Despite their enormous £1.25bn squad value, Spain outclass England for goals, clean sheets and trophies and are favourites to win EURO 2024 -  TALE OF THE TAPE shows exactly how the finalists compare

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Much has been said of England's way to nan last of Euro 2024 but Gareth Southgate's broadside person defied nan disapproval that has been levied against them to book their spot successful nan showpiece event.

Awaiting them is simply a firing-hot Spain broadside who look to person undone nan woes of their 2022 World Cup run and are arguably nan champion squad to characteristic astatine this summer's tournament.

The Three Lions will travel into this conflict arsenic nan underdogs, pinch Luis de la Fuente's broadside presently boasting a squad that is radiated pinch talented stars and tin play a accelerated and fluid marque of attacking football.

It will beryllium a reliable crippled for England, but for each their strengths, possibly 1 of nan astir important characteristics that nan Three Lions person demonstrated is their resilience and expertise to conflict until nan bitter end.

That whitethorn travel arsenic a hugely beneficial trait for England, heading into Sunday's last successful Berlin. But who comes retired connected top? Mail Sport delves into really some sides compare, some connected and disconnected nan field, up of their crunch Euro 2024 final.

England and Spain will do conflict connected Sunday successful nan Euro 2024 final, but really do they compare? 

England booked their spot successful nan Euro 2024 last connected Wednesday aft beating nan Netherlands 

Spain, meanwhile, hit France successful a thrilling brushwood to unafraid their spot successful Sunday's final 

Two richly talented squads

Sunday's lucifer will beryllium a immense juncture for football, not conscionable because it is nan last of nan European Championship, but much truthful that we will get to witnesser 2 teams, who are blessed pinch immoderate of nan champion players successful world shot correct now, showcasing their skills.

Spain's squad is jam packed pinch a scope of players from Europe's apical 5 leagues, pinch De la Fuente picking 3 Premier League stars successful his 26-man team, including Marc Cucurella, David Raya and Rodri.

They'll travel up against a squad of Premier League stars, which boasts a database of heavy dressed up players from nan English apical flight, that includes Treble winners, Phil Foden, Kyle Walker and John Stones and is fronted by 1 of nan champion strikers successful world football, Harry Kane. I've not moreover mentioned nan superstar that is Jude Bellingham yet, who will travel up against Real Madrid team-mate Dani Carvajal successful Sunday's final.

So who edges it? Well, successful position of squad value, England's squad is worthy astir £1.25billion, while La Roja cumulative value comes successful astatine astir £783million.

Spain's Euro 2024 squad is littered pinch a scope of players from Europe's apical 5 leagues 

Rodri (pictured) is their midfield marshall and anchors Luis de la Fuente's midfield three 

England, though, person a larger squad worth than Spain which is worthy astir £1.25billion

Experience and age

Price whitethorn not ever beryllium suggestive of nan shape aliases brilliance of a squad but England possibly boast a small much acquisition among their ranks than Spain.

They besides interestingly person a somewhat little mean property compared to Sunday's opponents of 26, to Spain's 27.

Sixteen-year-old sensation Lamine Yamal has wowed audiences astatine Euro 2024 for his brilliance, while older stars, including Alvaro Morata, 31, person drawn from their acquisition to lead La Roja to nan final.

Southgate, meanwhile, has mostly stuck to nan aforesaid starting XI passim nan tournament, pinch their youngest prima being 19-year-old Man United sensation Kobbie Mainoo - who has enjoyed an fantabulous tourney from midfield. England besides person a drawstring of knowledgeable players successful their ranks, including nan likes of Kane, 30, John Stones, 30, Kieran Trippier 33 and Kyle Walker, 34.

Kyle Walker (left) and Kieran Trippier (centre) are 2 of England's astir knowledgeable stars

Top scorers

By Kane's ain standards, nan England striker whitethorn person grounded to unrecorded up to nan goalscoring shape of this play pinch Bayern Munich.

With an epic return of 44 goals crossed each competitions this campaign, nan 30-year-old's debut play successful Germany was a large occurrence - moreover if he didn't clinch his first portion of awesome silverware.

But nan effects of a agelong play are possibly opening to show connected England's prima striker, who has seemed a small disconnected his accustomed pace.

What is telling astir Kane's standards is that he is presently joint-first successful nan Euro 2024 Golden Boot race, having scored 3 goals passim nan tournament.

But connected Sunday, different player, Dani Olmo, has nan chance to snatch nan coveted trophy from Kane.

Perhaps telling of nan superb squad extent De la Fuente has astatine his disposal is really nan RB Leipzig star, Olmo, was considered an effect subordinate coming into nan tourney and has started from nan chair successful 3 of Spain's six games truthful far.

Both Kane and Olmo person 3 goals each and are tied astatine nan apical of nan Golden Boot title pinch Jamal Musiala, Georges Mikautadze, Cody Gakpo and Ivan Schranz.

Olmo, 26, has to beryllium considered arsenic 1 of Spain's apical performers astatine nan European Championship, having besides returned 2 assists, notably teeing Mikel Merino up for his melodramatic 119th-minute victor against Germany successful nan quarter-finals.

Dani Olmo (pictured) is presently tied pinch Harry Kane, and respective different players, for nan Euro 2024 Golden footwear award

Kane (pictured) and Olmo some person 3 goals each, pinch nan Bayern Munich prima scoring from nan spot against Netherlands connected Wednesday night


On nan taxable of goals, Spain surpass England having almost scored astir double nan magnitude of goals Southgate's broadside person netted successful their erstwhile six matches.

La Roja are nan apical scorers astatine Euro 2024, having clocked up 13 strikes truthful far.

Interestingly that comes arsenic cardinal frontman, Alvaro Morata, has only recovered nan backmost of nan nett erstwhile astatine nan tourney - possibly again telling of nan brilliance of immoderate of nan younger attackers astir him, pinch nan Atletico Madrid striker having had 4 attempts connected target successful six appearances.

England, though, person struggled successful nan last 3rd astatine Euro 2024, having sewage only 19 of their 66 attempts connected target.

But while nan Three Lions person lacked a spark, Ollie Watkins' last-gasp extremity connected Wednesday proved that they tin guidelines up erstwhile it counts most.

At nan different extremity of nan pitch, Jordan Pickford has been successful fantabulous shape for nan Three Lions, and while it whitethorn person been a small difficult for him to support retired Olmo's extremity connected Wednesday, Pickford is presently 4th successful nan Golden Glove title pinch 2 saves - 1 down Spain shot-stopper Unai Simon.

Spain are nan apical scorers astatine Euro 2024 truthful acold having recovered nan backmost of nan nett 13 times 

Jordan Pickford has enjoyed an fantabulous tourney having made immoderate awesome saves

Star players

Lamine Yamal admitted it was a 'dream travel true' to people against France, pinch nan 16-year-old prima curling a long-range onslaught into nan backmost of nan nett from extracurricular nan punishment area.

He has been 1 of Spain's biggest threats successful onslaught astatine Euro 2024 and against France he proved he tin conflict pinch nan champion of them. 

The correct winger isn't conscionable a goalscorer, though. Yamal has provided his team-mates pinch 3 assists - making him nan apical creator successful nan tourney truthful acold and successful nan six matches he's played, he has had 16 attempts connected goal, getting 5 of those connected target. 

All things considered, he is simply a subordinate England must beryllium wary of. But Spain must besides beryllium wary of nan threat that Bukayo Saka poses connected nan England wing. 

Saka earnestly impressed against some nan Netherlands and Switzerland and it looks arsenic though nan Arsenal guardant has settled into his domiciled successful nan the squad overmuch more, pinch Saka progressively showcasing his expertise to tally astatine defenders and onslaught from long-range. 

Alongside Foden, who was besides awesome connected Wednesday evening, nan brace tin bring greater velocity to England's backline that will beryllium a immense threat for Spain's defence.  

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A conflict betwixt 2 strikers... and captains! 

As above, Kane has underwhelmed truthful acold astatine Euro 2024, but truthful excessively has Alvaro Morata.

Barring his extremity successful Spain's opening crippled of nan tournament, a 3-0 triumph vs Croatia, Morata hasn't since recovered nan backmost of nan net.

There is simply a anticipation that he whitethorn not beryllium fresh to play connected Sunday, aft he limped from nan section aft appearing to beryllium injured during Spain's semi-final triumph against France by a steward, who had accidentally slid into nan Atletico Madrid star's ankle erstwhile trying to region a transportation invader.

Interestingly, Morata and Kane could person some fronted Tottenham's onslaught backmost successful 2017. Then-manager, Mauricio Pochettino, had implied that Morata didn't want to subordinate Spurs because Kane was their starting striker, a declare nan Spaniard later denied.

'For judge I would for illustration to play pinch Kane, he's a large player, 1 of nan champion strikers successful nan world, but successful this infinitesimal erstwhile I said pinch him [Pochettino] location was nary chance to time off Real Madrid,' Morata said.

On Sunday he'll alternatively get his chance to alternatively play against Kane, pinch this group to beryllium a immense conflict for 2 knowledgeable and proven centre forwards.

Alvaro Morata (right) has struggled to find nan backmost of nan net, having scored conscionable erstwhile astatine Euro 2024

Two seasoned managers

De La Fuente has taken complaint of 21 matches arsenic nan Spanish nationalist side's coach, winning 18 of them.

The Spaniard, who is presently successful his 2nd spell arsenic nan National side's boss, had antecedently coached astatine Sevilla and Atheltic Bilbao, and has seemingly galvanised Spain aft their dismal 2022 World Cup group shape exit.

Speaking up of nan match, De la Fuente admitted he was wary of England but added his broadside were up for nan clash.

'Before starting nan tournament, England and France would person been favourites, arsenic good arsenic Germany for nan truth they were playing astatine home,' he said.

'We person had nan chance to support overcoming those games [against nan favourites] and now we person different immense match. Maybe Spain person offered a amended type truthful acold astatine nan finals [than England], but that won't person immoderate power connected a one-off game.

'England person value players that tin look astatine immoderate moment. We are up against a really powerful broadside afloat of experience, not conscionable successful position of nan nationalist team, but astatine nine level arsenic well. It's going to beryllium tough.'

The Spaniard has mostly stuck to a 4-3-3 statement during nan tourney pinch Rodri anchoring nan midfield while Morata spearheads nan attack.

Luis de la Fuente (centre) has mostly stuck to a 4-3-3 statement passim nan tournament

The Spain caput coach has helped toggle shape his broadside since their disappointing 2022 World Cup exit

England run successful a akin statement pinch Declan Rice operating successful nan holding domiciled successful England's midfield three.

But immoderate of his determination making has travel nether occurrence astatine Euro 2024. The England leader has been reluctant to make changes excessively early connected during games, pinch galore calling for him to beryllium much innovative erstwhile bringing players on.

In fact, statistic whitethorn beryllium that making substitutes impactful astatine Euro 2024, pinch Spain having scored 3 goals done their substitutes they person made done substitutes astatine Euro 2024.

That was evidenced connected Wednesday erstwhile Watkins replaced Cole Palmer successful nan 81st infinitesimal to seal nan triumph for England.

But in installments must beryllium fixed to Southgate. Resilient against nan disapproval that has confronted him, his sides person shown a willingness to conflict to nan extremity to unafraid victory.

He remains 1 of England's astir successful managers, contempt having ne'er lifted a awesome trophy and a triumph connected Sunday could beryllium nan conscionable rewards for a man who has fixed everything to his nationalist side. 

Gareth Southgate (pictured) has faced disapproval complete his action decisions, but has led his squad to nan Euro 2024 final 


As for England's acquisition of winning trophies, it somewhat lacking in comparison to Spain's way record.

Spain person won 5 world honours and they person travel much precocious than England's World Cup title backmost successful 1966.

Spain were crowned UEFA Nations League winners successful 2023, having antecedently clinched nan Euros 3 times successful 2012, 2008 and 1964.

They excessively person a World Cup title nether their belt, having clinched nan tourney backmost successful 2010.

Will they adhd to their trophy furniture connected Sunday night? Or will England's 58-year hold for a awesome title yet travel to an end? 

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