Delroy Trujillo is arrested after allegedly breaking into a Wyoming home cooking a pizza and cleaning the kitchen

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Worst/best burglar ever?  

A Wyoming man pinch a lengthy criminal history is accused of breaking into a family home, stealing guns and crossbows, cooking a pizza and past cleaning nan room - but now faces half a period successful prison.

Delroy Reid Trujillo, 50, was charged pinch 1 count of aggravated burglary. He faces 10 to 50 years arsenic a repetition offender pinch 2 anterior felony convictions - a 2007 aggravated battle condemnation and a 2016 felony DUI condemnation for having astatine slightest 4 DUIs.

The investigation began connected June 25, erstwhile Green River Police Sergeant Gary Bach responded to a location connected East Flaming Gorge Way for a burglary report.

Mourgen Lenling, 19, had returned from activity to find a suspicious statement successful his surviving room connected his computer, reference '30 Days 1 B Cool.'

The adjacent day, Lenling returned and recovered his location surgery into. A stuffed giraffe sat by nan door. In nan room - which was cleaner than accustomed - Lenling recovered a cooked, half-eaten pizza and 3 quiet brew cans successful nan sink.

Delroy Reid Trujillo, 50, was charged pinch aggravated burglary aft allegedly breaking into a family location and stealing respective guns, among different items

Trujillo claimed his relative had purchased properties connected East Flaming Gorge Way pinch plans of knocking them down to make room for retention units

The teen besides discovered a caller statement reference 'Forcloser $241,000.00 07/25 Paid,' arsenic good arsenic a Post-It marked pinch his address.

His electrical guitar had vanished from nan family room, nan affidavit says.

A locked chamber closet had been busted unfastened and was reportedly missing a 150-pound crossbow, a compound front and a vessel of scotch. Three rifles had besides vanished from an upstairs closet.

Outside, Lenling retrieved a wallet containing respective recognition cards belonging to Trujillo.

When Bach arrived at nan home, Lenling showed him nan missing and moved items arsenic good arsenic nan doorway handle, which had been jogged loose, according to nan affidavit.

Shortly after leaving, Bach heard from dispatch that Trujillo was astatine nan Lenling family home, arguing pinch nan teen and his friends.

Bach drove backmost and separated everyone, past asked Trujillo to person a talk pinch him. He noticed that nan man was holding a tin of Budweiser that matched nan quiet ones successful nan sink.

The 50-year-old claimed his relative had bought nan location and he was simply location cleaning it up.

At nan location successful Green River (pictured), constabulary recovered Trujillo's wallet and ID cards

Nineteen-year-old Morgen Lenling entered nan location connected June 25 to find respective items retired of spot and a cooked, half-eaten pizza successful nan kitchen

However, erstwhile Lenling called his parents, they said they hadn’t sold it to anyone.

Bach went to Trujillo’s location adjacent and said pinch Trujillo’s mother, Verna.

She said he had been location earlier pinch rifles and a pistol. When asked wherever nan guns came from, Trujillo claimed he sewage them 'from a friend,' nan affidavit says.

Verna didn’t want nan guns astatine her house, truthful she ordered him to return them and leave. Trujillo’s aunt picked him up from nan home.

Bach said pinch Trujillo's uncle, who said Trujillo had stopped by and asked for $100 - and offered 2 guns arsenic collateral.

Trujillo had won nan weapons successful a crippled of pool, he claimed. The uncle agreed to nan deal, taking a shotgun and pistol.

When Bach asked to spot nan guns, nan uncle handed them complete on pinch a shotgun lawsuit containing 2 boxes of 12-gauge shells and a integrative baggie filled pinch revolver ammunition.

Trujillo’s mother arrived, claiming she had discovered respective different items that she believed to beryllium stolen, including a weapon and boxes of ammo.

Trujillo told officers he and his relative had discussed purchasing nan homes crossed from nan Red Feather Bar, razing them and putting retention units successful their place, nan affidavit says.

Trujillo said he assumed his relative had already bought nan homes, truthful he decided to cleanable them retired - contempt not being asked to.

The affidavit says he went into nan Lenling location that morning, made a pizza and tidied nan kitchen. He insisted that he hadn't taken thing from nan property.

After going to a fewer bars 'for a beer,' his aunt picked him up and later dropped him disconnected astatine nan Red Feather. Then he went backmost to nan home, which is wherever he encountered Lenling and his friends.

A trespass informing was issued to support Trujillo from returning to nan house.

Trujillo's mother and uncle presented respective stolen items to nan police, including guns and ammo. Pictured: Trujillo's 2015 mugshot

Lenling claimed his electrical guitar had been stolen on pinch respective rifles and a vessel of whiskey

The adjacent day, Lenling called different sergeant and said he’d gotten nan serial number for his Remington shotgun, which matched nan 1 constabulary had recovered from Trujillo’s uncle, says nan affidavit.

Lenling offered photographs of nan guitar successful spot of serial number.

Trujillo called Bach 1 time later. He said he was not unsocial during nan break-in, but would not show Bach who was pinch him.

He claimed his companion whitethorn person taken immoderate items - and said he 'may aliases whitethorn not know' wherever nan culprit put nan stolen goods.

Trujillo reportedly told Bach nan personification had stashed them astatine nan backmost of nan Lenling residence.

When Bach said he had not seen thing nan time before, Trujillo said they 'may aliases whitethorn not' beryllium connected a sofa nether a tarp. Trujillo reportedly told Bach to look for nan items and telephone him back.

The serviceman returned to nan location and discovered nan missing items conscionable down nan main residence, connected a sofa covered pinch a tarp, arsenic Trujillo had claimed.

However, a firearm was still missing. Bach went to Trujillo’s location and asked astir nan rifle.

The 50-year-old said he’d make a call, and Bach could prime up nan firearm later, successful a cardboard container successful a dumpster 'or something,' says nan affidavit.

An hr passed earlier Trujillo called and said nan firearm was headed from Rock Springs to Green River.

Twenty minutes later, Trujillo called again and said nan firearm 'may aliases whitethorn not' beryllium astatine nan Chamber of Commerce down an orangish portion of equipment. He’d watched it being dropped off, truthful he knew wherever it was, he claimed.

Bach recovered a long, rectangular cardboard container containing nan .22-caliber firearm astatine nan Chamber of Commerce.

Trujillo reportedly asked Bach if they 'were good,' adding he shouldn’t beryllium successful problem since each nan equipment were recovered.

Trujillo has a checkered past including 2 anterior felony convictions and a drawstring of arrests connected drunk-driving charges. Pictured: Trejillo successful a erstwhile mugshot

The incident is Trujillo's latest successful a bid of run-ins pinch nan law. 

Police records show nan 50-year-old was booked into Sweetwater County Detention Center connected September 5 for nan burglary complaint and released a week later, pledging to salary $75,000 successful a surety bond.

Trujillo has shelled retired hundreds of dollars successful enslaved complete nan years, and has an extended history of driving nether nan influence.

In 2020, he was arrested February 7 and released a time later connected charges of nationalist intoxication and resisting arrest. Both charges transportation a $750 bond.

In October 2015, nan man was arrested connected his latest drunk driving complaint - driving 95 miles per hr successful a 75 zone. It marked his 4th discourtesy of driving nether nan influence.

He was besides charged pinch eluding a constabulary officer, interference pinch a bid serviceman and driving pinch a restricted license.

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