Declan Rice reveals his new 'game-changer' diet which has made him one of the world's best footballers - with a very surprising key ingredient

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  • Rice has opened up connected his caller 'game-changing' fare since joining Arsenal 
  • The midfielder has developed into 1 of nan world's champion footballers this year
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By Sam Brookes

Published: 08:52 EDT, 23 May 2024 | Updated: 08:52 EDT, 23 May 2024

Declan Rice has revealed that making a awesome alteration to his fare is nan concealed to his occurrence connected nan pitch.

The midfielder joined Arsenal for a club-record £105m interest past summer, but lived up to his price-tag successful his first play arsenic he starred successful nan Gunners' title push earlier they had to settee for 2nd spot down Manchester City.

Rice has transformed his crippled aft antecedently being pigeon-holed arsenic a holding midfielder, pinch nan 25-year-old now driving forwards pinch nan shot to registry 16 extremity contributions successful 2023-24, and he believes his caller fare - which includes a astonishing cardinal constituent - has aided his development.

'I person 4 pancakes earlier a game. Covered successful syrup aliases honey,' he revealed successful an question and reply for Men's Health UK.

'I committedness to God, it’s nan champion thing… When I joined nan club, I could spot nan [Arsenal] players eating them and thought to myself, ‘What is going connected here?’ But honestly, it’s been a crippled changer.

Declan Rice opened up connected his caller 'game-changing' fare successful an question and reply pinch Men's Health UK

Rice revealed he eats up to 8 pancakes a time which helps him 'rattle astir nan pitch'

It seems to beryllium moving arsenic Rice has go 1 of nan world's champion footballers since joining Arsenal

'I don’t understand nan subject down it, what’s successful them aliases thing for illustration that, but it gives maine specified a precocious power boost.

'I deliberation that’s why I’m capable to rattle astir nan transportation truthful much...If we’re playing astatine 5.30pm, I’ll sometimes person 8 pancakes successful a day.

'I’ll person immoderate astatine meal and I’ll person immoderate much astatine 3.30pm earlier we play.'

Eight pancakes a time whitethorn daze immoderate fans, but it has surely worked for Rice successful his first twelvemonth astatine nan Emirates.

He proved to beryllium 1 of nan signings of nan season, adding goals and assists to his game, arsenic he became 1 of nan first names connected Mikel Arteta's teamsheet.

Rice is now regarded arsenic 1 of nan world's champion footballers, peculiarly successful nan mediate of nan pitch, pinch nan Englishman challenging Rodri to beryllium nan Premier League's champion midfield general. 

Having earned his 50th world headdress successful March, Rice looks group for a cardinal domiciled for England astatine Euro 2024 this summer.

Playing alongside nan likes of Harry Kane, Jude Bellingham and nan Premier League subordinate of nan play Phil Foden, Rice will beryllium aiming to extremity England's 58-year hold for tourney glory.

Rice will dream his caller fare tin thief him play a cardinal domiciled successful England's bid for Euros glory this summer

And his caller fare could thief him spell nan other mile arsenic Gareth Southgate's broadside bid to spell each nan way, 3 years connected from nan heartbreak of losing nan past Euros last connected penalties to Italy.

The Three Lions will kickstart their run against Serbia connected June 16, earlier facing Denmark 4 days later and Slovenia connected June 25. 

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