Did ESPN stop Aaron Rodgers talking about the vaccine? Pat McAfee show cuts out as Jets quarterback begins to discuss the jab, leading fans to speculate he was 'silenced'

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  • Aaron Rodgers made headlines successful 2021 complete his Covid-19 vaccination status 
  • The backmost made a joke astir nan vaccine during nan Pat McAfee show 
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By Isabel Baldwin For Dailymail.Com

Published: 15:28 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 00:23 EDT, 1 November 2023

ESPN's broadcast of nan Pat McAfee show reportedly appeared to trim retired arsenic New York Jets backmost Aaron Rodgers was gearing up to talk nan Covid-19 vaccine erstwhile again. 

The NFL seasoned was making his play quality connected nan show, wherever he revealed he still had a measurement to go earlier he could return to nan section aft tearing his Achilles during nan Jets' play opener. 

During his segment, nan 39-year-old apologized to McAfee and co-host AJ Hawk for not wearing a costume pinch nan anchors dressed arsenic a slayer whale and Edward Scissorhands respectively for Halloween. 

The erstwhile Green Bay Packers awesome caller excused himself by explaining: 'I had my costume connected past nighttime but I couldn't deterioration it today.'

McAfee and members of his sheet proceeded to inquire if nan costume was nan vaccine, a expert aliases a scientist, to which Rodgers responded by joking that it was a spike protein.

Aaron Rodgers was making his quality connected nan Pat McAfee and joked astir nan vaccine

ESPN's broadcast of nan programme appeared to trim retired arsenic nan backmost began his comment

Viewers took to societal media to declare that ESPN's sum appeared to trim retired astatine that infinitesimal and queried nan blip. 

Some claimed that nan cutout was intentional to forestall further chat of nan vaccine from Rodgers. 

'Of people it was connected intent lol. ESPN sewage a dude conscionable hovering complete an eject fastener erstwhile Rodgers is connected pinch Pat,' 1 X personification posted. 

Another highlighted ESPN's genitor company, Disney, writing: Mickey Mouse himself pulled nan plug connected Aaron Rodgers vaccine talk.' 

'They tryna soundlessness him,' 1 claimed, while different added, 'I saw this arsenic well! Is Pfizer moving ESPN now?'

'His days successful beforehand of an tremendous assemblage are astir apt numbered.' 1 theorized. 'All nan networks person contracts pinch large pharma. He’s besides challenging group to a statement and those group do not want to speak astir this successful beforehand of an audience.' 

Meanwhile, others criticized Rodgers' chat of nan vaccine arsenic 1 posted: 'Does Aaron Rodgers ever spell for illustration much than 5 minutes without talking astir covid 19 and Dr Fauci?' 

DailyMail.com has contacted ESPN for remark but has not yet received a response.  

Rodgers has antecedently been outspoken connected his stance against nan vaccine, making headlines successful 2021 arsenic sports were returning from nan hiatus caused by nan pandemic. 

Fans connected societal media were speedy to estimate if nan cutout was intentional owed to nan joke 

He told nan media successful August 2021 that he was 'immunized', starring galore to presume he had received a vaccine. 

But his vaccination position came to nan fore successful November 2021 erstwhile he tested affirmative for coronavirus and was subsequently required to quarantine for 10 days — nan minimum magnitude of clip an unvaccinated subordinate is asked to quarantine, per NFL rules.

The then-Packers backmost refused to get nan Pfizer vaccine owed to being allergic to 1 of nan ingredients successful nan mRNA vaccines.

As for nan remaining option, Rodgers did not want to return get nan Johnson & Johnson changeable aft seeing group suffer adverse effects from nan vaccine.

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