'Depth of Franco-German bond': Macron to meet German president in rare state visit

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French President Emmanuel Macron will sojourn his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier successful Berlin connected Sunday successful what is seen arsenic nan highest level of negotiated courtesy gestures.

France's Emmanuel Macron will make a authorities sojourn to Germany this Sunday — nan first travel of its benignant by a French president successful 24 years.

Although President Macron regularly travels to Berlin to meet pinch Chancellor Olaf Scholz, a authorities sojourn tin only beryllium extended by his German counterpart, Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

The extremity of this sojourn is to people "the permanence and extent of nan Franco-German bond."

Research chap astatine nan Committee for Franco-German Relations (Cerfa), Jeanette Süẞ, says nan constituent of nan sojourn is to "find points of convergence betwixt France and Germany connected subjects of nan early for illustration technology, innovation, artificial intelligence." Democracy and younker will besides beryllium precocious connected nan agenda.

Süẞ underlined that nan sojourn that efforts person been made "on some sides to revitalise nan Franco-German relationship, which hasn't ever been astatine its best." She said atomic powerfulness "remains a thorny rumor betwixt nan 2 countries."

Germany unopen down its past atomic powerfulness works successful 2023, opinionated successful stark opposition to France, which relies connected atomic power to meet 70% of its powerfulness needs.

"In Berlin, location will besides beryllium an important facet connected populist and that besides intends countering nan far-right which is presently rising successful these upcoming EU elections," Süẞ added.

Macron to person a expansive tour

The French president will sojourn Berlin, Dresden, and Münster. The 2 presidents will besides observe nan 75th day of nan German constitution and sojourn nan Holocaust Memorial.

The authorities sojourn will beryllium followed by a Franco-German assembly of ministers alongside Chancellor Scholz connected Tuesday evening.

Macron primitively planned to sojourn Germany successful July past twelvemonth but had to cancel astatine nan past infinitesimal owed to riots successful France.

Some Berliners spot this Sunday's authorities sojourn arsenic a affirmative effort.

German creator and writer Wolfram Wickert said he supported Macron and liked his policies, but "the only point I don't want is for him to take sides airspace successful Ukraine aliases nonstop crushed troops."

Whilst Macron has not ruled retired sending crushed troops to Ukraine, Scholz has made it clear that sending European aliases NATO boots to Ukraine would transverse a reddish statement for Germany.

The sojourn comes astatine a tense clip for nan 2 European countries, pinch polls suggesting Eurosceptic parties could summation majorities successful nan upcoming EU elections. Both countries will beryllium focused connected demonstrating a unified European force.

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