Donald Trump and wife Melania are seen together for the first time in SEVEN MONTHS at a Mar-a-Lago Halloween Party - as sons Don Jr. and Eric prepare to take the stand in NYC fraud trial

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Donald and Melania Trump joined a raucous Halloween statement astatine Mar-a-Lago past nighttime arsenic they stepped retired successful nationalist for nan first clip successful 7 months.

Making a expansive entranceway to Metallica's metallic deed 'Enter Sandman', Trump chose not to dress up, wearing a suit and accepted reddish necktie arsenic he gave a thumbs up to nan cheering crowd. 

Melania donned a achromatic dress paired pinch a cervix choker and stilettos, waving astatine nan resort's guests while Trump could beryllium seen pointing to 1 attendee and declaring: 'There you go!' 

Her quality comes arsenic a astonishment to many, pinch nan erstwhile First Lady notably absent from a number of landmark moments successful caller times including each of Trump's indictments this year. The brace were past seen successful Easter erstwhile they lunched together astatine nan Palm Beach club.

The mates appeared relaxed arsenic they strolled done nan eating room, contempt respective cardinal family members including Trump's sons Donald Jr and Eric preparing to return nan guidelines successful their father's fraud proceedings successful New York successful nan adjacent 2 days. 

Trump and Melania stepped retired astatine Mar-a-Lago connected Tuesday evening to a raucous statement ambiance astatine nan ritzy resort 

Despite not being seen together for complete 7 months, nan erstwhile White House occupants appeared relaxed together arsenic they walked retired into nan eating room 

Guests astatine nan extravaganza donned Joe Biden outfits and parodied nan president's troubled boy Hunter 

Mar-a-Lago launched into nan Halloween tone arsenic nan ritzy edifice was decked retired successful festive garb, arsenic hilarious footage saw guests dressed arsenic Joe Biden and his troubled boy Hunter. 

The erstwhile president was seen taking connected DJ duties arsenic nan statement stretched into nan night, choosing songs from a Spotify playlist while guests danced astir him. 

Although Donald Jr is group to attest successful a Manhattan courtroom, his partner Kimberly Guilfoyle looked untroubled arsenic she was besides successful attendance astatine nan Florida bash.

In an Instagram image taken pinch an attendee successful a Red Riding Hood costume, Guilfoyle beamed successful a reddish and yellowish Snow White tribute. 

When he walked into nan play club's main room, Trump triumphantly raised his fists to nan audience, seemingly unfazed by his sons imminent grounds complete his business dealings astatine his fraud proceedings successful New York. 

Both sons took complete nan day-to-day handling of nan Trump statement erstwhile their begetter was elected president, offering an friendly knowledge of nan company's soul workings. 

Prosecutors allege that Trump artificially inflated his wealthiness by billions of dollars passim his profession to unafraid amended deals connected loans. 

Kimberly Guilfoyle, nan woman of Donald Trump Jr, beamed arsenic she dressed up arsenic Snow White astatine nan event, seemingly relaxed arsenic her partner is group to attest successful New York connected Wednesday

Melania appears down Trump arsenic he poses for a photograph astatine his Halloween party 

Trump took pictures pinch nan Joe Biden parody arsenic Mar-a-Lago burst into life connected Halloween night

Trump received a immense invited astatine his play club, while guests mocked his governmental rivals 

Trump took halfway shape astatine nan dinner, seemingly astatine easiness contempt his mounting ineligible troubles

As a statement ambiance erupted, nan erstwhile president took complete DJ duties and appeared to shuffle a Spotify playlist 

Notably, Trump has faced his precocious floor plan proceedings successful Manhattan without his woman by his side, amid rumors that nan mates person been surviving disjointed lives making love backmost to their clip successful nan White House. 

The past clip nan mates had been seen together was besides astatine Mar-a-Lago, erstwhile they enjoyed an Easter brunch astatine nan ritzy play nine connected April 9, 2023.  

At nan time, Melania's quality was besides cited arsenic a rarity aft she was missing erstwhile he was arraigned nan week earlier for allegedly making hush-money payments to porn prima Stormy Daniels. 

Despite Melania failing to show up for that arraignment, her father, Viktor Knavs, was beforehand and halfway erstwhile Trump made a combative reside pursuing his arraignment. 

Amid a media frenzy complete her determination to skip, sources told that Melania was hurt and angry by allegations that Trump had cheated connected her pinch a porn star. 

Following that first indictment, Melania has been MIA for her husband's 3 consequent ineligible battles. 

Three months later successful June, Trump was indicted successful Florida for his alleged mishandling of classified authorities documents. 

While he stared down different 40 criminal charges, Melania was again obscurity to beryllium seen, amid reports she is spending astir of her clip successful New York. 

The past clip Melania and Trump were seen together successful April 2023, it came aft she was notably missing from his indictment for alleged hush money payments nan week before 

In possibly his astir scrutinized tribunal quality yet, Trump captured headlines successful August arsenic he was indicted successful some Washington DC and Georgia for alleged efforts to overturn nan 2020 statesmanlike election.

Although 18 accused co-conspirators were hauled down to nan South to besides look charges - starring to Trump's historical mugshot image being taken - Melania declined to make nan travel to lend her support. 

Although Trump appeared successful an easy-going temper arsenic he soaked up nan ambiance connected Halloween night, his ongoing ineligible troubles successful New York person imaginable to endanger nan early of his family enterprise. 

His sons are group to attest successful his civilian fraud lawsuit successful nan coming days, pinch Donald Trump Jr expected to attest Wednesday and Eric Trump connected Thursday. 

The duo person been subpoenaed by Democrat New York Attorney General Letitia James, arsenic she alleges that Trump and his apical executives exaggerated his wealthiness by billons to unafraid loans connected his business deals. 

Trump himself is slated to attest connected Monday, followed by his eldest girl Ivanka, a erstwhile Trump Organization executive who has since stepped distant from nan business. 

After Ivanka takes nan stand, expected to travel connected November 8, nan authorities is expected to remainder their case, offering Trump's ineligible squad nan chance to equine a situation and telephone their ain witnesses.  

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