Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia: How to watch, start time and full undercard as the rivals are set to clash despite Garcia missing weight and losing out on title shot and $1.5m pay day

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  • Ryan Garcia has been nan centre of contention successful thhe build up owed to his erratic behaviour
  • The conflict was primitively group to beryllium for nan WBC Junior Welterweight Title
  • Devin Haney will still return connected Ryan Garcia contempt nan second missing weight 

By Sonny Cohen

Published: 11:01 EDT, 20 April 2024 | Updated: 11:01 EDT, 20 April 2024

Ryan Garcia has been astatine nan centre of contention successful nan build up to his conflict pinch Devin Haney.

Back successful January he stunned fans pinch a double announcement, firstly that his woman Andrea Celina had fixed commencement to their son, and past successful a now deleted station revealed nan 2 would beryllium divorcing.

Then successful March he sparked fears for his safety pursuing a station connected some X and Instagram that showed a shaky clip of an unidentifiable individual wrong a location which appears to beryllium his.

And nan issues reared their disfigured caput again as Garcia missed weight and has, owed to this, mislaid retired connected his title opportunity and nan $1.5m purse.

For each of nan chaos astir him, Haney has remained - for nan astir portion - calm and focused connected nan task astatine hand.

Ryan Garcia has been astatine nan centre of contention passim nan build-up for nan fight

Devin Haney has remained for nan astir portion focused connected nan task astatine hand

The 2 will yet meet successful nan ringing successful Brooklyn, New York

Mail Sport breaks down everything you request to cognize astir nan fight.

What clip is Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia

Devin Haney will return connected Ryan Garcia astatine Barclays Centre successful Brooklyn pinch nan undercard group to get underway astatine 1am UK time. 8pm ET, 6pm PT.

The main arena is group to get underway 3 hours later astatine 4am UK time, 11pm ET, 9pm PT.

Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney person traded barbs successful their galore property conferences

How to travel Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia

Fans successful nan UK who want to enactment up for nan conflict will beryllium capable to travel on correct present connected nan Mail Sport website.

Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia will besides beryllium disposable to watch connected DAZN for fans successful nan UK, disposable connected PPV for £19.99.

Fans tin besides watch DAZN 1 HD connected Sky transmission 429. 

Fans successful nan US will besides beryllium capable to watch nan action connected DAZN but nan value for nan PPV is group astatine $69.99.

What is nan Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia conflict card?

While nan paper will beryllium headlined by Haney vs Garcia, conflict fans will person plentifulness to look guardant to passim nan night, position nan afloat conflict paper below.

  • Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia - ace lightweight
  • Arnold Barboza Jr vs. Sean McComb - ace lightweight
  • Bektemir Melikuziev vs. Pierre Dibombe - ace middleweight
  • John Ramirez vs. David Jimenezf - WBA vacant interim ace flyweight title
  • Charles Conwell vs. Gustavo Vittori - ray middleweight

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