Dennis Rodman's daughter Trinity goes Instagram official with her NFL star boyfriend - who's got the same name!

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  • Trinity Rodman is making love NFL free supplier and ex-Detroit Lion Trinity Benson 
  • Rodman was named to nan 23-man roster for upcoming USWNT June friendlies 
  • READ MORE: Emma Hayes will lead nan USWNT to a caller era astatine nan Olympics

By Jake Fenner

Published: 08:54 EDT, 23 May 2024 | Updated: 08:54 EDT, 23 May 2024

US women's nationalist squad prima Trinity Rodman has gone Instagram charismatic pinch her caller fellow - who shares much successful communal pinch her than conscionable a romanticist interest.

The girl of erstwhile NBA large man Dennis Rodman went nationalist pinch nan narration connected Instagram connected Wednesday.

Trinity Rodman is making love Trinity Benson - and she christened nan narration 'Trinity squared' successful nan caption of her post.

A number of Rodman's teammates connected nan USWNT reacted to nan announcement - pinch Sophia Smith commenting 'Hard launch' among others.

Benson besides near a comment, saying 'my treacherous lil' copy pinch a hands-in-a-heart emoji.

USWNT prima Trinity Rodman has gone Instagram charismatic pinch her caller boyfriend, Trinity Benson

Trinity Rodman is nan girl of erstwhile NBA 'Bad Boy' and large man Dennis Rodman

Rodman has played astatine nan World Cup, while Benson has played for aggregate NFL teams

It's not precisely clear really aliases erstwhile nan mates met but they've some competed astatine nan highest levels of their respective sports.

Rodman had antecedently been linked to Chris Kuzemka, a hoops subordinate astatine Loyola University successful Maryland - but that's intelligibly not nan lawsuit anymore.

Rodman is nan youngest-ever subordinate drafted into nan NWSL and is presently playing arsenic a guardant for nan Washington Spirit. 

She's besides played for nan US women's nationalist squad astatine nan 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup.

As for Benson, he's a master shot subordinate who came into nan NFL retired of East Central University successful Oklahoma. 

Currently a free agent, Benson has had various stints pinch nan Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, and nan Cleveland Browns.

Rodman was named to nan 23-woman squad that was nan first named by caller women's nationalist squad leader Emma Hayes.

That roster will request to beryllium trim down to conscionable 18 players by nan clip that Team USA heads complete to Paris for nan 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

Rodman is wide considered to beryllium safe wrong this squad, meaning different newcomers mightiness person to beryllium trim aft friendlies successful Colorado and Minnesota - which return spot successful a matter of days.

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