Dashcam footage shows terrified driver of semi-trailer dangling off Louisville bridge: ‘I really thought I was going to die’

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Dramatic dashcam footage shows nan infinitesimal a pickup motortruck veered into oncoming postulation and struck a tractor-trailer that plowed done a guardrail and hung complete nan separator of a Louisville bridge.

The pickup driver, 33-year-old Trevor Branham, avoided rear-ending a stalled retired conveyance successful his lane erstwhile he quickly swerved, but ended up slamming into nan beforehand bumper of nan Sysco semi-truck connected nan Clark Memorial Bridge connected March 1, the video obtained by WHAS shows.

Footage from wrong nan semi-truck compartment shows 26-year-old driver Sydney Thomas furiously effort to get a grip connected nan instrumentality and debar hitting different cars connected nan roadway.

Video captured from wrong nan cab arsenic nan driver went complete nan separator of nan bridge. WHAS 11

As nan tractor-trailer veered disconnected nan roadworthy and complete nan broadside of nan bridge, Thomas had a terrified look connected her look and past quickly looked extracurricular her model arsenic nan compartment hung 100 feet complete nan separator of nan Ohio River.

Pieces of beforehand bumper tin beryllium seen plunging into nan h2o arsenic nan motortruck dangles disconnected nan side.

“When I went done nan railing, I was like, ‘Wow, this is simply a crazy measurement to die,’” Thomas told WHAS connected Thursday. “I really thought I was going to die.”

“Sometimes you pray, and I’m blameworthy of this, I pray, and I don’t deliberation God is listening,” a choked-up Thomas added. “But he was that day.”

The motortruck hung complete nan broadside of nan span pursuing nan crash. WHAS 11

The caller dashcam video was shown successful tribunal connected Wednesday during a proceeding for Branham, who is facing aggregate charges from nan incident, including driving pinch a suspended licence and wanton endangerment, WHAS reported.

While astir of nan motortruck was hanging from nan broadside of nan road, rescuers rappelled down to propulsion Thomas to safety. The rescue took astir 40 minutes.

The driver recalled nan terrifying infinitesimal successful an question and reply this week. WHAS 11

The semi-truck could person shifted astatine immoderate infinitesimal while it was pinned betwixt 1 of nan banisters and concrete, authorities said.

Thomas told WHAS arsenic she sat successful nan driver’s spot complete nan raging river, she tried to fig retired what she’d do if it went into a freefall.

“I was thinking, ‘If it starts going, you’re going to person to move fast. Unbuckle that spot belt, unfastened that doorway and jump retired because you’re going to drown,’” nan mother of a 5-year-old recalled.

“I would alternatively drown trying to aquatics than beryllium submerged underneath nan h2o and not being capable to get out,” she besides said. 

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