DEAR JANE: Doctors told me I only had six months to live - three years later I'm still alive but my life is RUINED

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By Jane Green For Dailymail.Com

Published: 06:31 EDT, 3 July 2024 | Updated: 06:39 EDT, 3 July 2024

Dear Jane,

Three years ago, I was diagnosed pinch non-alcoholic liver disease, and not agelong after, humor tests revealed that I had cancer.

The expert who diagnosed maine told maine that nan outlook was not positive, and that I apt only had six months to live. I sought a 2nd opinion, and that expert confirmed nan first prognosis.

After nan first shock, I decided that I was not going to let myself to unrecorded successful misery for nan last months of my life. So I told my friends and loved ones, and began trading things and giving things away. I spent money for illustration it was going retired of style, I said ‘yes’ to each of nan nosy things that I’d ne'er allowed myself to do.

And I prepared myself. I was ready.

But aft that six period ‘deadline’ passed, my information remained overmuch nan same. Three years later and I’m still here, arsenic patient arsenic it’s imaginable to beryllium pinch my condition, managing my illness conscionable fine.

Dear Jane, I was told by doctors that I only had six months to unrecorded - 3 years later, I'm still live but my life feels for illustration it's over 

I cognize astir group would opportunity it’s a blessing to person been fixed that benignant of sentence, only to flooded it. But nan truth is, it has ruined my life.

After telling everybody nan news, I’m now excessively mortified to show my look successful nationalist aliases moreover talk to them connected nan phone. I consciousness for illustration a fraud. I besides learned what nan group successful my life genuinely deliberation of maine – nan group who genuinely cared, and nan ones that couldn’t springiness a s***.

The humiliation that I consciousness astatine nan thought of group reasoning I had faked this terminal test is conscionable all-encompassing. Even my children person been thrown into turmoil by this.

What’s near of my life is ruined by shame. It genuinely feels arsenic though things would person been amended for everyone had nan test been correct.

International best-selling writer Jane Green offers sage proposal connected readers' astir burning issues successful her Dear Jane agony aunt column

Please thief maine fig retired what to do.


Life aliases Death

Dear Life aliases Death,

I’m truthful sorry that shame is clouding specified awesome news, and that you are emotion thing but mortification astatine this beautiful 2nd chance.

You opportunity it’s ruined your life, but you don’t specify what group person said, only what you judge they are thinking. If they are existent friends, I would ideate they would beryllium delighted astatine this 2nd chance. 

Miracles hap each nan time, and really fortunate you are to still beryllium thriving contempt specified a devastating diagnosis.

Unless you’ve fixed them logic to uncertainty you, unless location is thing I americium missing, I would propose you put nan humiliation and shame aside, and transportation connected pinch surviving a bully life. 

You opportunity your children person been thrown successful turmoil, and I’m wondering why? Do they not judge this either? If this is nan case, I’m wondering why you don’t show them your aesculapian records, aliases bring them pinch to your adjacent doctor’s appointment.

Certainly, if group are explicitly doubting your story, I would do conscionable that – person your expert supply grounds astir really good you are doing contempt each nan likelihood pointing to a very different outcome.

Wishing you well.

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