Derrick White luckily avoids SICKENING injury in NBA Finals as his face smacks into the court floor after tangle with Dereck Lively II

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By Leocciano Callao

Published: 21:49 EDT, 17 June 2024 | Updated: 21:49 EDT, 17 June 2024

Celtics defender Derrick White worried for his teeth aft a sadistic collision pinch Dallas' Dereck Lively II successful Game 5 of nan NBA Finals.

In nan 2nd 4th of Monday night's closeup crippled successful Boston, White dove for a loose shot and astir suffered a gruesome injury. As White went face-first to retrieve nan rock, Lively planted his weight onto him aft losing nan title to nan ball.

Lively's forearm ended up connected nan backmost of White's head, slamming his look onto nan hardwood.

After nan scare, White shook disconnected nan effect and made a three-pointer arsenic nan Celtics leads 67-46 astatine halftime.


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