Dermatologist with 25 years of medical training reveals the seven beauty hacks you NEED to know

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A board-certified dermatologist has revealed 7 beauty hacks that you request to know — and 1 of them will beryllium peculiarly useful for nan upcoming wintertime season. 

Dr. Azadeh Shirazi, who is based successful California and boasts astir 2 cardinal followers arsenic Dr. Azi on TikTok, specializes successful medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology, and is nan laminitis of her ain medical-grade skincare line, AziMD Skincare.

In her video, Dr. Shirazi, who has much than 25 years of aesculapian training - including a fellowship at Harvard Medical School's Wellman Center, began by sharing a extremity for really to instantly heal cracked lips.

'Apply a lactic acerb cream, for illustration AmLactin, to dry, chapped lips followed by Aquaphor overnight, and you'll aftermath up pinch smoother, much hydrated lips,' Dr. Shirazi said, showing disconnected some of nan products successful nan clip, which was posted this week. 

Dr. Azadeh Shirazi took to TikTok this week to stock 7 beauty hacks that you request to know, which includes 1 that will decidedly thief this winter

The first extremity Dr. Shirazi offered was really to soothe cracked lips, instructing to usage a lactic acerb balm followed up pinch Aquaphor 

Dr. Shirazi has been training successful nan aesculapian section for 25 years, and is nan laminitis of nan skincare line AziMD Skincare

When utilized connected nan skin, lactic acerb tin activity to exfoliate, brighten acheronian spots and soft immoderate good lines aliases wrinkles, according to Colorado Skin Care.

In addition, nan alpha hydroxyl acerb tin 'speed up' some compartment turnover and renewal, and if utilized frequently, tin person anti-aging properties. 

The adjacent extremity she had was for those who are trying to execute thicker and luscious eyebrows.

'Use a spoolie dipped successful Rogaine and brushwood your eyebrows pinch it 3 to 5 times a week for fuller, thicker brows successful 3 months,' nan dermatologist revealed.

She noted that women tin usage men's Rogaine for this purpose, but only 3 times per week.  

Rogaine, besides known arsenic Minoxidil, is simply a medicine that useful to summation hairsbreadth growth, according to Cleveland Clinic. 

Typically, nan merchandise is utilized connected nan scalp, but arsenic Dr. Shirazi advised, you tin usage it connected your eyebrows arsenic well. 

However, successful nan comments section, nan dermatologist did pass that Rogaine should perfectly not beryllium utilized connected your lashes.

Dr. Shirazi said that utilizing Rogaine 3 to 5 times per week connected nan eyebrows could thief you turn thicker, fuller brows

Dr. Shirazi has held a fellowship astatine Harvard Medical School's Wellman Center, and runs a believe successful California

Dr. Shirazi explained that by applying powder connected nan chemoreceptor span of your sunglasses, it could forestall them from sliding disconnected your face 

In nan comments conception of nan post, galore were stunned by nan seemingly elemental tips that she had shared

Instead, she recommended those who want longer lashes tin usage eyelash serum Latisse arsenic an option.

The much you know! Dermatologist shares her insider beauty tips

  • Use a lactic acerb balm and Aquaphor to forestall chapped lips
  • Apply loose powder connected nan wrong of sunglasses to support them from sliding
  • Use Rogaine connected your brows 3 to 5 times per week for a fuller look 
  • Afrin tin thief to reside down redness
  • Using diluted achromatic vinegar soaks tin dainty nail and tegument fungus
  • Dr. Shirazi's Retinol Staging™ tin fortify your tegument obstruction to amended person nan retinol
  • Use medicated pads pinch glycolic and salicylic acids connected nan armpits to extremity assemblage odor and lighten acheronian underarms

For her 3rd tip, she shared an imperative life hack that would guarantee your sunglasses didn't descent down your chemoreceptor aliases messiness up your constitution nan adjacent clip you wore them.

'Apply a loose powder to nan chemoreceptor pads of your sunglasses to debar them from ruining your constitution and sliding down your nose,' Dr. Shirazi said simply.

Speaking exclusively to, Dr. Shirazi besides shared immoderate additional, seemingly unconventional beauty hacks, including 1 that will temporarily extremity redness.

'Applying Afrin to reddish pimples aliases rosy cheeks successful Rosacea makes them little noticeable by taking retired nan reddish (temporarily),' Dr. Shirazi told

'Afrin is oxymetazoline, a vasoconstrictor meaning it temporarily reduces surgery capillaries connected nan skin's aboveground making redness associated pinch Rosacea, flushing/blushing, aliases reddish pimples little noticeable,' she explained.

Another thought she offered up was utilizing diluted achromatic vinegar soaks to dainty nail and tegument fungus.

When it comes to utilizing retinoids, Dr. Shirazi offered a valuable tip.

'Many group springiness up connected utilizing retinoids, nan astir effective anti-aging ingredient, each owed to irritation and broadside effects,' she told

'That's because they are utilizing it nan incorrect way. Over nan past 15 years, I've developed a method called Retinol Staging™ that's really helped my patients.

'You cleanse & moisturize early successful nan evening (5-8pm). Then hold until bedtime (9-11pm+) to use your Retinol connected its own. This maximizes tegument hydration & strengthens your tegument obstruction to amended person beardown actives for illustration Retinol aliases tretinoin (prescription Retin-a).'

'Furthermore, this method doesn't trim nan efficacy aliases absorption of nan retinol for illustration nan retinol sandwich method aliases tegument cycling. It really enhances nan effects of your skincare actives while besides reducing imaginable broadside effects.'

And, past but not least, she told that she recommends medicated pads with glycolic and salicylic acids connected nan armpits to extremity assemblage odor and lighten acheronian underarms. 

'My individual favourite is [my brand's] Clarify Pads 3 a week,' Dr. Shirazi said. 'It comes pinch 60 pads and nan look is gentle capable for nan delicate nether arms.'

In nan comments conception of her TikTok post, galore users were stunned by nan seemingly easy suggestions.

'Awesome particularly nan glasses hack,' 1 personification typing. 

'I deterioration glasses and it ever pulls nan constitution off.'

Another agreed, writing, 'Those are bully tips!!'

'Oh, I emotion nan sunglass hack,' personification other commented. 'Can't hold to effort it.' 

'I usage nan minoxidil to regrow my eyebrows aft I had cancer. 

'Took astir 4 weeks but it worked great,' 1 commenter shared. 

'Then I dyed them pinch men's beard dye.'

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