Championship successful November of 2000.

Officially, each 5,000 disposable seats were sold that nighttime arsenic erstwhile wrestler Randy Couture returned to MMA alongside legendary fighters for illustration Kevin Randleman, Maurice Smith and Andrei Arlovski.

But what should person been an different regular nighttime for Trump and nan UFC has since proven to beryllium transformative for both. The MMA promotion gained a foothold successful New Jersey, which remains 1 of nan sport's biggest hubs, while Trump yet struck up a pivotal relationship pinch White, who was still a fewer years distant from taking nan UFC helm. 

'He loves America and he cares astir this country,' White told Fox News last period while stumping for Trump. 'Period. End of story. If he wasn't that type of guy, I would ne'er moreover subordinate myself pinch him.'

But White does subordinate himself pinch Trump, and has done truthful pinch accrued regularity up successful what The New York Times calls 'cage-match politics.'

The champion illustration of this came connected June 1 astatine UFC 302 successful Newark, wherever Trump was met by thunderous applause as he strolled onto nan Prudential Center level alongside White. 

After being feted for respective minutes, Trump shook hands pinch dozens of onlookers, including announcers Joe Rogan and Jon Anik, earlier making his measurement to his spot to watch lightweight Islam Makhachev defeat Dustin Poirier successful nan main event. 

The segment was a melodramatic departure from a time earlier, erstwhile Trump was convicted of 34 counts of fraud successful New York, and moreover that morning, erstwhile nan furious erstwhile President predicted a 'breaking point' if he ever gets sentenced to prison.

'I deliberation it would beryllium reliable for nan nationalist to take,' Trump told Fox News. 'You cognize astatine a definite constituent there's a breaking point.'

But for each of nan negativity and bluster surrounding his conviction, Trump simply deed nan 'reset' fastener by attending UFC 302, and abruptly nan proverbial unreality complete his caput vanished. 

'His guidelines is Trump's base,' Kellyanne Conway, Trump's erstwhile White House counselor, told The New York Times of White. 'And Trump's guidelines is his base.' 

UFC President Dana White speaks astatine a run arena for Donald Trump successful Houston successful 2020

Donald Trump pinch sons Eric and Donald Jr. during UFC 84 astatine MGM Grand Arena successful Las Vegas

Jorge Masvidal arrives to speak astatine a 'Fighters Against Socialism' run rally for Trump 

And it wasn't conscionable UFC fans giving Trump nan adulation he craves. UFC fighters, including Sean Strickland, utilized nan level to stump for nan Queens native. 

'President Trump, you're nan man. It's a damn travesty what they're doing to you,' Strickland said during his in-ring interview. 'I'll beryllium donating to you.' 

Trump besides has fans successful UFC stars for illustration Jorge Masvidal, Russian combatant Khabib Nurmagomedov and Colby Covington, each of whom person go favorites among MAGA supporters. 

Curiously, Covington echoed Trump's un-proven predetermination fraud claims successful December by accusing judges of colluding against him successful his unanimous-decision conclusion to Leon Edwards.

'I thought I did capable but y'know, nan judges person ne'er favored me,' Covington told Fox News big and Trump instrumentality Jesse Watters. 'They dislike maine because I support Trump and y'know everyone hates Trump successful this building truthful y'know it is what it is. Life goes on.' 

Colby Covington told Fox News ' Jesse Watters (left) that his trump support costs him a victory

The remark has since sparked contention among nan Trump-faithful, including Masvidal, who ripped Covington for dragging nan existent property mogul into nan conversation. 

'For [Covington] to spell retired location and impact Trump's sanction truthful overmuch and past opportunity group don't for illustration because I rotation pinch Trump and they robbed because of Trump, you're a f***ing portion of s***, and now you're blaming nan top President this state has ever seen?' Masvidal told BroBible successful February. 

Trump, however, has stayed supra nan fray. 

Besides, his main necktie to nan UFC isn't immoderate 1 fighter, but White, who credits Trump for helping to guarantee nan company's survival.

Back successful nan 1990s, nan UFC was facing a overmuch different PR conflict arsenic Senator and noted boxing instrumentality John McCain branded MMA 'human cockfighting.' Public sentiment was truthful bad, that galore states refused to punishment bouts.

Trump shares a fewer words of encouragement pinch Colby Covington earlier nan main event

However, things began to alteration successful nan early 2000s arsenic Trump embraced nan UFC marque pinch shows astatine his Taj Mahal. Furthermore, nan MMA circuit gained sorely needed vulnerability connected NBC erstwhile Trump included MMA fable Tito Ortiz connected a play of Celebrity Apprentice.  

'Nobody took america seriously, isolated from Donald Trump,' White said, arsenic quoted by nan Times. 

Their relationship someway survived Trump's 2008 determination to motorboat his ain MMA promotion, Affliction, which folded aft only a brace of conflict cards. 

And erstwhile UFC inked its first awesome cablegram woody pinch Fox Sports successful 2011, Trump sent a newspaper article to White pinch an encouraging message: 'Congratulations, Dana. I ever knew you were gonna do it.' 

In 2016, arsenic Trump was making his first tally for nan White House, White said retired successful support of his friend astatine nan Republican National Convention. 

'I've been successful nan conflict business my full life. I cognize fighters,' White said during his speech. 'Ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump is simply a fighter, and I cognize he'll conflict for this country.' 

Donald Trump salutes nan crowd astatine UFC 299 successful Miami, wherever he was showered pinch applause 

White doubled down connected Trump astatine nan 2020 convention, speaking via outer during nan COVID-19 pandemic arsenic nan President faced wide disapproval complete his consequence to nan outbreak. 

'Let's talk astir COVID, and let's beryllium very honorable astir it,' said White, who donated $1 cardinal to Trump's 2020 campaign. 'No 1 personification and nary 1 spot could person anticipated nan challenges that COVID would bring, but President Trump has faced each of these obstacles caput on.' 

And White only further ingratiated himself to nan MAGA world by bringing nan UFC backmost earlier immoderate different awesome US sports properties. 

Best of all, he had nan blessing of Trump, who recorded a video for UFC 249 - nan first awesome sporting arena of nan post-COVID era. 

'Let's play,' Trump said successful nan message. 'You do nan societal distancing and immoderate other you person to do. But we request sports. We want our sports back.' 

But for everything Trump has done for White, thing whitethorn beryllium arsenic important arsenic his effort to thief beleaguered UFC sponsor, Bud Light. 

The marque faced an existential situation aft promoting its brew connected Instagram pinch nan thief of a transgender spokeswoman. According to nan Times, Bud Light sought to sponsor nan UFC successful an evident effort to appease millions of antheral brew drinkers crossed nan state who were angry astatine nan brand. 

As it happened, White was met pinch contiguous backlash from UFC fans aft signing an endorsement woody with Bud Light's genitor company, Anheuser-Busch, that pays a reported $105 cardinal annually. 

To thief soft things over, White reached retired to Trump, according to nan Times, and nan erstwhile POTUS has since offered a connection urging fans to springiness Bud Light a 'second chance.'

'Anheuser-Busch is not a woke company,' Trump wrote successful February, adding that nan institution is 'a Great American Brand.'

Weeks later, White led Trump into UFC 299 successful Miami, wherever good wishers included Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy, erstwhile ESPN anchor Sage Steele, girl Ivanka, and thousands of raucous supporters. 

Interestingly, Trump has yet to sway Rogan, nan comedian and UFC announcer who has 1 of nan country's astir celebrated podcasts. 

Fans activity a Trump 2024 emblem during UFC 302 astatine Prudential Center connected June 1, 2024 successful Newark

As Rogan told his podcast assemblage past year, Trump's group person tried to book him connected nan show, only to beryllium rebuffed by nan host.

'I'm not a Trump protagonist successful immoderate way, style aliases form,' Rogan said. 'I've had nan opportunity to person him connected my show much than once. I've said nary each time. I don't want to thief him. I'm not willing successful helping him.'

But moreover without Rogan's support, Trump has continued to praise White's brand, conscionable arsenic he did astatine a rally successful Georgia anterior to UFC 299. 

'It's nan closest point I tin spot really reflective of nan predetermination process that we person successful this country, nan UFC fights,' Trump said astatine nan rally successful Rome. 'That whitethorn beryllium a small tamer than nan predetermination business.

'Dana White has done a awesome job. I dream he doesn't tally for agency against me. He's done a awesome job. It's an easier business than politics.'

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