Detroit Lions fan wows NFL viewers as she incredibly LIFTS 200-pound running back Jahmyr Gibbs into supporters section after a 27-yard touchdown against the Raiders: 'She can deadlift a grown man!'

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  • A Lions instrumentality helped assistance Gibbs complete nan wall and into nan Lion's Den connected Monday
  • The Lions went connected to hit nan Las Vegas Raiders, winning their sixth this season
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By Leocciano Callao For Dailymail.Com

Published: 11:41 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 15:40 EDT, 31 October 2023

The Detroit Lions were up, 16-14, precocious successful nan 3rd 4th against nan Las Vegas Raiders connected Monday Night. But erstwhile moving backmost Jahmyr Gibbs collapsed done pinch a 27-yard touchdown, it gave Detroit breathing room going into nan fourth.

The touchdown was made much memorable by nan celebration.

Rather than flexing aliases taunting nan opposition, Gibbs opted to jump into nan 'Lions Den'. That was erstwhile a Lions instrumentality drew attraction connected societal media by helping assistance nan 5-foot-9, 200-lbs moving backmost complete nan wall.

After celebrating among nan fans for a fewer seconds, Gibbs went backmost down to nan section pinch nan assistance of his teammates. 

Highly impressed, viewers commended nan fan's precocious assemblage spot aft nan clip was posted connected X (formerly Twitter).

A instrumentality successful nan Lions Den helped assistance Jahmyr Gibbs complete nan wall to observe his touchdown

Gibbs had 152 rushing yards from 26 attempts arsenic nan Lions secured nan 26-14 triumph connected Monday

'She tin deadlift a grown man,' 1 X personification said. 'What's her fittingness secret?! We NEED to know!'

'Her individual trainer conscionable sewage a full lotta referrals..' different instrumentality stated. 

Although 1 X personification pointed retired really this enactment of spot was not arsenic impressive, nan celebrations continued connected nan remark section. 

'I americium sorry to correct,' he stated. 'But his correct limb uses nan padding nether nan bluish tarp arsenic leverage to assistance himself on pinch nan fan's help. Nice teamwork but it wasn't a solo act.'

The Lions went connected to triumph nan crippled 26-14. On apical of nan touchdown, Gibbs had 152 rushing yards from 26 attempts. Lions backmost Jared Goff had 272 passing yards, a touchdown and an interception. 

With nan win, nan Lions improved their grounds to 6-2 arsenic they lead nan AFC North.  

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