Doctors should NOT be punished for airing pro-Palestinian views, British Islamic Medical Association says

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Medics should not beryllium disciplined solely for airing pro-Palestinian views, nan British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) has said.

Multiple NHS doctors person this period been shamed for excusing, and celebrating, Hamas violent attacks connected Israeli civilians. 

The BIMA said it was 'gravely concerned' regarding reports of Muslim doctors being threatened pinch a referral to nan General Medical Council (GMC) for expressing immoderate views that 'advocate for Palestinians'.

In a missive to nan UK's aesculapian regulator, BIMA said that medics who expressed specified views person been accused of supporting violent groups for illustration Hamas.

'Reporting has suggested specified doctors cannot beryllium trusted, pinch much violative commentators suggesting support for Palestine, disapproval of occupation, and calling for ceasefire arsenic being synonymous pinch supporting fringe aliases proscribed groups...' it said.

Dr Mennah Elwan successful her British Medical Association kit during NHS business action organised by nan union 

'This witch-hunting is an alarming improvement pinch threats of nationalist GMC referral and pressuring employers pinch intimidating language.'

The BIMA's missive added: 'We are concerned accusations of specified offences are being weaponised to soundlessness critics without immoderate ground aliases evidence.

'There is ample abstraction for civil, productive sermon pinch nan opportunity to study aliases state to passionately disagree. 

'Doctors person authorities to state of reside and nan correct to speak retired successful nan pursuit of justice.'

The BIMA, a rank assemblage of complete 6,000 Muslim healthcare professionals successful nan UK, called for nan GMC to rumor a connection successful support of medics who definitive specified views. 

Regulators tin punishment medics for immoderate behaviour which brings nan occupation into disrepute.

Punishments astatine nan GMC's disposal see suspending a expert from activity aliases moreover permanently banning them from nan profession. 

The BIMA's missive highlighted nan plight of civilians successful Hamas-run Gaza who've been subjected to repeated bombardment from Israel complete nan past fewer weeks.

Israel launched retaliatory strikes successful nan aftermath of Hamas's devastating slaughtering sprees, which saw hundreds of civilians gunned down, executed, aliases kidnapped.

The wellness ministry successful Gaza claims immoderate 8,000 civilians person since been killed.  

Further fears for nan much than 2million surviving successful nan mini territory are besides rising quickly arsenic Israel presses connected pinch nan 'second stage' of its warfare to destruct Hamas.

The BIMA missive said: 'There is an unprecedented humanitarian situation successful Gaza that has costs galore civilian lives including those of complete 2,000 children and wiped retired full families.

'Places of sanctuary and aesculapian accommodation person not been spared. 

'Hundreds of healthcare workers person been killed including a number of doctors arsenic they valiantly stayed pinch their critically sick patients contempt repeated aerial bombardment.

'Graphic images and heart-rending videos of condolences stricken children and parents are perpetually being shared from nan region, often whilst colleagues are moving successful nan NHS.

'Basic aesculapian supplies successful Gaza person tally retired successful hospitals pinch a adjacent month-long siege.'

The BIMA letter, however, made nary mention of nan sadistic attacks that sparked nan existent escalation of nan conflict.  

Fears for nan much than 2.2 cardinal surviving successful nan mini territory are quickly rising arsenic Israel presses connected pinch nan 'second stage' of its warfare to destruct Hamas. Pictured: Women transportation children arsenic others cheque nan harm successful nan aftermath of Israeli bombing successful Rafah successful nan confederate Gaza Strip connected October 29

Gaza is connected nan brink of complete societal collapse, a UN charismatic has warned, pinch mobs looting warehouses for nutrient and families drinking soiled water. Pictured: People hunt done buildings that were destroyed during Israeli aerial raids successful nan confederate Gaza Strip connected October 30

However, it said 'events successful Palestine and Israel person made our hearts dense and are causing overmuch anguish'.

The BIMA missive added that galore Muslim doctors person connections to nan region and its 'post-colonial struggle'. 

'Our community’s relationship to Palestine is profound, long-standing, and transcends taste aliases nationalist affiliation,' nan missive said.

'Many of america person family from that region, and nan narration is besides linked by nan post-colonial struggle that communities pinch practice successful erstwhile Commonwealth countries place with.'

BIMA added that medics shouldn't beryllium penalised for taking action successful support of Gaza and Palestinians.

'Many doctors - and not conscionable Muslims - who uphold master humanitarian values consciousness morally compelled to do much than bespeak aliases pray, and activity action,' it said.  

'This includes information successful lawful protest, lobbying, and different forms of activism that telephone for an extremity to hostilities. 

The GMC told MailOnline that its standards for medics are clear. 

'Doctors - for illustration each citizens, are entitled to their governmental opinions,' a spokesperson said. 

'Our attraction is connected nan effect that expressions of governmental aliases different individual beliefs whitethorn person connected patients’ aliases nationalist assurance successful nan profession. 

An IDF vessel is seen successful a photograph shared by nan Israeli subject arsenic it expands its crushed offensive

'In sharing opinions and raising consciousness astir definite issues doctors must see really doing truthful whitethorn impact nan public’s spot and cognition of doctors.

The spokesperson added that conscionable because a expert is reported to nan GMC that doesn't needfully guarantee nan assemblage will return regulatory action. 

'Not each departure from nan standards will beryllium considered serious, and we ever return discourse into account,' they said.

'We’ll only urge taking regulatory action against a expert if they airs a consequence to diligent information aliases nationalist spot successful nan aesculapian profession.'

Earlier this month, MailOnline highlighted really 1 doctor, Mennah Elwan, mocked terrified festivalgoers fleeing Hamas gunmen.

The neurology registrar, who worked astatine nan Walton Centre — a awesome neurology tract successful Liverpool, posted 'if it was your home, you would enactment and fight' alongside horrifying footage of Palestinian terrorists opening occurrence connected civilians.

BIMA's missive comes arsenic nan Israel presses connected pinch nan adjacent shape of its action successful Gaza, a crushed offensive.

Israeli tanks person now entered nan separator of nan metropolis today, while Israel Defense Forces troops were pelted pinch rocks arsenic they carried retired raids against equipped Palestinian groups successful nan West Bank.

These actions came as a UN charismatic warned nan Gaza Strip was connected nan brink of societal collapse.

Mobs person reportedly been looting warehouses for nutrient pinch families forced to portion soiled water. 

Fears are besides increasing of a wider conflict successful nan Middle East.

Who are nan UK medics celebrating aliases defending Hamas's barbaric attacks? 

Dr Mennah Elwan

Earlier this period MailOnline revealed how Dr Meenah Elwan apparently mocked terrified revellers fleeing from 1 of nan October 7 massacres.  

Reposting a terrifying clip of group attempting to dash to information astatine nan Supernova Festival, which took spot adjacent to nan Gaza Strip, she wrote: 'If it was your home, you would enactment and fight. You wouldn't conscionable tally away.' 

The Egyptian-trained Dr Elwan past closed disconnected her connection pinch a smiley emoji.

People successful nan footage could beryllium heard screaming arsenic shots were fired, while constabulary were seen trying to thief group evacuate. 

Other footage from nan incident has since emerged showing gunmen executing civilians arsenic they laic successful nan soil earlier rifling done their pockets.

Corpses of victims from nan show had to beryllium piled up successful makeshift tents arsenic Israeli emergency responders worked to place their remains.

Dr Elwan, a neurology registrar, posted connected societal media mocking group fleeing a massacre by Hamas astatine a euphony festival

In different post, nan neurology registrar besides appeared to support nan activity of horrific unit towards Israeli civilians and visitors during nan attacks much generally.

She wrote: 'Israel kills Palestinians everyday, didn't spot anyone caring', again ending nan connection pinch a smiley look emoji.

Dr Elwan went connected to add: 'Also, location are nary civilians successful Israel.'

Her NHS employer, nan Walton Centre — a awesome neurology tract successful Liverpool — said it did not 'support immoderate behaviour that marginalises an individual aliases community'. 

The statements led to groups for illustration nan Campaign Against Antisemitism calling for Dr Elwan to beryllium suspended from nan NHS and investigated by nan UK's aesculapian regulator.

Tory sources besides told this website said Dr Elwan should look 'immediate disciplinary action' for nan 'sickening' comments.

Dr Wahid Asif Shaida/Abdul Wahid

Abdul Wahid, nan firebrand leader of an extremist Islamic group, has been revealed to beryllium an NHS GP nether his existent name Dr Wahid Asif Shaida.

As caput of nan group Hizb ut-Tahrir successful nan UK, Abdul Wahid celebrated nan barbaric Hamas panic attacks that slaughtered 1,400 Jewish men, women and children earlier this period arsenic a 'very invited punch connected nan nose' to Israel.

But he has besides spent much than 20 years practising arsenic a family expert nether his existent name, Dr Wahid Asif Shaida. 

Hizb ut-Tahrir caused outrage past play erstwhile members chanted 'jihad' during a rally extracurricular nan Egyptian and Turkish embassies successful London and called for 'Muslim armies' to onslaught Israel.

Dr Wahid Shaida, aka Abdul Wahid, pictured, celebrated nan barbaric Hamas panic attacks that slaughtered 1,400 Jewish men

Dr Shaida told nan baying crowd: 'Victory is coming and everyone has to take a side. Whose broadside are you going to beryllium on?' 

The Government has faced repeated calls to prohibition Hizb ut-Tahrir, which wants nan full Islamic world to merge nether 1 leader, and for Britain to autumn nether nan norm of that 'caliph'. 

Dr Shaida has been nan leader of nan UK group for astatine slightest 17 years, but has, until now, managed to support his NHS profession hidden. 

He confirmed to The Mail connected Sunday that he was besides known arsenic Abdul Wahid but denied his group was 'extremist'.

Dr Shaida added: 'I be to my master duties and commitments diligently, aiming for nan champion attraction of my patients astatine each times. For reasons of master probity I support a very clear statement betwixt my master and governmental life.'

He said his group was calling connected nan Muslim world to intervene militarily to rescue nan group of Gaza 'who person been subjected to horrific conditions for 16 years'.

Dr Siema Iqbal 

As Israel reeled from nan attacks earlier this month, Dr Siema Iqbal posted connected societal media that Palestine 'has each correct to conflict against nan occupation'.

And a abstracted post, shared connected Facebook, nan GP described those who carried retired nan bloody attacks arsenic a 'Palestinian guidance fighters'.

Dr Siema Iqbal, a GP partner astatine nan Wellfield Medical Centre successful Manchester, posted that Palestine 'has each correct to conflict against nan occupation'

In a station connected X, Dr Iqbal excused nan actions 'under International Law'

A abstracted station shared connected Facebook by Dr Iqbal described nan terrorists who carried retired nan attacks arsenic 'Palestinian guidance fighters' 

It wasn't nan first clip Dr Iqbal, who useful arsenic partner astatine nan Wellfield Medical Centre successful Manchester, has been criticised for societal media posts astir Israel. 

The Jewish Chronicle reported successful 2017 that she had erstwhile called for nan relocation of Israeli citizens to nan US arsenic a solution to nan conflict successful nan region.

It was besides highlighted that Dr Iqbal retweeted a station that accused Israel of 'shopping astir for cheaper bombs' pinch a connection reading: 'When a group who survived a genocide usage it arsenic an excuse to perpetrate genocide', against a backdrop of a Star of David splattered pinch blood. 

Charity Citizens UK, which was associated pinch Dr Iqbal astatine nan time, said: 'It has since travel to ray that, successful 2014, during an upsurge successful unit betwixt Israel and Gaza, Dr Iqbal retweeted anti-Semitic tweets. Citizens UK wholeheartedly condemns these tweets.

'We tin readily spot really this has caused offence and apologise for immoderate wounded that has been caused, peculiarly to nan Jewish organization pinch whom Citizens UK has a long-established moving relationship, conscionable arsenic we do pinch nan UK’s Muslim and Christian communities.'

Dr Clarissa Hemmingsen 

Dr Clarissa Hemmingsen is different UK medic who has sought to excuse nan bloody Hamas attacks.

Writing connected X she said: 'Those connected Med [medical] Twitter who find themselves capable to warrant acts of colonialism, taste cleansing, apartheid, imprisonment of children, and nan regular carpet bombing of hospitals should really see whether they beryllium successful a caring profession.'

This remark was successful consequence to a Jewish expert who called retired medics who 'find themselves capable to warrant acts of terrorism' if they beryllium successful a caring profession.  

Dr Hemmingsen, who primitively studied medicine astatine nan University of Manchester but is now thought to activity connected nan Isle of Man, besides liked a station connected October 7 that declared nan caller 'Palestinian guidance emoji' arsenic nan parachute.

This emoji references really immoderate Hamas gunmen entered Israel utilizing paragliders to circumvent separator information forces and onslaught unarmed civilians.

 Dr Clarissa Hemmingsen, who useful connected nan Isle of Man, besides defended nan bloody attacks earlier this month

Dr Hemmingsen, who studied astatine nan University of Manchester, said medics should reconsider if they beryllium successful a caring occupation if they tin 'justify acts of colonialism'

The medic besides shockingly liked a station that proclaimed nan parachute emoji to beryllium a caller 'Palestinian resistance' successful reference to really Hamas utilized paragliders to infiltrate confederate communities successful Israel

Farah Bouamra

Farah Bouamra, a expert subordinate astatine St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, successful London, celebrated nan Hamas terror attacks connected Israel successful a bid of disturbing societal media posts.

On her X account, she posted aliases retweeted a flurry of anti-Israeli comments successful nan aftermath of nan October 7 attacks. 

In one, she reposted a video of bulldozers ploughing done nan Gaza portion separation obstruction pinch Israel and celebrating nan kidnapping of guiltless show goers and children.

A caption read: 'Palestinians break into separation obstruction w/Israel, dozens of Israelis captured and brought into Gaza...' and past 'VIVAAAAA' to observe this - earlier they went connected to termination 1,400 group including children.

NHS worker Farah Bouamra (pictured) has celebrated nan Hamas panic attacks connected Israel successful a bid of disturbing societal media posts

On learning of a mob attempting to large wind nan Israeli Embassy successful Jordan, Farah rejoiced successful nan violence, posting: 'They group nan Israeli embassy connected occurrence successful Jordan. I emotion these group truthful much'

On nan aforesaid time she reposted 'Free Palestine coming tomorrow and forever'.

And successful reply to Labour MP David Lammy, nan Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth, condemning nan Hamas attack, she reposted 'Israel has killed Palestinians indiscriminately for nan past 7 decades, truthful erstwhile you guidelines successful solidarity pinch Israel you guidelines successful solidarity pinch coercion you stinking idiot.'

In different station she agreed that nan Israeli authorities is behaving 'like warfare criminals… being supported by depraved occidental leaders.'

The British-born NHS staffer, who has Algerian family heritage, besides branded Israeli soldiers arsenic 'terrorists' - and advocated nan 'flogging' of journalists.

She besides blasted nan Metropolitan Police arsenic 'pathetic' for tweeting astir a London Underground worker tannoying alleged 'anti Jewish' remarks.

The medic besides reposted that 'decolonization is ever a convulsive phenomenon' from Wretched of nan Earth, a book by philosopher Frantz Fanon - and she hopes nan existent conflict leads Muslims to 'radicalise'.

And of learning of a mob attempting to large wind nan Israeli Embassy successful Jordan, Farah rejoiced successful nan violence, posting: 'They group nan Israeli embassy connected occurrence successful Jordan. I emotion these group truthful much'.

A St George's spokesperson said: 'We do not condone nan individual views of this individual and due action is being taken.'

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